Here's 15 Reasons Why You SHOULD Be Editing Your Nudies

The truth of the matter is, we’re all perfect in our own way and don’t need editing. But, if editing your nude photos makes you feel stronger, more...

I’m going to say something kind of controversial: You need to be editing your nudes. Yes, you - YOU! - need to be editing your nude photos.

Now, just because I said that doesn’t mean I don’t think you have a perfect body. I think every woman’s body is perfect in its own perfect way. However, we live in a world that pushes a different agenda.

We live in a world that tells us only one type of body is perfect and it’s a very unattainable body. Society tells us to have a size 2 waist, D-cup breasts, Blake Lively’s legs, and yeah Blake Likely’s hair too. We should have Jennifer Aniston’s arms and Hilary Duff’s butt. (But seriously, have you ever looked at Jennifer Aniston’s arms or Hilary Duff’s butt? They are both things of beauty.) On top of that, we need big lips, round eyes, a teeny nose, and high cheekbones. Guys, being beautiful is, like, a lot of work.

However, this image of perfected beauty that the media peddles to us is not real. Photos of the most beautiful women in the world are all photoshopped. For a while, the playing field wasn't even fair. But now, thanks to a little thing called the App Store, we have the ability to alter our own photos and get one step closer to having Jennifer Aniston’s arms. With great power comes great responsibly though, so the question has to be asked - Should you edit your photos? And more importantly, should you edit your nude photos?

YES. 100% YES!

Below are 15 real reasons why you needed to start editing your nudes yesterday.

15 It's 2017, Guys!

It is 2017, people! It’s literally the age of the future, so why not live like we’re in the future?

Don't believe we're living in the future? Well, we can order anything we want from our phones. You need a car? Uber! You need food? Grubhub! You need a hookup? Tinder! It’s all on our phones. In fact, our phones are basically tiny computers that fit in the palm of our hands. It’s all very magical. If we’re living in such advanced times, we should be taking advantage of the advances and editing our nudes, right?

I’m just saying that if 2017 doesn’t sound like a year in which everyone edits their nude photos, I don’t know what year will be. It’s the future and we should all live like it.

14 Other Girls Are Totally Editing

Maybe your girlfriends talk about it, maybe they don’t. But most girls edit their photos to some degree. I mean, Instagram is literally a photo-sharing site on which every single photo is edited via filters. By the way, Instagram even beefed up the photo editing options with even more tools. It’s like Instagram wants us to edit our photos.

When it comes to other girls, if they are adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, whitening their teeth, smoothing their blemishes, and taming their fly aways on their Instagram photos, they are definitely doing some stuff to the nude photos they send dudes.

I’m not saying that if someone jumps off a bridge, we should all jump off a bridge. I am saying that other girls are editing their photos, so you shouldn’t feel weird about editing yours if you want to.

13 In Fact, Even Beyonce Edits Her Photos

I don’t personally know anything about Beyonce’s nudes. I’m not sure if Beyonce sends nudes. Quite frankly, I would never take a single nude photo if I were Beyonce because of the amount of celebrities who have had their iCloud photos leaks. However, I do know about Beyonce’s Instagram photos and girlfriend will edit them. This isn’t even a guess; it’s a fact.

Due to some wobbly doorframes and wine glasses, Beyonce’s photo editing was exposed quite a few times. But it’s all good, because now we know that everyone edits their photos, even QUEEN BEY.

Now, if Beyonce is cool with editing her Instagram photos – and she’s basically the world’s most perfect person – then you should be cool with editing your nudes.

Again, BEYONCE edits her photos. BEYONCE. If she edit for confidence, we can all edit for confidence.

12 Oh, And He May Be Editing Too

I am proud to say I’ve never received a d**k pic. They kind of creep me out, TBH. There’s really nothing overly attractive to me about a picture of a pen*s. I'd rather see a picture of a hot guy holding a puppy and reading a book. Maybe a picture of hot guy being nice to my mother. But, I guess to each their own.

That being said, I’ve heard rumors that guys will literally just Google “pen*s” and send the best one that comes up, or one that looks like theirs but better. So, he might not even be sending you his actually pen*s in that random d**k pic you received at 10:14am on a Wednesday.

