Here's 20 Of The Wildest Eyelash Trends For Spring/Summer 2018

Whether you adore eyelash trends or not, there is no lie in saying that eyelashes have become one of the most important parts of anyone's beauty routine. With eyelash extensions no longer just for the rich and famous, and a new trend popping up almost every other day, it is hard to deny that eyelashes are among some of the ‘it’ trends of 2018.

It may seem hard to believe, but this was actually forecasted by Pinterest and for good reason. The app has access to 48 million hair and beauty pinners revealing that ‘next level lashes’ will top the list of global beauty trends for 2018.

They say that they have seen an increase in saved pins of 152%, which is absolutely insane.

Spring is in full swing and Summer is right around the corner so there is no time like the present to try out one of these fresh new eyelash trends. Whether you like glitter, rhinestones, bright colors or a combination of it all, there is sure to be something that speaks to you in this trending collection. The best part about some of these trends is that no matter your style, ability or confidence, these looks can be pulled off with minimal effort, are non-committal and will up your trendsetting game!

20 Magnetic Falsies


False lashes can take any look from drab to fab. They make you look more awake and really pull a look together. However, dealing with the annoyance of putting on falsies can make the process completely unbearable. I mean first you have to buy them, and often they're not always cheap. Then you have to purchase the glue, again an added cost. Once you are ready to apply the falsies you have to be incredibly confident, apply the glue, let it get tacky and then precisely apply it to your lash line – not easy. Once it is all said and done you either look like a pro or a total mess.

This could all be simplified with the newest summer eyelash trend: magnetic lashes!

These lashes come with a set for above the eyelash and a set for below, meaning no glue is required for the application and you are almost guaranteed to have impressively full looking lashes. They can be re-used easily and require little skill to apply, a huge bonus when compared to regular falsies. The best part about magnetic lashes is during the Summer they would be very easy to remove if a spontaneous swimming opportunity arose. Think about it, slide those puppies off, hit the waves and re-apply after! Seems like a no-brainer.

19 Clumpy Mascara


It is what nightmares are made of. I think we can all remember a time when we were maybe a bit too confident with our mascara application skills and thought a little more wouldn’t hurt. As Tana Mongeau knows all too well…. Highschool. You know, when you wanted a fuller look and thought that applying 15 layers of mascara would do the trick. Well, you’re in luck because clumpy mascara is in and you already possess all the necessary skills to master it! Although this used to be more of an accidental look, Cosmopolitan has confirmed that it is, in fact, making a comeback as it was seen on many fashion runways including Dior.

While many people already have the skill-set to complete this look with no problems, Makeup artists for Christian Dior and Jason Wu told Vogue.com that the way they created this look for their shows was by taking the mascara and brushing it just on the tips, they would also drag the wand side-to-side to adhere the lashes together. Then when they were happy with the look they would apply a clear lip-gloss on top. This definitely adds a few more steps but it is all in the name of unconventional beauty!

18 Glitter Eyelashes

People will have no choice but to look you in the eyes when you are talking with these lashes on. This trend was seen on the Ryan Lo 2018 Ready-to-Wear runway show and while the eyelashes were colorful and bold, the outfits they were paired with were quite simple in comparison. Regardless, these lashes are definitely for the girl who loves some bling in her life. Many certified eyelash-extension services are now offering a glitter-encrusted extension just in time for festival season! These lashes are definitely over the top, but hey so are you!

The videos of these lashes online really showcase their appeal, when the light hits them just right, they look like shimmering diamonds.

These lashes can be worn on the bottom lash or on the top lash, and for an extra bedazzled look, both. For a more subtle look, you can opt for just a few glittery lashes. This is a bit less dramatic and definitely more wearable for every day. While many images online show these lashes as an extension you could definitely mimic the look by using a set of falsies, or simply liquid glitter eyeliner, meaning all the fun without the commitment!

17 Bright Mascara


The 80’s are making a comeback and there is no better way to celebrate than rocking a bright mascara. While black and brown mascaras may be your go-to, this Spring/Summer it may be time to try out something a little more fun. Say royal blue? Canary yellow? Or maybe a hot pink like Rihanna wore during one of her Fenty cover shoots? Whatever the color is, this trend is all about standing out and turning old beauty rules on their head. Instagramers have been seen rocking this trend on the upper lashes, lower lashes and in some cases, both.

