Here Is What No One Will Be Naming A Baby In 2020

Baby names have come a long way over the years. Some classic names are making a comeback, and lots of unique names that no one has heard of before are being given to baby boys and girls. For those parents expecting in 2020, there are some names that we’re sure they won’t be considering. While babies born this year may still wind up with one of these names below, parents will perhaps change their tune come 2020.

Naming a baby is a big thing. After all, unless they change their own name once they’re older, the child will have this name for life. Parents put a lot of thought into the process, whether they choose a family name, get creative, or name their kid after something that’s personally meaningful to them. The options are endless, so the selection process can take the whole nine months.

These names below are falling off the radar fast. Sure, some moms and dads will still go on and put them in the running, but once that baby arrives, we’re guessing they’ll go with something different. The year 2020 is sure to be an exciting one for new parents, so let’s hope they name their kids with their future in mind.

20 Kanye – One Huge Ego Is Enough for the Planet

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In Kanye’s world, he may just love it if parents embraced his unique name and gave their baby boys the same one in 2020. On the other hand, he likes to stand out, so too many in the universe Kanyes would dull his shine. Either way, we’re guessing that Kanye isn’t going to be a popular name in 2020. There’s too much this guy does that causes a stir, so parents wouldn’t want their kids associated with it. Perhaps they’ll consider it for a middle name if they’re big fans of the rapper, but as for a first name? Consider it unlikely.

19 Abcde – This Alphabetical Name Should be X-ed Out

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Believe it or not, but there are parents out there naming their baby girls Abcde. Yes, as in the first five letters of the alphabet. The pronunciation is unique, the name even more so, and the kids who will have to go through life with this name will either love it or, well, not love it. Popular for a while, it is safe to say that 2020 will be the start of the decline in this name’s questionable popularity. Perhaps parents will choose another set of consecutive letters for their baby’s name come 2020. Anyone want to buy a vowel?

18 Brooklyn – Enough With the “Borough Baby”

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Even people who are from Brooklyn are likely sick of hearing about parents who name their child after their borough. We don’t hear of kids named Chicago. Oh, wait, never mind. Boys and girls both bear the name Brooklyn, which at first was unique and clever. But now, far too many moms and dads have joined the others who named their kids Brooklyn, causing a spike in the name’s unexpected popularity. 2020 is sure to see a dip in the popularity of the name. While Staten Island may not be a decent replacement, there’s always Queens. Parents are surely in a "New York State of Mind" during delivery.

17 Cash – Too Snooty

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It’s all about the money, honey. With a name like Cash, parents better hope their kid grows up to actually have some. There is nothing quite as ironic as a man named Cash who is perpetually broke. Of course, parents are not thinking about such things when they name their baby, but if Cash is on their list of potential boys’ names, thinking ahead would be a smart investment. Then again, some girls are named Penny and they probably have a lot more than one cent in the bank. How ‘bout not naming kids after money altogether? Does Benjamin count?

16 North – The Wests Can Get Away with It, But No One Else Should

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

We’ve gotten used to the name North thanks to the famous family she was born into. The uniqueness of it has dulled over time, and North sounds surprisingly pretty normal after time has passed. Often referred to as “Northie” by her mom, North is just another name the Kardashians have given their kids so they don’t get stuck with a boring name everyone else has. But will parents pick North as the name for their baby daughters too? Not likely in 2020. The Kardashians are not everyone’s cup of tea. Perhaps another direction on the compass would be a safer selection.

15 Elsa – Frozen Fans are Icing it Out – Let It Go!

Via: birthdayfairy.com.au

Let it go...let it go!!! Elsa cannot be what parents are naming their girls in 2020. All anyone can think of when they hear the name is the animated and super popular movie Frozen. People will think they are a tad too interested in this kids’ movie if they go for the name Elsa for their child. It’s a simple name that does have a sweet sound to it, but if parents name their baby Elsa in 2020, they’ll be hearing the words “Let it go” ‘till their ears bleed. How ‘bout leaving the name Elsa for fiction and finding a name that doesn’t leave us feeling so cold?

