Here Are The Toxic Behaviors He Hates Based On YOUR Sign

As individuals, we’re all aware of our shortcomings. Whether it’s the fact that we’re too impatient, too domineering, or too sensitive, for the most part we’ll know what sides of our personality we need to work on. But has it occurred to you that some of your more negative character traits could be damaging your relationship? It’s hard to keep control of our flaws sometimes, but they inevitably slip out and it’s usually in front of the person who's closest to us - our significant other. Our toxic behaviors are sometimes the hardest to hide, and whereas we might tend to ignore them, our partners will be acutely aware of these not-so-nice demons we carry within us. It’s a known fact that we lash out at those nearest and dearest to us because we subconsciously know they’ll forgive us and move on from our downfalls. But what if it happens one too many times? What if our negative traits just get to be too much for anyone to handle? Sometimes even our partners can only take so much, so be careful to not tip the balance of tolerance into dangerous break-up territory. If you’re wondering what your toxic behavior is that he hates so much, here they are for you to check against yourself. It might be time to do some self-reflecting and a lot of self-improvement.


16 Air Signs - You Shut Things Down, Open Up!

When things get tough or don’t go exactly your way, you Air signs just shut down completely. You often find it difficult expressing yourselves which means communication is often a problem. As you well know, this is a huge red flag when it comes to relationships. Closing yourself off from discussions and resolutions can be hugely damaging to a relationship, so it’s important to get more comfortable dealing with the emotions you try so hard to run away from from. When you feel like you’re not getting all that you want from someone, you find it easy to detach yourself, emotionally and physically, and withdraw into your own secure sense of self. You’re highly independent, which is a wonderful strength to have, however sometimes you can end up relying too much on yourself, and distance from everyone who once cared about you.

15 Aquarius - You’re An Ice Queen, Stop Freezing Him Out


You’re a smart cookie Aquarius and you rely on your intelligence and your built-in sense of wisdom to make decisions and life choices. However, because you rely so much on your mind, you often forget to look to your heart for guidance. This means that, even without meaning to, you often come across as cold and detached. You don’t enjoy tapping into your emotions and prefer to rely on logic and reasoning than emotional signposts. Your man probably finds it difficult to read you at times, and your unwillingness to share how you feel with him is likely to trouble him. Running away from the expression of feelings and emotions will mean you’re likely to have trouble communicating with your partner. Communication is key to any relationship, and keeping your feelings at bay won’t resolve or help any problems you might have. Watch out that you don’t end up freezing your man out completely. Everyone wants to feel loved, but if you’re too stand-offish with your emotions, he’s likely to look elsewhere for the emotional support he needs.

14 Gemini - Your Two-Faced Attitude Is Giving Him A Headache

The symbol for Gemini has two faces, and girl this is you all over. Your tendency for being fake and two-faced may go unnoticed by friends and colleagues, but your man is over your act. Sometimes your innate sense of playfulness can often come off as being deceitful, so be careful not to overdo it, and try to be more aware of others' reactions to you. Quite often, you're so busy being entertaining and charming, trying to be more than who you really are that you forget to notice the effect your changeable character might be having on those closest to you. Your partner is with you because he likes you. Stop trying to be someone you’re not and concentrate on how to be your best self. Being fake is not an attractive quality, and really you should learn to just love and be you. Both you and your man will be a lot happier when you cut the games.

13 Libra - Make Up Your Mind, You’re Too Indecisive


Can’t manage to make a decision? Well, that’s typical Libra behavior. You’ll often be wondering whether to listen to your heart or your brain, and spend way too much time deliberating over actions to take. It’s great that you’re not impulsive, but if you spend hours deciding what kind of pizza toppings you want or spend an inordinate amount of time deciding on what to wear, then there’s definitely a problem. Your tendency for indecisiveness could also be doing serious damage to your relationship. If your man sees that you find it challenging to make even the simplest of decisions, he might start wondering if you’ll take an equal amount of time making important life decisions that concern him. Having to constantly wait for you to make up your mind will eventually start to wear on him, so don’t expect him to wait around forever for you to make your mind up about things.

12 Fire Signs - You’re Reckless, Watch Out!

Fire sign girls, you’re forces of nature. And like nature, you can be unpredictable and volatile. You’re quick to react to things, especially when they concern your ego or reputation. You tend to lash out at people who rub you up the wrong way and your domineering personality can come across as brutish and bossy. You say what you think and you’re not afraid of the consequences. Your romantic partner plays second fiddle to your needs and your desires, which can often leave him feeling unappreciated and longing for a bit of tenderness. Watch out that you don’t chase him away with your constant need to be in control. Your fiery temper can often ignite unnecessary arguments, so take some time to cool off when you start feeling angry or offended. Taking your time and remember that there are always two sides to an argument - it could help save any potential relationship disasters.

