Here Is How Each Sign Acts When In Love (His And Hers)

We have all been there before, the point where we were dying to know what someone's actions mean. It can be emotionally devastating when you misinterpret someone's feeling for you especially when you have built your hopes around those false feelings. It will be much better if we know what means what in terms of someone's actions.

The zodiac signs can give us really good clues. Once you know your favorite person's sign, you can know if what he or she is doing means he or she loves you or not. You must have caught feelings already and you want to know if it would be reciprocated, or you have eyes for that lady or gentleman and you want to know if his or her actions mean, "Yeah!, I feel the chemistry too, let us make it work". Let the zodiac signs be your best guide to knowing what he or she means when he does one thing or the other.

16 Aries Is Bold And Daring

Aries men would make it obvious that they are crazy about you. They would go all in and be professing their love in no time. They are the typical "hearts and flowers" kind of guys who would show their love in some traditional ways. They would give you flowers just because they want you to know how much they care. They also enjoy it when they chase after you, do not make it easy for the ladies, it might just put them off.

The Aries woman is no different. She is not shy about her feelings. She would take bold steps by asking you to spend time with her. This woman will easily tell you she is crazy about you. She appears happy when she is with the man she loves. She is all smiley and super focused. You are definitely in for some action when your love interest is an Aries.

15 Taurus Is Mysterious And Silent

Taurus men do not show off their feelings. They do not even show it at all. They are often silent about how they feel which often looks like they are not interested. It takes your instincts to know if a Taurus guy loves you or not. If you feel he loves you, then he probably does. This guy would not buy you gifts that make it obvious that he is into you. He rather goes in for pretty intimate stuff cooking dinner for you. They are very reliable and loyal and once they start a relationship with you, they are going all the way to the end.

A Taurus woman in love is an epitome of care. You can easily determine how she feels about you through her actions. She would worry about the little things about you that no one seems to notice. She would ask about that scar no one has even noticed. She is also not a fan of PDA but she loves her private time with her man.

14 Gemini Is Great At Communication

Are you in love with a Gemini man? No sweat because he would tell you all about his feelings if he is into you. Gemini is a social sign. They are always in your inbox and they will flatter you with endless calls. However, they do not want you to be clingy. They want to be able to have fun with others and they do not want women who live their lives around them.

The Gemini woman is also good at keeping in touch. She would always return your calls and even contact you when you are MIA. She is not shy about her feelings and she will go all the way to spend time with you. These women are generally flirty and sociable. She would, however, change her flirty ways for you to take her seriously.

13 Cancer Needs Deeper Connections

Cancer men are all about taking it to the next level and then the next level. They will start introducing you to family, friends, and co-workers even before professing their love for you. They just want to establish some connection with you, like have a personal intimate encounter with you. Once they have felt that with you, they take you as a reliable and trustworthy partner. They start seeing you as more than a girlfriend even before you become one. They see you as someone they are going to spend the rest of their lives with.

The Cancer woman also seeks out the personal connections. When she finds that she would start meeting you with affectionate hugs and sweet smiles. She does not easily express her feelings but her care and affection give her away. She also makes it obvious that she trusts you. A Cancer woman would only see you as the one when she trusts you enough.

12 Leo Is Appreciative

The Leo man shows admiration for the lady he has eyes for. He will comment on how good looking you are, how well your dress fits you. Yeah, all guys do this but Leo guys tend to do this more. Once the Leo guys start singing constant praises for you, you should know he is probably into you. He would want to show you off, so Leos always go in for dramatic ladies. They love the drama they bring with them.

A Leo woman is also constantly excited about her feelings for you. She cannot wait to let people know how she feels about you. Her descriptions are often exaggerated, you will suddenly become the man of every girl's dream once she starts describing you. She finds it hard to control her feelings and all her close pals will know about you in no time.

11 Virgo Is Practical

Virgo men are supportive. They become completely part of your daily life and they tend to support you along the way. They are critical about things and they try to pinpoint things you should work on. They prefer long-term relationships so they try to build you up. He is in love with you if he is too concerned about your career, education etc. Do not take his criticisms seriously, it is just his nature and he does that because he cares about you.

The Virgo woman is also attentive. She pays attention to every single detail and she keeps measuring you. She would want to take things seriously with you but she wants to be sure you are serious about her first. Her attention translates into care and she makes it obvious that she wants you.

10 Libra Is Spontaneous

A Libra man in love does sweet stuff at a whim. When he feels like getting your lunch, he does it without looking back. He is really romantic and he does a lot of hearts and flowers kind of acts for the one he loves. The only issue is, Libra guys have commitment issues. He does all the sweet stuff because he is spontaneous and his heart tells him to but once he realizes that he is getting too much into you, he takes a step back. They are scared of getting hurt and do not want to take a deep dive into "unknown waters".

The Libra woman is very dedicated to her lover. She is naturally nice and friendly but she takes it to the next level with someone she loves. However, she is also scared of getting hurt just like the Libra guy. Because of this, she always wants to know the kind of relationship you want to have with her. If she realizes that you are not serious about her, she either goes along with the game or she stops all communication.

9 Scorpio Has Intense Emotions

It is difficult to get to Scorpio men. They find it difficult to get close to people they have feelings for. They are scared of being vulnerable to their feelings. They love passionately and intensely. You would, however, have to make an effort to get to them. They try to shield themselves from their feelings and the people they love. They would be observing you but they would hardly try to make contact with you unless they are convinced you are the one.