14 Drake – Even Fans Won’t Make That Kind of Commitment

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Drake is not a name we hear every day. Aside from the musician, most people probably do not know another Drake, and most likely will never meet one in their lifetime. The name sounds cool, but the first thing anyone thinks of is Drake…the famous one. Parents may want their kid’s name to be different, but by naming their son Drake, they will come off as overly enthusiastic fans who would do anything for their favorite celeb. Don’t expect the name Drake to climb the list of popular baby names in 2020. Enjoy the music, but name the kid something less obvious.

13 Bethenney – The “Real Housewife” is Too Much to Handle

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Bethenney is a pretty name, but nowadays, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they hear it is the The Real Housewives of New York City. This Bravo show is a hit among reality television enthusiasts, and Bethenney Frankel is one of its biggest stars. Some folks think she’s simply amazing and inspiring, while others think she’s just too over-the-top, especially when she goes at it with her “friends” on the show. While the name may not be the biggest dud of 2020, it surely won’t be among the most popular. After all, there’s only one “Skinnygirl,” and she’s milking her name for all its worth.

12 Beyoncé – There’s Only One Queen Bee

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It will be difficult for any parent to name their baby girl Beyoncé in 2020. It’s like naming your kid Madonna or Elvis. She is simply too famous for a follow up. Parents may love the name and the star who bears it, but they are going to have to find another name for their girl that doesn’t involve the superstar. Even using it as a middle name may be asking too much. As long as Beyoncé is alive and well, there won’t be too many parents bringing another Beyoncé into the world. It’s just too much pressure for the child.

11  Jax - The Vanderpump Star Smeared This Otherwise Cool Moniker

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Fans of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules may love Jax, warts and all. Others think he’s a bad representation of a decent male on reality TV. He has had his share of bad behavior on the show, from his mischievous ways, to his unreliable nature, to his dealings with women, his job, etc. While this year he has redeemed himself in many respects, he is still a bad boy at heart in the minds of many fans. Granted, the name Jax is kinda cool. It sounds rugged and masculine, modern and somewhat unique. But when parents opt for this name, it comes with a boatload of baggage that Vanderpump’s Jax still carries around.

10 Olivia = Overdone 

Via: thedenverchannel.com

Olivia is a beautiful girl’s name that many proud parents have recently brought back into popularity. Once considered to be old-fashioned in nature, it has seen a remarkable resurgence that has gone completely overboard. Any young child’s grade school class likely has multiple girls named Olivia, leading to confusion among the children. What was unique for a while is now as common as a name like Jennifer or Kate. 2020 may just be the year that moms and dads put the breaks on the name Olivia and try to come up with something that breaks the mold instead. Let’s try to miss Olivia for a while…it may make the heart grow fonder.

9 Chance – The Rapper’s Cool, But Don’t Chance It

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What’s the chance that a ton of parents will name their baby boy Chance in 2020? Slim to none. As much as they may adore the popular rapper, this is not your everyday name that will work for every child. Sure, it is unique and interesting, but it is not the sort of name every kid is going to be pleased with as they get older. If parents do truly love the name, they shouldn’t chance it as a first name. Use it as a middle name instead so the kid isn’t expected to rap straight out of the womb.

8 Wendy – The Talk Show Diva Had a Rough Year – Don’t Jinx it For a Newborn

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How you doin’? For a while earlier this year, popular daytime talk show host Wendy Williams was not exactly at the top of her game. From various illnesses to online chatter to the breakdown of her marriage, 2019 was quite a lot for the tall TV personality. Yes, she came through on the other side seemingly stronger than ever, but 2020 still won’t see a rise in the name Wendy for baby girls. It has never been the most popular name to begin with, and after the talk show host’s heck of a year, it’s not the time to go wild over the name Wendy.

