Here's A Major Reason Why These Astro Combos Could Call It Quits (& How To Survive It)

Some astro signs are compatible and couples are perfect for one another in so many areas. There are also signs which are incompatible, and if you're in a relationship, it's likely you'll call it quits quickly in such a scenario.

Some signs don't work well together because of clashing personalities and ways of living. If you prefer the home life, you won't get on well with active signs as it'll turn into a disaster very quickly. You'll get annoyed with each other and end up not being able to do fun activities together.

Communication is vital in a relationship and if couples can't express emotions via talking, then the relationship won't last very long. Compromise is essential, but sometimes, two signs are so bad for one another that there's no saving the relationship.

We handle breakups in different ways and there are ways we can survive, according to our signs. For instance, fiery signs, like Gemini will move on quickly. Friendship is essential in surviving a breakup, and for sociable signs, friends are key. Another survivor tool, which is typical of Scorpio, is removing your ex from social media. It's vital for moving on, and some women feel better afterward.

Getting over a relationship is never easy, but with these tips, the process of moving could be easier.

24 Gemini And Virgo: Toxic Relationship


A romantic coupling for these two signs doesn't work as they're better suited as friends. You'll get along well as friends because you're able to have intellectual conversations. If you're in a relationship, it can end up becoming toxic.

Both of you will be anxious, and it'll put a strain on the relationship, and arguments will happen on a regular basis.

Virgo is a grounded sign and hates rushing in every aspect of their life. Gemini is more laid back and can be spontaneous. Virgo needs routine and can't deal with spontaneity. Therefore, frustration will kick in due to the different attitudes toward life.

23 Scorpio: Learn To Let Go

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It's not easy breaking up, and for some women, it takes a very long time to get over a breakup. Scorpio is a mysterious sign due to intense emotions and control issues. Therefore, it's tough for a Scorpio to move on. It could take you days or even weeks to let go of the relationship. You'll most likely block your ex on social media because of your compulsive nature. The best way to survive is to get rid of every single possession you have of your ex. You'll move on a lot quicker and having no reminders of the past will bring you peace.

22 Aries And Cancer: Too Much Attention


The Crab is known as the most nurturing sign and loves to care for their partner. Aries likes to be nurtured, so it seems it would be a good pairing, but it's not. The constant need for caring will make Cancer go the extra mile, and it'll place a lot of stress on the relationship.

It's a disaster when pairing brash Aries and sensitive Cancer together as emotions clash.

There's also a difference in values; Cancer prefers a home life and Aries wants adventure all the time. Therefore, planning activities will be hard as you won't be able to agree on one.

21 Leo: Breakup Retail Therapy


There are many ways women get over a breakup from wallowing to being with friends regularly. But the only way a Leo can get over a breakup is with shopping.  Trips to the mall and spending money end up becoming retail therapy and lift your mood. You'll get over the relationship for sure, but make sure you don't overspend. Leo will also be over dramatic during the grief process since you let everyone know how much you're hurting.  The only way to get out of it is friends and shopping. Invite your friends to the mall, and you'll have both therapies in one day.

20 Taurus And Aquarius: Different Way Of Life


It's ideal for partners to have the same values and outlook on how you should live your lives. Taurus and Aquarius are opposites, and sometimes it can work, but these two signs are completely divergent in their life motivation.

In most cases, the relationship is just not going to work because Aquarius' chilled way of life does not go well with Taurus' constant need for organization.

Taurus also don't understand the concept of alone time, which Aquarius needs. If you don't have room to breathe, you'll feel claustrophobic and will most likely want to end the relationship. Aquarius will also see Taurus' routine as dull and boredom will set in.

19 Aries: Acting Out


The Ram is the fieriest sign, and it's evident in your personality and the way you handle things. The only way you'll be able to survive is with anger because that's your way of getting over things. You'll be so full of emotion, and the only way to get rid of it is doing things that'll decrease your anger levels. Share your feelings on social media with angry outbursts regarding your ex. You'll get all the emotions off your chest quicker, and the moving on stage will move faster. If you hold it in, you'll still hold a grudge and all that negative energy.

18 Leo And Scorpio: Too Over-Confident


A fire sign (Leo) and a water sign (Scorpio) pairing isn't a perfect match as you both have fiery attitudes and similar traits. Scorpio and Leo are both overconfident and love attention. You crave attention more than anything, and since you both have this trait, there'll be a clash.