Also, if he IS sending his own, he may edit it. I’m just saying that guys are certainly not above giving themselves an extra inch or two, right?

If he’s editing his photos – or sending you random pen*ses – you might as well edit yours, right? All is fair in love and nudes.


11 It's Not Like He's Asking For Realism

No guy asks you to send him a hot photo and wants, like, a real picture of your body. In fact, the thought of him wanting to see your body, the way it really looks, is hilarious even. Excuse me while I go laugh for an hour.

He does not want your warts and all, ladies. He’s asking for something steamy that can get his imagination going. He’s asking for a hot photo without cellulite, stretch marks, rolls or fat, or anything unsightly.

In asking you for a nude photo, he's not asking for you nude right at that moment. No, in asking for a nude photo, he's asking for a fantasy version of you and so editing yourself a bit, in order to fulfill his fantasy, is totally fine, if not expected.

10 Also, He’s Not Going To Compare A Side-By-Side

If he gets a hot nude photo of your body that looks… well… better than your body in real life, he’s not going to interrogate you about it. He's simply going to think, "Damn, she looks good."

That being said, don’t edit your body into look like Blake Lively’s, unless you literally have a body that rivals Blake Lively’s. (In which case, I am jealous of you.) Do some light editing – slightly bigger boobs, smaller waist, thigh gap, smoother skin, thinner legs. You know, all the things society tells us our body should be.

This is also for your own confidence. So, if you have a mole that embarrasses you, remove it. If you want whiter teeth (which he totally won’t be looking at in a nude photo, btw), whiten your teeth. If you make slight alterations, he’s not going to question it. Even if he does question it, he’s not going to like compare and contrast.


9 Edited Images Of Women Are All Around Men Today

Men basically don’t know what real women look like. Hell, women don’t even know what real women look like. That’s the sad, sad truth.

Admittedly, even single celebrity is photoshopped, both men and women. But female celebrities have notoriously been photoshopped to alarming degrees, which has helped the beauty industry a lot. Oh, look at this amazing airbrushed skin. If you use this concealer, your skin will look like that. Only it won’t because that model’s skin is airbrushed. That’s slightly beside the point, though.

The point being, men are so used to seeing altered version of women that you might as well play the game. I mean, if you send him a nude photo that hasn’t been edited it may actually be the first unedited nude photo of a woman he’s ever seen and I truly mean that when I write it. Like I said, it’s a sad truth.

8 He Probably Has No Idea Of How Photos Translate To Bodies

Obviously, you’re not going to paint on a six-pack to your tummy, right? That’s the move of a rookie. You don’t edit your nudes like that. It’s all about subtly. If your photo is edited subtly, he will literally have no idea that it’s been edited at all. Of course, you’ll be able to tell but that’s neither here nor there.

The other thing to remember is that he won’t be able to tell how your body translates. If you have thicker thighs in real life than you do in your photo, he probably won’t be able to visually notice that. He’ll just think you took a good photo.

Also, it’s very unlikely he’ll never be dissecting the details of your photo... because you’ll be naked in it. Guys tend to be easily distracted by female nudity.

Pretty Ugly Little Liar

7 It’s Like Wearing Makeup… But On Your Body

If you’re still feeling hesitant or weird about editing your nude photos for ethical or moral reasons, just think of it like makeup for your body.

Most women wear makeup on their face every single day and have no issue with it. They don't think they are deceiving anyone. They enhance their eyelashes, eyebrows, cheekbones, and lips. They hide their dark circles, blemishes, and flaws. Likewise, you should think of editing your nude photos like wearing makeup for your body. It's not deceiving, it's just makeup. You’re highlighting your good features, like your thigh gap, flat tummy, or perky boobs. You’re also masking your flaws.

Adding a little bit of sparkle to life never hurt no body. Just consider the editing of your nudes to be adding sparkle to your life.

6 If You Send A Nude, You Should Know He May Show A Few People

No matter how into you a guy may seem, you never know who is going to see that nude photo after you send it to him.

He could be showing it to his friends, either to show them how hot his crush is or how hot his latest conquest is. We’re all hoping for the former, but you never know.