While one color is fine and all, many beauty gurus are going all out and using two colors, one on the top lashes and one on the bottom. This look is definitely dramatic so often the rest of the makeup is fairly simple. Luckily, when it comes to makeup, there is no rule saying you have to simplify the rest of your face or balance out your boldness, try a bright lipstick shade or bright eyeshadow, this trend is all about showcasing your confidence!

16 Falsies On Bottom Lashline


Tana Mongeau, queen of the falsies once said “your girl is not your girl without fake eyelashes” and there has been no truer statement to the girl who loves her fake’s. Fake eyelashes have been around for quite some time. Their appeal to the wearer comes from the ability to change one's eye shape with the ease of some glue, patience and a good set of falsies. There seems to be a set of falsies for every need imaginable: Cat eye, wide eye, fuller lashes, longer lashes. You name it there is a fake eyelash to fix it.

There has always been a big debate about whether you should wear mascara on your bottom lashes or not, which makes it surprising that bottom lash falsies are now a thing.

Some people just trim a regular set to better fit their bottom lash line, others buy specific lashes designed for it. This is definitely reminiscent of the 60’s, think of Twiggy’s large drawn lower lashes. Whether you love a defined bottom lash line or not, 2018 is the year of the eyelash, an eyelash wild-wild west if you will, and anything goes!

15 Rhinestone Lashes


If the fear of glitter getting in your eyes deters you from rocking the glitter trend, falsies encrusted in rhinestones may be the better choice. Rhinestoned eyelashes were once saved for dance recitals and music festivals. But as mentioned, 2018 is all about eyelash anarchy. Rhinestoned falsies are a way to add some sparkle to a simple look and keep all eyes on you, literally. You can choose your rhinestone color based on your look or you can pick a color that will bring out the color of your eyes. If you would rather keep your top lashes rhinestone free, why not add some rhinestones under your bottom lash line. This is another cute way to get some added sparkle.

You can buy falsies pre-rhinestoned or you can get a pair on your own and attach rhinestones using the eyelash glue. Buying the rhinestones separately means that you can bedazzle a million other things too. Though trendy, this is definitely the look for someone with confidence who can beat to the sound of their own drum.

14 Feather Falsies


If rhinestones weren’t out-there enough for you, feather eyelashes must be. Like the name would suggest, feather eyelashes are a fake eyelash made with synthetic feathers. These can be made in all different colors and lengths, but they are usually over the top and very dramatic.

Feather eyelashes are not for everyone, but that adds to the whimsical fun that they induce.

I’m sure if you have worn these before you have probably worn them as a costume but the right set would look great for an evening look or special event. Some feather eyelashes are quite large and very colorful. However, the most incredible looks are the ones that feature a more simple feather lash. These feather lashes are much shorter and feature either one color or a few colors in the same family. They are so beautiful because at first, it is hard to tell that they are feathers. Another way to pull off the look is to use delicate feathers just on the outside of your eye. This is a more simple look but still totally unique.

13 Petal Lashes


2018 is all about nature, plants, and flowers. So it comes as no surprise that petal lashes are now a thing. It is quite literally what it sounds like, lashes adorned with petals. Are your allergies in overdrive just looking at this? If so you should definitely leave this trend for someone else.

These nature inspired lashes will undoubtedly bring the warm weather anywhere you go and are sure to bring a smile to every passer-by lucky to see you. While these lashes have mainly been reserved for photo shoots and costume parties there is no shortage of places to wear them. I mean firstly the greenhouse (duh), secondly a garden party (obviously) and thirdly anytime you need to summon some nice spring weather. Allure.com credited a Reddit poster who said that she tried this trend and physically glued each petal to her eyelashes using eyelash glue, she also mentioned that she only wore them for 90 minutes. You could also use fake flowers on a set of falsies too. While these are definitely not the most practical lash trend, they certainly are fun!

12 Colored Eyelash Extensions


No one should be surprised that eyelash extensions are now offered in an array of colors. The whole procedure is to mimic the look of false eyelashes, obviously with a more natural look. The fun part about falsies is that you can wear a different style of them every day if you wish. Some people love having crazy lashes but don’t want to spend time every morning applying falsies as it is a bit of a process, and that is where colored eyelash extensions come in handy.

This trend has also been called the mermaid lash trend and features fun colored lashes.

While most photos on Instagram seemed to show just a few lashes dyed a different color usually near the outer-eye, there were certainly some that featured all the lashes a different color. Some even had a combination of colors to give a more textured look. Overall, this seems like another tribute to the bright color trend for Spring/Summer 2018, and I mean why not rock some colored eyelash extensions to show some spirit!