7 Apple – The Fruit-Themed Fad Has Run Its Course

Via: pxleyes.com

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, (at least that is what we are told), but is it really the best name a parent can choose for a child? Actress Gwyneth Paltrow obviously thinks so, but she has lots of ideas others do not exactly go along with. For parents who love a nice ripe piece of fruit, Apple might be a name they would seriously consider. But why not Orange, Banana, or even Pomegranate in that case? There are lots of other fruits in the bowl they can choose from, so why go with Apple when it’s already taken? Nectarine has a ring to it, no?

6 Cookie – Love Empire, But a Little Too Sweet

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We have all heard of Cookie Monster, and surely no parent in their right mind would name their baby after the hungry blue Sesame Street character, even if they love eating cookies as much as he does, crumbles and all. Then there’s Cookie from the hit show Empire. The show is wildly successful and lots of fans just can’t get enough of the character Cookie. Enough to name their daughter after her though? Not likely. While it may sound sweet, cookies are far better when reserved for eating. They would not name their kid pound cake or blueberry muffin, after all.

5 Bentley – Put the Breaks on Car Names

Via: elle.com

Folks who drive a Bentley are obviously super rich and many would agree have good taste...at least when it comes to the automobile they drive. But some people are so smitten with the car that they want to name their child after it. Sure, the name Bentley is kinda cute, but it is also a tad pretentious. In 2020, although some parents may opt for this auto-themed name, it surely won’t be too popular. Porsche was a hit, but Bentley isn’t likely to see the same sort of stamina. Let’s leave Bentley for the cars and choose names that don’t require gas. The baby will produce enough of his own.

4 Anastasia – 50 Shades Makes This Name Uncomfortable

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Fans of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” books know all about the innocent (or is she?) Anastasia and her whirlwind romance with the handsome and successful (among other things we won’t mention here) Christian Grey. The guilty pleasure reading material made women go wild, many living out their wildest dreams vicariously through the main female character. And her name, Anastasia, is quite beautiful on its own. Unfortunately, these eye-opening books put something of a stain on the otherwise lovely name, instantly conjuring up images of her various scenes that were so vividly described in the series of books. 2020 is too soon for people to disassociate the name from the fantasy.

3 Jussie – The Controversy is Still Unsettled

Via: denverpost.com

The media coverage of the Jussie Smollett case has simmered down, but fans and foes alike haven’t forgotten his situation that occurred (or didn’t occur) earlier this year. With 2020 right around the corner, now is not the ideal time to name a baby Jussie. While it’s a cute name that’s familiar sounding yet unique at the same time, parents are going to shy away from naming their baby Jussie (even his supporters), at least until he’s back in the spotlight with more folks on his side. In the court of public opinion, for many, 2020 is too soon to jump on the Jussie bandwagon in the baby-naming department.

2 Colton -The "Final Rose" References Will Be Exasperating 

Via: TMZ.com

Fans of The Bachelor were smitten with the last fella who found his true love - Colton. He was a total sweetheart, innocent in many ways (one more popularized than others), and made the women’s hearts melt. He broke many of those hearts, but eventually found “the one” who he won back after she left the show unsure of her feelings and future. Apparently, they are still together and in love. But just because parents liked the hunk from the show doesn’t mean they need to name their son after him. As cute as the name is, everyone will constantly ask him if he’ll “accept this rose.” Too many thorns for a kid that’s not even born yet.

1 Harvey – The “Me Too” Movement Made This Name a No-No

Via: washingtonpost.com

We can’t imagine too many parents naming their baby boy Harvey in the year 2020. For starters, the name is rather outdated. There may be some people who like the idea of an old-fashioned name or are choosing to name their child after someone in the family. So for them, Harvey may be a hit. But there surely won’t be tons of families creating a comeback for this name in 2020. Not to mention, the whole Harvey Weinstein situation put an unfortunate black cloud over this otherwise unassuming name. Even he’d probably like to change his name at this point.

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