Here's An Army Of 15 Women Who Look The Same

Cosmetic Procedures are a divisive issue. Much can be asked about why people get it – is it low self-esteem? Societal pressure? What happens when people become addicted? The age of Instagram has made a certain style of plasticized face incredibly popular. This look involved puffy filled cheeks, lip injections, and Botox. All traditionally non-invasive procedures, they are often supplemented by women who wish to go the extra mile, shaving off bits of their nose or their jawlines in order to appear slimmer and more elegant. This has created an entire generation of women who look exactly the same. It’s sort of depressing to see a trend followed so closely that it involves permanently or semi-permanently changing your appearance, and depressing even more so when it ends up looking bad. Here are 15 examples of people who have had these procedures in order to achieve a beauty ideal popularized online. Not all are terrible, but they all share the common feature of having the same aesthetic goal: Uniformity.

15 Sonia & Fyza Ali, Famous For Looking Kind Of Familiar

source: instagram.com/soniaxfyza

If your entire career is based on professionally looking exactly like other people, then I have some advice: Go to back to school, study something useful, and stop contouring your face so hard that it changes your DNA. It must be extremely disappointing for anyone who sees these girls from far enough away to think they’re somebody else (but who? They really do look so familiar…) and then realizing they’re totally different people once they come close enough. Sonia and Fyza have gone under the knife numerous times, altering their faces both permanently and with temporary fillers and injections. While they photograph very well, the intensity of their procedures is evident in their movements. If they cried, they would look exactly as they do in the photo - frozen, perhaps with shinier eyes. Because they’ve followed the trend with such intensity and have mostly succeeded to the point where they could be mistaken for the members of the Royal Family of Calabasas, they’ve also succeeded in changing their faces so much that all they’d have to do to look like literally anybody else is change their makeup. Not even the Kardashians actually look like that, anyway.

14 Rozita Soraya Ezzatian Knows Her Angles

source: instagram.com/rozisoraya

Again, she looks very familiar, but whose signature look is she trying to recreate? Hard to say, but with cheek fillers and injected lips, it’s hard to not quickly draw conclusions. Rozita does, however, add a unique touch to the cabal of women with weird cheeks. What makes her unique? Her very tiny, very plastic nose. While many on this list have preserved their noses, Rozita opted to shave hers as far as it would go, and then contoured it further until it almost disappeared. Under some light and from certain angles, she looks pretty normal – even quite pretty. But from some, with her head tilted to show the curvature of her face, it’s easy to see how much of her face has been added on. It’s kind of creepy to look at somebody and realize that underneath all of the work they have a totally different face. Fundamentally, the problem isn’t that all of these girls are unattractive now or were ugly to begin with, but that they’ve all arrived at the exact same place concerning their faces – the goal isn’t to look more beautiful or like a better version of oneself, the goal is to look like you’ve had a bunch of surgery.

13 Iggy Azalea Making It Work With A New Look

source: instagram.com/thenewclassic

When Iggy debuted her new face, tabloids went wild. Despite her bad girl persona, Iggy Azalea comes across as very thoughtful and sensitive in interviews. She has spoken to magazines about having implants and a nose job, citing the entertainment industry and insecurity brought on by aging. Fair enough. Altering your body can definitely be a very emotional process, and changing what you see in the mirror should be seen for what it is – a big deal. That’s why it’s sad to see the work she’s had done on her face. Initial photos post op showed that she dealt with considerable swelling and puffiness, making the operations appear more dramatic than they were. She did, however, change the shape of her chin and seems to frequently replenish her cheek filler. Knowing that she struggles with body image, it’s hard to see her face as anything but a reflection of her insecurity.

12 Kami Osman, Who Does She Remind Us Of?

source: instagram.com/kamiosman

Oh boy. Another woman who looks almost exactly the same as Kim Kardashian. Where do all these people come from? Don’t people have goals? Do people have no shame? It used to be criminal to show up to an event wearing the same outfit as somebody. Now the popularity of cheek fillers means everyone can look the same and it’s not a problem. Her similarity to Kim is only apparent at some angles, and really only in her face. She is small framed and her puffy and heavily contoured face make her head look quite large. Whereas Kim has bountiful (albeit enhanced) curves, Kami’s body is quite normal. Kami also claims that she never has purposefully tried to imitate the Kardashian look. Do we believe her? Can we really look through her enhanced face modelled on trends popularized by the Kardashians and believe her? No.