11 Light-Up Lashes


This trend has got to be one of the craziest trends of 2018, period. Light up lashes popped up late in 2017 and have taken this year by storm. These lights are attached to a battery pack that then secures to the back of your head. The lights can change color, flicker, pulse, dart back and forth and create other light shows. These took over Youtube when they first hit the market, with many beauty gurus giving them a try. Most of them loved the concept and had a good laugh playing with them. They seemed to look best paired with an exaggerated falsie and bold makeup look.

These lights are applied to the top of the lashes, then the nearly invisible cords are drawn back towards the nape of the neck where they are attached to the battery. the effects are pretty in daylight but once the lights are turned off their true look brilliance shines. These eyelashes have been seen on ravers, drag queens and just about anyone who can justify the cost for such an unusual item.

10 Spider Lashes


Spider lashes are another bizarre lash trend for 2018. They get their name for their strong resemblance to the long legs on spiders. Looking like a spider may not be your personal aesthetic but there are many others rocking this over-the-top look.

Spider lashes are most commonly found in false eyelash form however some people are able to get a more natural look by having had an assortment of eyelash extension lengths glued on.

The more natural look has been seen more for every day as they are not as loud and dramatic. However, the longer more exaggerated versions are no longer just being worn for Halloween. Many people are rocking these bold eyelashes with any look and pulling it off by being uber confident. Wearing spider lashes will most definitely keep the attention on you, and with a lash like that, you better be expecting it!

9 Paper Falsies


This trend is pretty out there, I mean who knew you could make false eyelashes out of paper? Anyway, these are pretty stunning and really make a simple makeup look pop. These paper lashes are in the shape of butterflies but some people are rocking birds, flowers, city skylines and some even spelling out words.

Most people have been seen wearing these uber creative lashes with minimal eye makeup, opting for a black winged liner and drawn in brow to let the lashes steal the spotlight. Of course, these beautiful works of art come with a price tag. They are not overly expensive but definitely more than your typical set of falsies. There are many places to buy these lashes online. However, some DIYers are doing it themselves and having a blast with it. I mean what is cooler than designing, creating and wearing your lashes? Not much that’s for sure.

8 Dusted With Eyeshadow


We have been seeing the bold, one color eyeshadow look everywhere this season. I mean think of any celebrity on the red carpet. Got it? Good. This eyelash trend takes the bright eyeshadow look and turns it up a notch by applying it on the eyelashes as well. It is bold, fun, monochromatic and kinda weird to be honest.

The look, although wacky, is pretty simple. It is created by sweeping a bold shadow on top of your lashes and then continuing to apply it on your eyelids.

The shadow needs to be highly pigmented to create the best effect. Your daily eye routine might consist of a three-step eyeshadow look, liner, and mascara. This look takes out so much of that time and leaves you with an equally, if not better, look. But the coolest thing about it is that anybody can achieve this look as long as they have a bright eyeshadow, brush, and confidence! So next time you have an opportunity to get a little wild with your look maybe try this trend, it is sure to be a hit.

7 Covered In Chunky Glitter


Glitter, it is everywhere in 2018, we are wearing it on our clothes, in our hair, on our cheekbones, collarbones and really everywhere else we want a bit of a shine. Now it is on our eyelashes, and not in a delicate way, no this is chunky glitter, dense enough that it creates a mirror on your lashes.

Chunky glitter is definitely another trend of 2018, and like all other trends, it was only a matter of time until we adorned it on our eyelashes. Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it fashion? Street cred? Our Insta feed? Whatever the reason it’s here and people are embracing it. This is another specialty eyelash product that most likely will cost you a pretty penny. These are false eyelashes with large pieces of glitter attached from the lashline to the tip. Most of the time they are covered in one color of glitter, however, there are a few that give off a more rainbow look. Most sites say these are best for a festival or event but there is no stopping an eyelash fanatic and their crazy eyelashes from wearing these any place they want!

6 Go Big, Or Go Home


As the rest of this article should have hopefully gotten through to you, 2018 is the year of the eyelash and that means anything goes and we really mean ANYTHING. One eyelash trend of 2018 has been to go big or go home.

That basically means that nothing is too much, there can always be more glitter, longer extensions or a brighter color.

People are even mixing trends together to create even more daring looks. Why not try a lash extension with feather tips and rhinestones? Or spider lashes in bright pink? All rules are out the window and it is time for the lash queen you are to let your freak-flag-fly. This Spring/Summer is the time to wear any crazy combination of looks to any place your heart desires. It means that places or events where you would have done something dramatic in the past, you can now do something completely crazy. Places where you would have gone with a basic look you can now kick up a notch. There are so many opportunities to be creative, what will you do next?