11 Leo - You’re All About You, It’s Time To Be Less Selfish


There’s just no stopping you from getting what you want Leo! While you’re a fierce leader of the pack, you also have a tendency to be selfish and self-centered. This can lead to a lot of problems in a relationship, especially if you’re spending more time concentrating on your priorities rather than looking out for the well-being of your partner. Of course, there’s a time and a place to put yourself first, but if you’re doing so on a regular basis and not asking yourself how your choices are affecting your partner, then there’s definitely a problem. If your man senses you’re being too selfish and too self-absorbed, there’s a good chance he’ll be wondering if you actually care about him at all. Don’t forget to think about him sometimes and take some time to do nice things for others. It’s all fine and good trying to put yourself first, but if you’ve neglected all your friends and loved ones in order to do so, you’ll have no one to enjoy the good times with.

10 Sagittarius - You’re A Know-It-All Who Might Lose It All

Ok, Sagittarius ladies, we know you’re smart and impressively talented, but that doesn’t mean you have to shove it down everyone else’s throat! You tend to have a large ego and you’re definitely not afraid to show off your knowledge and skills. While it’s great that you have a lot of confidence, your need to constantly be the centre of attention and let everyone know you’re the best can get a little tiresome. Your partner probably loves you for your amazing personality and your incredible range of skills and abilities, but he’s probably getting pretty sick of you always trying to one up him. It’s important to remember that your partner will probably want to share his knowledge and talents with you too, and that doesn’t mean you have to be in competition with each other. Learning from one another is what couples do, so just let him have a few moments to be the centre of attention. We all know how great you are, so let others have a time to shine as well.


9 Aries - You’re Too Bossy For Your Own Boots


As an Aries, you’re probably a bit arrogant, bossy, demanding, and impulsive. You might have even been accused of being a bully at one time or another. Your constant need to be in control has probably landed you in a few arguments with your significant other, and his distaste for your toxic bossiness has probably been voiced to you before. Being a strong woman is a powerful and wonderful thing, but constantly telling people what do do, what to think, and how to do things can get more than just a little tiresome for those at the other end of your constant demands. Try taking a step back and letting other people make some decisions. There’s a good chance your man is feeling a little emasculated if you’re constantly barking at him and bossing him around. Let him take the pro-active seat once in awhile. If you don’t, your toxic behavior might just end with him walking out the door.

8 Earth Signs - You're Too Focused On Success, Learn To Live!

Earth signs are the most grounded of all the signs and as a result, you keep your eye on the prize at all times. You find it easy to get wrapped up in work and success and sometimes you lose focus of anything that’s not goal-orientated. This can mean that your relationship gets shoved to the wayside, and those you care about end up feeling neglected. Don’t let your drive for success blind you to the important people in your life. Your partner probably wishes you put as much work into your relationship as you do in your job, so remember to set time aside for your man. Being a high-achiever is a wonderful thing, but no one likes someone who is so work-obsessed that it’s all they think about. People are important too, so don’t push those that care about you aside. Live life and enjoy it! Chasing goals won’t mean a thing if you don’t have anyone to reap the rewards with, so make time for others, not just yourself, ok?

7 Taurus - You’re As Stubborn As They Get


Oh Taurus, how bull-headed you can be! Your stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise has likely caused some friction between you and your man, and you’ve probably been too stubborn to admit when you’ve been in the wrong. As a Taurus, you are a strong-minded individual which is great at times, but not when you’re trying to get along peacefully with people who try to change your ways. You know how you like things, and for you there’s no other way about it. You’ve likely been in situations with your other half where being open to change could really help your relationship, but the toxic nature of your stubbornness has probably prevented you from achieving true harmony with your man. Try being more open to other people’s suggestions and don’t shut down others’ help when they’re just trying to look out for you. Don’t be afraid to let your partner show you a thing or two. If you don’t, you might find yourself alone with only your stubbornness to keep you company.