11 Kim Zolciak, Biermann's Dermatologist Hates Her

source: instagram.com/kimzolciakbiermann

Kim’s face is an enigma. She never used to look this way, and this is obviously the specific look she’s going for. Yet if she didn’t make a name for herself, she could be any other woman with a credit card and access to dermatology. If her hair was straight she could be Iggy Azalea. If it was dark she would b0e La Demi. If her hair was dark and she was heavily contoured and maybe did something different with the tip of her nose, she would be a Kardashian. It helps that her name is already Kim. Kim uses her heavily altered face to exude her social status in the same way that people might tote around an Hermès Birkin. At first glance, it’s nothing special, but if you’re in the know, you can tell that she paid a lot of money to look like this. On purpose. And she’s probably very happy with how everything turned out.

10 Niykee Heaton, Your Most Beautiful Curve Is Your Restalyne Cheek

Niykee Heaton is stunning and has the singing voice to match, which is why it’s kind of a shame she went and did that to her cheeks. While obviously a popular look on girls who want to show off their money, the look is aging and at some angles she looks more like Jennifer Lawrence than an enhanced version of herself. Besides posing for provocative Instagram pictures, Niykee also sings acoustic covers of hip hop songs. She is very naturally beautiful, so the cheek filler almost doesn’t make any sense. One can only imagine that despite her talent and good looks, she probably deals with the same insecurities as everyone else. She is also thought to have undergone a boob job and butt augmentation. She doesn’t look bad, of course, she just looks a lot less like herself.

9 Lauren Pisciotta, Another Pretty Face

source: instagram.com/laurenpisciotta

Lauren, a close associate of Niykee, underwent a far more drastic transformation. Her now elegantly chiselled jawline and soft cheekbones were once very prominent, as was her brow bone. Little evidence exists of how she appeared before, which is probably how she prefers it, and she has done a good job of using cosmetic procedures to appear as the most flattering version of herself. Like Niykee, it is also believed that she has undergone a butt and boob job, lending to her popularity as an Instagram glamour model. Because of the intensity of change she made to her face, the result, while arguably well done, is sort of anonymizing in the sense that she could really be nearly any other girl with lip filler. It looks good though. If her lip hookup offered me the same deal, I certainly wouldn’t say no. Lauren’s cosmetic journey is a testament to the importance of one’s appearance while working in entertainment. Not totally fair, but she is now quite pretty and quite successful.

8 Charlotte Dawson & The Great British Face Off

source: instagram.com/charlottedawsy

There is something very jarring about looking at somebody wearing no makeup but realizing their entire face is perfect. Not perfect in the sense of it being ideal – everyone has different taste, but perfect for its lack of flaws. In Charlotte’s case, she does not have a single wrinkle or a single spot. She has no discoloration, and her eyebrows are totally uniform. Her teeth are perfectly white and straight. It’s when you realize that she’s been pumped full of Botox, her brows are micro-bladed, her lips and cheeks filled, and her teeth are likely veneers, that it becomes sort of shocking. She’s not technically filtering her face in the digital sense, but nearly everything about her face has been changed in order to appear perfect. It’s sort of scary, like realizing your boyfriend has been replaced by an alien.

7 Katia Panteli, Like Barbie But Greek

source: instagram.com/katiepanteli

Katia Panteli’s look is quite shocking. Married to an extremely wealthy and mysterious Greek man, she has access to the best doctors available in all of Greece. Apparently they leave a little to be desired. Clearly favoring the done-up look as opposed to a more natural appearance, Katia has changed her nose, her lips, her chin, and her cheeks. Her very hard looking visage is basically Instagram Face on speed. While most of the women on this list have opted for temporary fillers in the cheeks, which settle low on the face and make them look puffy, Katia’s fillers are probably permanent silicone. The benefit is that they won’t really move down her face. The problem is that as she ages, she will need to have more work done to ensure that as her faces changes, her implants don’t just shift off to the side. She has entered into a vicious and continuing cycle of procedures that likely will continue into old age.

6 Georgina Elizabeth, Filling Everything Out

source: instagram.com/elizabethxgx

If you’re going to go all out changing everything about your face, don’t use a Groupon. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if the resulting operation simply doesn’t suit the face of its wearer, if the procedure was poorly done or if the surgery was done fine on a lower budget. This poor girl has all of that and more. As is the case with many women with Instagram face, her cheeks are puffy and low-set, suggesting she’s going for the fake look. Her face is totally smooth, the result of Botox and makeup, and her lash extension girl is apparently very generous. Her lips are filled to capacity, sitting on her face appearing to be slightly out of place. And I haven’t even mentioned her implants! With the quality factor missing, Georgina’s look is quite severe. It’s difficult to tell what her original face looked like, although she would probably prefer we don’t know.