The Scorpio woman is also mysterious. You would not understand her because she is warm and cold. Even when she is in love, she tries to hide her feelings. She is afraid of commitment and it takes ages for you to understand her. She would come around if she loves you but only when she is sure you do too. When she finally opens up, she will reveal a depth of emotions and you would be continually smitten by her and her passionate ways.

8 Sagittarius Is Playful And Likes Ambiguous Talks


The Sagittarius man will seem quite unreal even when he is in love with you. He will flirt with you and he does that often even with other ladies. He is easy going and does not like to be stuck in one place. He goes for all the fun-filled events and he simply loves to travel. He loves it when his woman is able to cope with that. So if that extrovert keeps hanging around you at parties or other programs, or if he keeps asking you to join him on group outings, he is probably into you. He is scared of commitment but when he falls hard for you, he commits and he commits far too much.

The Sagittarius woman is confusing when she is in love. She will make her conversations ambiguous. She will sound like she is interested in you one moment and then like she does not want anything serious in the next moment. She is playful and would say serious stuff even in a jovial manner. If she actually says she loves you but laughs over it, then she really does. She prefers to keep things light until she is very much into you.

7 Capricorn Wants To Forget About The Hearts And Flowers

Capricorn men are straightforward. It may not be flattery when they approach and simply tell you they want to be with you but that is what they do. They do not go round in circles just to prove their love. They want you to take their word for it. They will not buy you those expensive gifts and pull up those romantic surprises but they will definitely make it clear to you that they want to have a future with you. To them, it is the long run or nothing.

Capricorn women are also always in for serious relationships. They want a relationship that is simply geared towards marriage. She will start asking serious questions even at the early stages. She would start asking about plans related to the future. She will be caring and gentle with you when she is sure you are the one. She has her ways of showing her love but mostly she is a domestic girl who would prefer making coffee for you rather than meeting you out for coffee.

6 Aquarius Does Not Want To Have The HardTalks Now

Aquarius men want to have fun with their women. They want to be able to enjoy their company without commitments from the beginning. So if that Aquarius guy always finds a way to be around you, play, and have hearty chats with you, he is probably catching feelings for you. The truth is they have heart to heart talks with lots of their friends but for ladies they have feelings for, those chats are more. They would go to any length just to share those happy times with someone they care about. They would, however, keep the heavy emotional talks out of the way at the initial stage.

The Aquarius woman is very difficult to understand. She is playful and does not seem to take matters of the heart seriously. She does actually but she does not want to be emotionally involved until she is sure you are emotionally invested in it yourself. She would then bring out her love genes which can be quite overwhelming. She can be very funny as well.

5 Pisces Gives The Over The Top Kind Of  Love

The Pisces man just does everything a typical woman would love to see her man do for her. Except that he does it way too much and too often. He would pamper someone he loves and makes sure he does not give her any mixed signals. He takes his emotions seriously and treats the feelings of his partner with utmost seriousness as well. There is no need to do the math to see if he loves you or not. If he loves you, he would make you his priority and he will always try to please you.

The Pisces woman is super emotional. She loves with great intensity. She would go to several lengths to make the man she loves happy. She is very thoughtful and she thinks of ways to make you see how much she loves you. She does this through subtle and yet thoughtful ways. She expects you to take the hint and follow cue. When she is sure you love her, the attention and love can be overwhelming. You would, however, enjoy every bit of it if you are also totally into her.

4 Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)

These three have a lot in common. Just like fire, they can go off quickly, without any warning. They are rather temperamental and passionate when they fall in love. They can show you what romance really means and will sweep you off your feet with their romantic escapades. A man with the fire sign shows their attraction more physically and they love "skinship".  They are however impulsive and dynamic. They can change at any time and they would not waste time with you when the enthusiasm dies down (this does not happen often though).

A woman with the fire sign generally trusts her instincts. Just like the male sign, they pursue love with passion. She is very emotional and she can get very jealous. She is also very decisive and once she decides you are the one, no one can convince her otherwise (unless you break that confidence of course).

3 Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Men with the water sign are complex. Just like water, they do not have a definite nature. Water can be contained like the one in your pool or difficult to contain just like the water in the ocean. That is exactly how men with the water sign are. At one moment, you can easily deal with them but at another moment, you do not even know what to say to get the conversation going. With such people, their actions can make you excited at one moment, you might begin to think they are in love with you but at another moment, they are action otherwise. It takes time and patience to know what they really want.

Women with the water sign are intuitive. They can easily predict what you feel for them.  They are also very emotional. They would come to you when they see that the feeling between you two is mutual. You cannot hide what you feel for them for a long time.

2 Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Men with the earth sign are dependable. They are stable and you know you can always rely on them. When such guys are in love, they make sure they become a solid foundation for you. They will be there when you have problems, even personal problems. They are possessive as well. If you find that guy constantly laying claims on you, then he is probably telling you something.

Women with the earth sign are extremely jealous. They will start giving you the "pissed off" look once you get too personal with someone else. These women are mostly materialistic just like the earth. They fall in love with what is on the surface and would love you more when you shower them with gifts.

1 Air Signs (Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius)

Men with the air sign are mysterious. They are not easily predictable but they are also easy to deal with. They are very sociable and it is a little bit difficult to know if they are just being sociable or they are really into you. However, if they are attracted to you, they would not be just sociable, they would start to get personal.

Women with the Taurus sign are imaginative. They would create an entire love scenario with you when they fall for you. They can get very comfortable with you when they meet you if you two are not close. That is because they have been close to you in their imaginative world. They are however not the emotional type.

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