Here’s Confirmation You’re THE Best He’s Ever Had, Based On His Sign

It's about time you finally gave yourself some credit. Though you may have your flaws (who doesn't?), there are some things we should all be proud of. If you have a guy who can't help but be in awe of your incredible skills in a relationship, then you know you are doing something right! Some of us are better at being girlfriends than others.

Who better than the stars and astrology to help us gather some much-needed information about how to tell if your guy is genuinely satisfied with your ability to be a fantastic girlfriend and partner. We've turned to the celestial bodies to round up the ways that you can rest assured that you are the best partner your man has ever been with. In the end, astrology is merely a generalization, but if you notice your guy continually pleased after a dinner date, you know that you are probably doing something right. Keep reading to find out how to tell if you are the best your man has ever had based on his astrological sign. You could find out that you are better than you ever thought you could be in a romantic relationship.

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15 When A Sagittarius Guy Pulls You In Closer, You Know He Is A Happy Camper


Does your Sagittarius guy love to spend precious time with you? You might just be the best he's ever had! When a Sagittarius guy goes out of his way to pull you in closer for a kiss or even just to feel your body, he is inadvertently telling you his true feelings. Without using his words, he is showing you that you make him extremely happy. This good-time-charlie is known for being the life of any party. When it comes to acknowledging whether or not you are the best that your Sagittarius guy has ever had, notice how he acts when you let him have a boys night out. Is he happy or concerned? If he is happy, you are definitely the best this guy has ever been with!

14 When A Capricorn Guy Is Ready For A Second Date Right After The First Date, You Know You Did Something Right


Sometimes a Capricorn guy can push people away, even when he has feelings for them. But when he actually is ready for a second date despite still being on your first, you just rocked this guys world. Capricorn men are not known for beating around the bush when it comes to romance and their love lives. In fact, Capricorn guys are usually the first ones to tell you they love you. So you might have already heard them confess their love to you. But you are questioning whether you might just be the best that they've ever had? The only way to find out is to notice any subtle signs they throw your way. Does your Capricorn guy show up when you need him and provide for you? If so, then you are definitely the best he's ever had.

13 The Aquarius Man Will Expose You To New Places And Activities And Try To Open Your Horizon To New Experiences


Does your Aquarius guy integrate you into his life? If so, you might just be the best that he's ever had. When an Aquarius man shares adventures with you and lets you come into his adventurous world, he is showing a particular side of himself that allows him to be himself. This vulnerability is only exposed to a select few. If you happen to get so lucky as to experience new horizons with your Aquarius man, you have to know that you are most likely the best girlfriend that he has ever had. Since most Aquarius men avoid wearing their emotions on their sleeves, it can be a little harder to really determine how they feel about you. But it's all about the subtle signs that these guys show that allows you to really know how much you mean to them!

12 When A Pisces Guy Subtly Shows Off For You, He Just Experienced Something Magical With You


Does your Pisces guy take on your problems as if they were his own? This could be a sign that you are the best that he's ever had. When a Pisces guy is in love with his partner, he can't help but try and show off a little. It's his insecurity that leads the show. When you make him feel incredible, he can't help but think that he isn't worthy of your love. Instead, he finds a way to try and show off to prove his worth to you. If you are dating a Pisces guy who is exhibiting these behaviors, let him know that you already love him and that he doesn't need to show off. But deep down we all know that there is no shame in proving yourself to your partner, especially when you happen to be the best that he's ever had.

11 An Aries Guy Will Never Quit When His Partner Is So Good


So how do you know that your Aries man is happy with you as a girlfriend? Well, there are some tell-tale signs! Aries men are active and energetic by nature. As a result, they tend to need someone who can keep up with their athletic lifestyle. But if you want to keep your Aries guy, you can't let him know all of you too quickly. Peel yourself like an onion. Only revealing the most important parts of yourself merely after a significant amount of time together. When it comes to commitment, Aries men are known for not backing down to a challenge. When you have an Aries guy in your life, you are sure to see how he feels about you when it's hard for him to leave you.

10 A Taurus Guy Who Never Rushes His Time With You Is Very Satisfied


Has your Taurus man invited you to his house yet? If not, he might be trying to tell you that you are the best he's ever had. When a Taurus man takes things slow in a romantic relationship, that is his subtle way of showing his partner that she is indeed one of a kind. Taurus men are very likable people and tend to like others just as quickly. When your Taurus man stops pursuing other people, you have undoubtedly made a significant impression on this man. If your Taurus guy smiles and lights up whenever he is around or even near you, then you can rest assured that he is absolutely smitten with you. In fact, you are probably the best girlfriend he has ever had.

9 When A Gemini Guy Ups His Game, You Know You Are Doing Something Right


You may be left wondering whether that handsome Gemini guy is into you. Well, we have some helpful signs to look for. When a Gemini guy is into you and thinks you are one of the best girlfriends he has ever had he turns into a dating savant. He brings his A-game when it comes to creating romance. A Gemini man is always busy with his own life which sometimes doesn't allow for that much time to build a relationship. However, if you are patient with him, he is definitely going to want to keep you around. Being a natural conversationalist and a natural flirt, a Gemini man is someone who needs a partner who gives him the independence and space he needs to thrive in his own life. A quality partner will allow the Gemini man to be the best he can be in all aspects of his life.