5 Luna Selini, Extremely Pretty & Incredibly Expensive

source: instagram.com/lunaselini

Out of everybody on this list, Luna is probably the scariest looking. It’s not that she isn’t beautiful – she’s gorgeous. It’s just that her surgery is so obvious yet so skillfully done. Her enormous eyes and tendency to wear wigs also contribute to the sense that she looks like a doll. Nothing she has is real, but she is surrounded by attractive people and beautiful things, and that is what is truly important. Because little is known about Luna, her internet presence makes her seem like a ghost. In photos where she poses with reading glasses, it’s hard to imagine her sitting down with a book and actually reading. Can she read? Does she need to read? Is it problematic that the quantity of procedures she has makes it difficult for me to see her as a human being? The answer to all of these questions is no.

4 Triana Lavey, The Cosmetic Publicist

source: instagram.com/trianalavey

Early on, Triana joined the legions of girls who stood before their front-facing cameras with a brand new, totally generic face. Triana is a Los Angeles based talent manager who hit the headlines in 2012 after dropping $15,000 on getting work done. She was definitely ahead of her time when it came to changing the meaning of #nofilter. While in her interviews she explains “I look like myself, only photoshopped,” her cheeks tell a different story. Her face has been smoothed by Botox and she has had fat grafts in her cheeks. She also has implants in her chin. You have to admit, though, that she was onto something when she explained to journalists that in these days, your selfie is your headshot. Even if you’re not a public figure, people still have access to your image and will judge you by your appearance. It’s up to you to decide whether or not that matters. It did for her.

3 Huda Kattan, The Filled Face Behind The Brand

source: instagram.com/hudabeauty

Huda Kattan is the queen of Middle Eastern beauty. She has millions of Instagram followers and has recently launched her own brand. Huda, like hordes of women, has the face of somebody who both over indulges in cream contour and keeps a regular regimen of Botox and cheek fillers. It is actually quite easy to spot, and pretty difficult to imagine how she might appear without the makeup, the fillers, and the grey contact lenses. Having work done and cosmetic procedures is a status symbol on its own, and for many well-to-do women in Dubai, it involves going for a look with low, soft cheeks that hint at elegant bone structure. They might have work done on their nose, too. Then, to complete the look, foundation, contour, brows, and blush are applied with a very heavy hand. The result? An army of women who have the same face. Nobody is saying that they’re not allowed, but it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s an easily identifiable pattern.

2 La Demi & The Cheeks That Keep On Giving

source: instagram.com/itslademi

La Demi exemplifies intense Instagram makeup trends and boasts a very public relationship with getting work done. Most noticeable: her lips. One thing that a lot of these girls have in common is that they totally eschew the natural look. That’s totally fair, but if you stop for a minute and take a hard look at some of these faces, it’s pretty crazy how different they look. La Demi’s cheeks, for example, are big, soft, and low. Why is this the look everyone is going for? Is it supposed to look like cheekbones or is it supposed to look like a woman in a renaissance painting? She blends in to the other women with her similar aptitude for makeup. Not untalented, she expertly fades her eyebrows in the centre and intensely contours her Restalyne cheeks. The only real issue is that it’s a look that doesn’t work outdoors or in natural light. To stay on fleek around the clock she would have to constantly be in a dark, low-lit room. That’s the power of makeup.

1 Alex Peirce, Everyone's Twin

source: instagram.com/hrhcollection

Every woman in Beverly Hills can relate to this: Sometimes, your face just doesn’t move, and the only thing you can do about it is smile politely. Alex has this. She has rich-girl-Instagram face. One of the side effects these cosmetic procedures have on the girls who get them is that it causes the girls to enter a sort of ageless purgatory where they could be anywhere between 25 and 50. Alex also has this. She might be in her 30s, but her cheeks make it impossible to tell. Why? Because these procedures were traditionally only performed on older, aging women. The popularity of the Gram and mass-appeal of staying young looking longer has caused women and girls who otherwise look fine to undergo procedures they don’t necessarily need. This could be for reasons mentioned before, like as a status symbol, but also because of peer pressure and dysmorphia. The result is very young women looking like older women trying to look younger. It’s kind of hard to digest.

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