He could never screenshot the photo (Oh, the horror!) and send it to his friends so they’ll have it on their own phones. Again - Oh, the horror!

There’s also the possibility that his friend could accidentally see your nude photo while looking for something on his phone.

Whatever the case, when you send a nude, you should be mentally prepared for someone, other than your dude, to see the photo. If editing your photo to be your best looking self makes you feel more comfortable with strangers seeing the photo, you should do it.

5 There Are About A Million Editing Apps (For Free!)

You don’t need special, expensive software to edit your photos. Not at all, girlfriend.

Sure, all the beautiful magazine photos we see of Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively and Emma Stone are using expensive software and paying someone a lot of money to edit with such amazing perfection and precision. You, on the other hand, aren’t going to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan. Instead, you’re simply sending a nude photo to one dude – or hey, maybe a couple dudes. You do you, girl.

All you need is a free app or two on your phone and you’re good to go. A quick Google search will bring up the best photo editing apps. (Hint: Beauty and lifestyle blogger know the best editing apps and they translate great to nude photos. Take their suggestions!)


4 Just Don’t Go Too Hard On The Edit

The point of editing your photos is to look better, not look like a whole new person. Subtlety is key, girl.

The worst possible thing in the world would be if he actually noticed you edited your nude photo to him because it looks that much different from how you actually look. And, trust me, you really have to over-edit a nude photo in order for a guy to notice a thing like that. When a guy sees a naked woman, his brain pretty much goes to mush. So, it has to be obvious for him to notice. He’s not going to notice your slightly thinner legs, but he will notice if your go from an A-cup to a DD-cup.

If you lose his trust in this way, well… that’s not great grounds on which to start a relationship.

Just remember, editing isn't about getting a whole new body, just a slightly more perfected one.

3 If It Makes You Feel More Comfortable, Why Not?

Sexting is a weird thing, and what’s weirder is how common it is in today’s society. It's so common that if you’re dating a guy, there’s a 50/50 chance (maybe even higher!) he’ll ask you for some nude photos.

When it comes to nudes, the very first rule is: If you’re not comfortable with sending nude photos to guy, don’t do it. Don't. Do. It. Only send nudes to a guy if you want to. Never, ever let a dude pressure you into it. In fact, if a guy is applying pressure for nudes, cut him immediately.

On that note, you may feel comfortable sending nudes, but feel even more confident once you’ve worked some editing magic. If a few flicks of your fingers can make you more confident about a steamy photo, do it. If nothing else, you should feel confident when sending a nude photo!

2 This Isn't About The Likes On Instagram

Many, many, many women edit the photos they post on Instagram. That’s just a fact, y’all. And, newsflash, the women who edit their photos the best are the ones you can’t even tell are doing it. That’s doing it right. There are even women who are doing it right and posting beautifully edited photos are also making boatloads of money off their Instagram followings they obtained with edited photos. Where's the ethics, you may ask? Well, it’s not un-ethical.

That being said, editing your nude photo that you’re sending to a private person, well it’s all about you. It’s not about the likes or gaining followers. It’s about feeling proud and confident in your body. It’s about feeling fiery and being forward with a guy. This isn’t even about the likes and attention. It’s between you and one other person. Hell, just edit your nude photos for fun and keep them for yourself. You don’t even have to send them to a dude. Just edit them for yourself and bask in the glory of your nude – slightly altered – body.

1 It's Simply Not That Serious Of An Issue

If you kind of want to edit your nude photos, but you still feel weird about it and you're overthinking it, this last point is for you: It’s really not that big of a deal. Like, at all.  In the scheme of things, you editing your nude photos is not a big deal in your life. It’s an even smaller deal in terms of the universe. It’s a teardrop in the ocean, if even that. It’s just not a big deal.

If you want to edit your photos to look like a less real, but more perfect version of yourself, do it. If you do it, it really won’t have that much effect on the universe or your daily life. If you don't do it, it really won’t have that much effect on the universe or your daily life. It’s just not that big a deal. Also, why do we all take life so seriously? Calm down, girl.

The truth of the matter is, we’re all perfect in our own way and don’t need editing. But, if editing your nude photos makes you feel stronger, more confident, or more beautiful, do it. We should all do anything that's harmless and results in us feeling better.

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