You'll both feel like you're not getting enough attention and heated arguments will be a daily occurrence.

Water signs like Scorpio are emotional and sensitive. Fire signs like Leo are independent and when the two come together there'll be problems. For example, Leo won't consider Scorpio's feelings and Scorpio's need for confirmation will annoy Leo.

17 Gemini: Social Butterfly


Some women prefer being alone after a break up as they find it helps during the process of moving on. Not Gemini, though; after the relationship is over you'll let everyone know how you're feeling via a range of different emotions. You won't be the one hiding as a recluse. Instead, you'll be calling up all your friends and talk about the breakup either with humor or sadness. Talking about it with friends is very therapeutic for Gemini, and it'll make the healing process go quicker. After talking it out, you'll move on with a rebound. This process leaves no room for thoughts of your ex.

16 Capricorn And Aries: The Worst Match


The Earth and Fire signs are at the top of the list for a less than an ideal match. Capricorn and Aries can both be demanding, which will drain the relationship quickly. It could fail after a few months because you won't be able to stand each other.

You have the same bold and confident personalities, and in a relationship, it'll just be overload.

Capricorn is seen as the father of the star signs, and Aries is referred to as the baby. Aries may throw tantrums if they don't get their way and it'll frustrate Capricorn and arguments will arise. The arguments can get fiery and could occur on a regular basis.

15 Taurus: Get Over It With Food

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The Bull is known for their love of food. Therefore, the only way you'll survive the breakup is with food. The best way to do it is bake something which will give you instant comfort. Watch your favorite show or movie while eating and whoever broke your heart may eventually be a distant memory. It'll take a while for you to move on, and in the meantime, you prefer eating and sleeping. It's your way of coping through the heartache. Cooking for yourself will be therapeutic, but you tend to make a lot. Instead of eating it all, invite a friend over and watch TV and eat together.

14 Pisces And Gemini: Too Moody


This relationship is a disaster right in the beginning. It's such a no that you shouldn't even get together. If you're together, the relationship will fizzle out very quickly.

You'll end up being moody together, and the relationship will continuously be gloomy.

There'll also be commitment issues as Gemini is obsessed with keeping on the go with new places, projects, and people. Pisces is too nostalgic to move forward in a hurry. Gemini will be frustrated as Pisces like to ruminate while Gemini just wants to move on from problems. All these conflicts will affect the relationship negatively, and you won't be able to move forward.

13 Virgo: Move On With Books


It's one of the most serious signs as Virgo is known for having a serious nature and constant need of structure. The only way for you to survive the heartache is via books. Virgo is known for their intellect, and they always use it for guidance in everyday life. The books you'll end up reading are self-help books as after a breakup you like to analyze what went wrong and how it'll affect you regarding your future relationships and life in general. The type of self-help books that will be ideal is advice on how to move on and dealing with emotions.

12 Aries And Libra: Completely Different Goals


It's always good to have similar goals when you're a couple as it makes the relationship smoother. If the goals are way too different, a conflict could arise. Libras are all about social life, and Aries is more focused on ambition and career goals.

Regular fighting can occur as there will be arguments on basically everything.

Neither of you will want to stay in the relationship because of your goal-oriented issues. Libra and Aries also always have to be right, and problems will occur when one has to be wrong because no one will back down, especially due to Aries' temper.

11 Sagittarius: Travel Is Vital


Sagittarians are the most adventurous as life is one big challenge for you. According to Elite, the best remedy for a Sag is travel. If you don't have money to travel abroad, even traveling to the beach or going on a hike can help. Traveling to a different state will be preferable as you won't think of your ex as much as he's not in the same state as you. Another benefit is experiencing new things and seeing different scenery. It will cleanse your soul and recharge your batteries. It's most likely that he won't be in your mind anymore when you return home.

10 Aquarius And Gemini: No Communication


You're both air signs, therefore, you have the same quality of life. Aquarius and Gemini are big kids at heart and life is an endless adventure with endless activities. The problem is there'll be no responsibility, which will make things harder if the relationship turns serious.

The biggest reason for a breakup, though, is lack of communication.

Aquarius and Gemini struggle to talk about their feelings and end up bottling them inside. Keeping feelings hidden from your partner is never good, and it can lead to many arguments. If there's no sharing of emotions and you aren't willing to open up, a hurtful breakup can occur.