8 A Passionate Cancer Man Will Let You Know How Good You Make Him Feel


It's safe to say that Cancer men are often seen as the complete package when it comes to dating guys. But how do you know if your Cancer man thinks you are just as amazing? There are some tell-tale signs that every Cancer man typically does that shows his feelings towards you. Being highly sensitive, Cancer men can explain how much you mean to them through their passion. Cancer men are extraordinarily loving and loyal human beings. They are tender-hearted and always wear their emotions on their sleeves. At the end of the day, a Cancer man needs a partner who is compassionate, just like him. So if you happen to have these same qualities, then you should know you are the best this guy has ever had.

7 A Leo Man Will Be Vocal About His Feelings Towards His Partner


When you are with a Leo man, you probably won't be wondering how he feels about you. When a Leo guy is in love, he isn't shy about voicing his opinions. And when you treat him better than anyone ever has before, he will be sure to let you know. If you find that your Leo man starts appreciating you even more, especially when it comes to the little things that you do, you can stop questioning his feelings. He is totally into you. And not just into you, but you are definitely the best thing that has ever happened to him. When a Leo man shows you how much he cares there is no denying how he feels about your relationship and how much you mean to him.

6 When A Virgo Man You Aren't Even Dating Constantly Wants To Hang, You Know You Are Doing Something Right


A Virgo man who starts liking everything about you is someone who can't help but have feelings for you. Okay, so you know your Virgo guy is into you. But now you're wondering if you could possibly be the best he's ever had? Well, the good news is that it's pretty easy to tell with a Virgo guy. Does your Virgo man always want to hang out even if you guys aren't official yet? If so, then you are definitely the best he's ever had. When a Virgo guy wants to spend time with a girl he is definitely falling for her. Virgo men like to hang with the boys. They don't waste their time on meaningless flings. They need substance. If you bring that to the table, there's no denying you two could live a lovely life together.

5 A Satisfied Libra Guy Will Want You To Experiment On Him Throughout The Relationship


If you are dating a Libra guy and they are continually looking out for you, you have found true love. Are you still wondering if you are the best your Libra guy has ever had? Does he want you to experiment with him throughout the relationship? If so, then you girl are definitely the best he's ever had. When a Libra guy goes out of his way to try new things, it means he is completely comfortable being himself around you. He isn't shy or afraid to show you sides of himself that he usually hides from everyone else. A Libra guy will go out of his way to make sure you are also happy in the relationship by asking you what you want. Are you pleased? Are you satisfied? This is how you know that you are the best he's ever had.

4 A Scorpio Will Show Dedication By Focusing On The Details In Your Relationship


Does your Scorpio man hide his feelings? This is nothing new. Most Scorpio men are shy when it comes to showing their emotions. While you may know that your Scorpio guy is entirely into you might be less sure if you are actually the best he's ever had. Well, there are some tell-tale signs that your Scorpio dude could be inadvertently doing that could signal that you are in fact the very best that he's ever had. Is your Scorpio guy happy when you are around? This could be one surefire way to know that you are the best your Scorpio guy has ever had. How often does your Scorpio guy do the chores? Does he do them with a smile on his face? If so, then you, are most definitely the best that your man has ever had!

3 Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) – He Actively Listens To Your Problems


Passion is something all of the Cardinal signs have in common. These guys feel the energy around them. Being highly attuned to the enormous energy of others, Cardinal sign guys have a great ability to listen to their partner's problems. It can be hard when you are continually talking about the drama between your friends or work issues. But when you have a guy who happens to be a Cardinal sign, you are one lucky lady! But how can you know if you're the best that they've ever had? Well, if your guy is always asking you questions about your day and how things make you feel, you can rest assured that he genuinely cares about you and thinks you are the best he's ever had.

2 Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) – While Stubborn, They Still Make Time For You


Fixed signs are notoriously stubborn people. In fact, when it comes to relationships, these guys are some of the worst boyfriends out there. However, when they find that one particular person, they actually go out of their way to make time to do things as a couple. You still might be wondering how to know if you are the best that this type of guy has ever been with? The one way to know for sure is to see how much effort he puts into planning his dates with you. Does he decide everything from the restaurant to what you should wear? If so, then you are definitely the best that he has ever had. In the end, when it comes to fixed signs, you really have to witness the subtle signs they throw your way!

1 Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) – He Can't Keep His Hands Off You


When it comes to the Mutable signs, they need to show affection to the people they are into. These passionate and loving guys are amazing at being terrific boyfriends and husbands. While these guys are known to go with the flow, they can also try and control situations whenever possible. However, if they let go of their control when you are around, that is a tell-tale sign that you are the best that they've ever had. A Mutable guy is someone who can go from one extreme to the other in a split second. This also means that they need a partner who can handle their mood swings. With all that being said, guys who are born under a Mutable sign are compassionate and caring with the people that make an impression on their hearts.

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