5 Ombre Lash Extensions


Ombre lashes, who knew this was even a possibility. Allure.com stated that in early March ombre lashes were trending on Instagram and, like most things trending on Instagram, this means a fad was born.

We all remember a time when ombre hair was still an obsession. You either opted for a Kool-Aid at home dye job or had it professionally done at a salon. Either way, you rocked it and now it’s back, but for your eyelashes. This shouldn’t be surprising, but for some reason it is. These eyelashes come pre-dyed and can be put on using black glue like any other eyelash extension because the base of the eyelash is black and not colored. The color options for the ombre effect must be endless, meaning that you can pick a color that really speaks to you. The look is still relatively new, so Spring/Summer 2018 is sure to be big for the trend. It will be interesting to see what people wear in terms of makeup to match their eyelashes as this trend progresses.

4 Colored Falsies


Ahh, the classic colored falsie, can you remember a time when you begged your mom to let you buy fake eyelashes and after her finally saying yes you grabbed the most outrageous, bright, inch-long fake eyelashes you could find? Well, guess what? It’s back, but this time you won't be the only one who thinks you're cool. Of course, bright eyelashes are one of the major trends this season and people are rocking this beauty look by either wearing bright mascara, getting colored eyelash extensions or going the false eyelash route.

If you are a tad afraid of the level of commitment involved for the colored eyelash extensions trend, going with a pair of colored false eyelashes is a great option.

It’s temporary while still being totally trendy. There is no doubt that a properly adhered fake eyelash is definitely more clean and dramatic than mascara, so if you are a bit of a perfectionist colored false eyelashes are probably your best option. You may be inclined to wear a bright falsie with something in the same color, but this trend is all about mixing your bright hues to really play with color.

3 Custom Lashes


With the eyelash craze comes some pretty crafty entrepreneurs cashing in on the hype. They've asked the question of what’s better than showing up to an event in a bold set of eyelashes? Obviously the fact that you are the only one wearing them.

Business people all over the world are now making and selling their own customized lashes on craft selling sites like Etsy.com where DIYer’s sell their homemade lashes to those in need of some one-of-a-kind designs. Some vendors will go so far as to create custom lashes personally for you based on your specific wants and needs. There are even websites now like Velour.com that are creating personal lashes after answering questions about length, shape and other options. Having customized lashes just adds to the fun of this trend and makes it easy to find your perfect set. Whether you opt for a crazy customization or something simple that is just-right, it truly is wild that eyelashes have become so inherent in the beauty world that people have the choice of customization.

2 Tinsel Lashes


Oh boy, now this is festive. You may remember dangling tinsel over your Christmas tree as a kid, or maybe wearing one of those wild tinsel wigs for Halloween, but in 2018 tinsel is among the newest eyelash trends. If you find yourself struggling or have problems keeping people’s attention in a conversation, tinsel eyelashes may just be the solution.

These, like most other bizarre lash trends, come as a pair of false eyelashes and can be put on for special occasions or your average errand-running Saturday.

While getting this look with falsies is easiest and safest, Allure.com reported that an Instagrammer actually applied individual pieces of tinsel to her eyelashes using glue, similarly to the way eyelash extensions are applied. That seems incredibly time-consuming, not-to-mention, dangerous, but hey it turned out pretty cool when she was finished. Although tinsel eyelashes could easily be reserved for some holiday festivity, you could definitely try this trend out for an upcoming festival fashion statement.

1 Matching With Your Car


Yes, believe it or not, this is a thing and we won't judge you if you're now thinking about getting a set. If you're among the brave few who find themselves willing and able to rock most of the looks on this list, you definitely need these eyelashes for your car. I mean, why not have a totally Instagrammable twinning moment between you and your ride? These lashes are pretty much available everywhere from Amazon to Canadian Tire, not to mention a dedicated website called Carlashes.com.

Just like your lashes, the automotive accessory industry is constantly changing with the current trends. While they may not have every variety of the above trends, there are tons of choices for your car’s lashes too. You can choose from chrome, ombre, bright colors even rhinestoned lashes to give your car a much-needed makeover. You wouldn’t be caught dead without your trusted lashes, why not give your car the same treatment. Then when cruising, top down this summer, no matter in the car or out, attention is guaranteed to be on you!

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