6 Virgo - You Need To Loosen Up, You’re Too Uptight

Take a break Virgos, please! Of all the zodiac signs Virgos have the best work ethic, and are the most likely to burn themselves out from overworking. Obsessed with perfection, you’re so concentrated on getting things right and just so, that you’re probably neglecting most other aspects in your life...including your love life. Remember to take time off from work to enjoy being with your significant other, and be sure to treat the relationship like a relationship and not like work. Beware of being too critical of your partner and to not obsess about making him or your relationship perfect. All relationships are flawed in their own unique ways, which isn’t always a bad thing! Just make sure you take time for your man and ease up on any stresses or pressures you might be putting on yourself and him. Relax, unwind, and enjoy things. All work and no play will make you a dull - and single - girl.

5 Capricorn - Your Worrying is Warding Him Off


You know what you do too much of Capricorns? You worry...all the time...about everything. Reading this is probably worrying you now! While it’s great that you’re concerned about outcomes and future situations, your worrying is probably doing a lot of damage both to your own mental health and to your relationship. No one likes someone who’s all doom and gloom, and constantly worrying about things has probably made you into a bit of a Debbie Downer. Your worrying has also probably spread to your relationship, constantly wondering if you’re doing the right thing, or if your relationship is okay, or just if your man really does love you as much as he says he does. This amount of stress and concern is probably putting a lot of unnecessary pressure and strain on your partner, and it’s likely he’s feeling a little concerned with the amount of worrying you’re doing. Do yourself a favor and don’t overthink things. You’ll be a lot happier if you learn to just go with the flow.

4 Water Signs - You’re A Mood-Kill, Liven Up

Water signs tend to be very in touch with their emotions, which can often be a real positive when it comes to expressing feelings. However, because of your deep-rooted emotionality, you can veer off into violent mood swings and become sulky when things don’t go the way you planned. Your man is likely to spend much of his time wondering whether or not to bring certain things up with you, out of fear that you might take it the wrong way. Watch out that you don’t overwhelm your partner with too many outpourings of emotion. Although you might feel like you need to constantly express every emotion and feeling you’re going through, your partner might find it difficult handling all of the pressures that come with such emotional offloading. Balance and moderation are key in relationships, and while you shouldn’t become detached from your feelings, just make sure that you’re not over-reacting to situations and putting too much emotional baggage on your significant other.

3 Scorpio - You’ve Got A Vindictive Sting


Much like the animal your sign is named after, you’ve got a fiery sting to you Scorpios. Beware to anyone that crosses you! Your hot-tempered and revenge-seeking temperament means you’re a dangerous woman to do wrong by. You probably think quite highly of yourself and prefer to be dominant in most situations. Because of your strong sense of self-worth, you are likely to want to carry out some form of vengeful act on anyone who you think has wronged you. This can be problematic in a relationship, when accidents and misunderstandings are part and parcel of being in a couple. If you’re constantly quick to fire back at your partner when he slips up, you might end up single as a result. Remember, anger isn’t a strength, it’s a weakness and it can have detrimental effects on your relationships with your friends and your loved ones. Think twice before you decide to take action against someone, you’ll be glad you took time to cool off.

2 Pisces - You’re A Dreamer, Get A Reality Check

Oh, Pisces, what a beautiful dreamer you are! Your creative spirit and vivid imagination mean you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds, thinking of how to make the world a more wonderful and dreamy place. And while it’s great that you love to express yourself artistically and creatively, you might be missing out on what’s actually happening around you. Living in la-la land sounds pretty idyllic, but sometimes you’ve got to face facts and realities. If you’re in a relationship, your partner probably wishes you spent as much time on your real relationship as you do on your dreamy thoughts of what you wish could be. You’re prone to getting distracted easily, which can also wear on people’s nerves. Your partner probably feels pretty left out when you check out of a conversation to escape to your dream world, so remember to pay attention to him and show an investment in your real life. Otherwise, you might soon wake up to the nightmare of your man leaving you.

1 Cancer - Learn To Take A Joke, You’re Overly Sensitive


Cancers are known for their unpredictable mood swings and their tendency to be overly-sensitive, which means you’re probably a bit too tetchy when people are just having fun and trying to tease you. You have natural, care-giving instincts which means your heart is always on the line when you feel people aren’t being their kindest, most nurturing selves. This can be difficult to deal with for your significant other, as part of the fun in being in a relationship is being able to have fun and joke around with your partner. When things start taking a turn into teasing territory, your instinct is probably to shut down and get offended. Try to relax a little and know that if the jokes are coming from someone that cares for you, it’s probably not meant to be mean or offensive. Teasing is a way of bonding, and sometimes being able to take a joke and play along can be one of the most attractive traits for men in a woman. Don’t let your hypersensitivity be the reason he decides to call it quits on you.


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