9 Cancer: Endless Crying


Cancers are very emotional signs as they are nurturers and can quickly get hurt. According to Elite, the only way you'll get over a breakup is by wallowing. There's nothing wrong with crying for hours as it's your way of coping. The process can last as long as six months and if you want to speed the recovery, you should tell your friends to ban you from talking about him. If you don't want to talk to your friends, write poetry as it's also an excellent method to get your feelings out. Whatever you do, don't send your ex a text or the poem. Friends may need to stop you.

8 Pisces And Capricorn: Too Controlling


The Fish is a very free-spirited sign, and you like to do things on your own time. On the other hand, Capricorn likes to have control over everything, including relationships. One of the most controlling things is finance, as Capricorn will want to control the money in the relationship and will want to provide financially because they are very stable and ambitious.

It'll scare Pisces, though, as you don't like feeling being kept and not being able to do what you want.

The relationship will end up being toxic and endless fights will happen, which will lead to an awful breakup.

7 Libra: Write Letters


Librans are very romantic and love to show it with sweet things like gifts and dates. After a breakup, you'll need to outpour the romance differently as you're not in a relationship anymore. The one thing you can do is write letters to your ex. Don't send them, though. Breakups affect Librans badly, and the only way to move on is via communicating. Therefore, writing letters is therapeutic as it lets you get everything off your chest without sharing it with anyone. You'll feel even better if you tear the letters up into pieces and throw them away afterward.

6 Sagittarius And Leo: Impatience Gets In The Way

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The two Fire signs can be a good match if you're both willing to compromise on certain things. But if there are no compromises, things can get out of hand. Sagittarius can be impatient and can say hurtful things if your need for attention becomes unbearable. According to Buzz fuse, a Leo won't be able to handle the bluntness as you tend to be sensitive.

A build of tension will occur, and once it explodes, there'll be endless fighting.

Neither sign is embarrassed by making a scene, so fights could even happen in public. The constant fighting will be off-putting.

5 Aquarius: Mind Control


Another intellectual sign who handles things with the mind instead of only emotions is Aquarius. According to Allure, after a breakup, Aquarius will move on by analyzing the relationships pros and cons regarding success and failures. If you want peace of mind, research academic studies as it'll help you seek answers to your questions. A more emotional path like seeking guidance in astrology and New Age will help as it'll be a form of growth. The journey will be beneficial as you're using your mind and emotions at the same time. It'll be painful, but once you moved on, you'll have a lot of knowledge regarding love.

4 Cancer And Gemini: Lack of Challenges


This is an entirely incompatible match and one which should never happen as a breakup will most likely occur. Cancer is too emotional for Gemini as the sign prefers intellectual conversations.

Problems will arise because you won't be able to understand each other on an intellectual level.

You'll get bored as you're not being challenged enough since you can't have the deep talks you like. Cancer likes caring for their partner and will go the extra mile. You'll feel smothered and feel like you're the child in the relationship. Frustration will kick in, and it'll be too much to handle for both signs.

3 Capricorn: Working Hard


The Goat is known for hard work and their dedication to a career. Therefore, you're very ambitious and don't like it when things get in the way of that. You're very realistic, therefore you'll move on quicker than other signs as you'll accept the breakup and force yourself to move on with easy distractions. The breakup won't mess up your work schedule as you'll make your job the number one priority. You'll use work and focusing on the future as a coping mechanism. There'll be no room for thoughts of him as you'll focus all your energy on forward progress in your job.

2 Libra And Capricorn: Clashing Personalities


These are two sociable signs and on the outside, you look like a power couple. Although, problems can arise as Libra has a charming personality and Capricorn always showcases confidence.

The relationship will end up not lasting that long as you'll let your image get in the way, worrying about that more than each other.

Instead of having a positive influence, Libra and Capricorn are negative influences on one another, which isn't good for a long-lasting relationship. Capricorn's stable personality and Libra's carefree personality will also clash, and you'll end up driving each other crazy. You'll end up fighting more, and it could lead to calling it quits.

1 Pisces: Constant Process


The Fish are processors; you like to act before the event even happens. Therefore, before you've even called it quits, you would've already processed it and sort of moved on. But at the back of your mind, you still miss him and will want to reach out to him. Pisces like to live in a dream world, so texting him will be your way of denying the reality of the breakup. Distraction is essential, and luckily, Pisces are very creative. If you want to reach out to him, distract yourself with doing something creative. It'll become your focus, and in time, you won't want to contact him anymore.

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