Here Are 25 Of Kim K's Most Fashion-Forward Moments (Since, Like, Forever)

"She's the least exciting to look at." When Kim Kardashian threw this insult out to her sister Kourtney on KUWTK, the message was clear. How you look is a priority for Kim K (and so far, this woman puts her money where her mouth is).

Quite how Kim went from being Paris Hilton's stylist to the girl that Paris looks up to, we don't know. The sidekick 2000s might have been spent emptying Louis Vuitton with The Simple Life's walking blonde Barbie, but the hierarchy has done a 180. Kim is now a veritable style icon, she's an authority on just about everything and she's definitely #QueenBee.

"The Pillars Of North West's Wardrobe" are now the headlines you'll get from Vogue– that's after the magazine is done interviewing Kim on just how it is that everything she touches turns to gold. Taking selfies and having cameras in her home has earned Kim her Forbes-listed $350 million, but this girl spends it like she earns it.

Chanel. Gucci. Louis Vuitton. Versace. Unless it's Yeezy (which itself costs a pretty penny), you don't see Kim rocking off-the-rack outfits from Target. In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to see this Kardashian in the same outfit twice.

2019's ultra pared-down looks weren't always around, though. We're here to dig out those fake tan overload looks and some questionable outfits from the archives of this lady's wardrobe. Here are 25 of Kim's most fashion-forward moments since, like, forever.

25 The Money-Print Trench That Reminded Us What She's Worth

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Earning $5 million "in 5 minutes" made The Sun's headlines in 2018 as Kim launched her fragrances. That was before Kim stepped out in this money-print trench with matching boots. As Harper's Bazaar reports:

"What do you do when your friend sells her company for a couple billion? You wear a full money fit and throw her a party,"

Kim captioned a selfie of herself in this on IG. Anastasia Beverly Hills was, indeed, celebrating its success. Then again, it isn't a Hollywood party without an appearance from Kim K. And what an appearance.

24 The Paris Hilton Days, It's Like A Different Era

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Talk about a different era. Being anybody's "number two" hasn't been Kim's setup since the 2000s. The archives of pics with Paris Hilton haven't gone anywhere, though. As Paris's stylist, Kim spent most of this decade BFF'ing with the hotel heiress– given the pics, these two appeared to spend most of their days shopping.

"We'd go anywhere and everywhere just to be seen. We knew exactly where to go, where to be seen, how to have something written about you," Kim told Rolling Stone. Seriously, those outfits.

23 For Anyone Questioning Kanye's Influence

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Something's changed with Kim. We started seeing it around the time North West was born, but it's become undeniable. Kim is now the walking billboard for Kanye West's Yeezy line (and she seems to be spending her days promoting it in parking lots).

Kim credits Kanye for throwing out her "cheesy" wardrobe.

As Cosmopolitan reports, Kim said: "‘I think he probably thought they were a bit cheesy. I said to Kanye, ‘Well I’m going to save them for my daughter one day’. And he said, ‘Well if it’s going to be our daughter, she’s never going to wear those.'"

22 Because Once You Go Yeezy, You Don't Go Back

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Kim's IG is living proof of this. Sprinkled amid her selfies, KKW Beauty promos and family snaps, the fashion moments from Kim are coming with the biggest #Yeezy ever. The captions alert us to the latest drop, the pics themselves are super on-trend and "out to surprise" isn't something Kim holds back on.

Yeezy seems to turn more statement-esque with each passing season. The metallics. The spandex. The deconstructed, oversized everything. Kim took to IG for yet another Yeezy look here (and the world didn't forget it).

21 Girl, Every Week Is Fashion Week

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Here's something weird. You'd think that Kendall Jenner (being a supermodel and all) would make the biggest headlines come Fashion Week. Think again. With her front-row spot next to Vogue's editor, Anna Wintour, it's Kim who steals the show, and she isn't even on the runway.

Furs and latex? Girl, every week is fashion week.

In 2018, Kim braved a return to Paris for the Louis Vuitton Menswear show. Paris 2016 was harrowing for Kim, but she's back in the game. The street is this girl's runway (and not just during Fashion Week).

20 Back When Kim And Kourt Carried Their Own Starbucks

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There was that "in-between" phase, right? The Kardashians were already famous, but they were nowhere near what they are today. Kim and Kourtney Take Miami (and The Hamptons and New York) was the spin-off era that saw these sisters swan around the USA doing, well, not all that much.

It's when carrying your own Starbucks shows a picture's age though, that you get a feel for just how huge these girls are. Now? It's probably the assistants. As to Kim's ripped jeans and fitted jacket, we'll stick those on the "moved on" pile.

19 Back When Kim Shopped Off The Rack

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There's an old-school feel to this Upper East Side outfit. Preppy, all-beige and almost looking like something out of Desperate Housewives, Kim was doing the unthinkable here– actually doing the shopping herself (and not showing much skin).

Those days are over. Kim's custom-made Versace likely arrives at her Calabasas mansion (along with Donatella Versace herself). While this is fully #Throwback, we're actually classing it as one of Kim's more refined fashion moments.

18 "Had To Get A Neon Green Lambo To Match My Hair!"

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A Lamborghini Aventador will set you back around $450,000 (and that's just the base price). When you're Kim Kardashian, your Lambo isn't just your ride. It's your accessory. 2018 threw us this from Kim, alongside an IG caption that read:

"Had to get a neon green lambo to match my hair!!!" Latex dresses might be Kylie's getup, but when your hair matches your car, it's #KimKExtra.

As Insider reports, Kim actually rode around in a Ferrari that same night before switching to the Lambo.

17 It's Like Ariana Grande With Kids

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Everyone is morphing into Ariana Grande right now. W Magazine had enough pictures of JLO looking like Ari to title their article: "Ariana and Jennifer Lopez Have The Exact Same Style Now." In September 2018, Kim went to NYC with Chicago and Saint. The result was one hot-pink athleisurewear outfit (and one very Ariana-esque high ponytail).

Kim wasn't dripping in Gucci here. The look was the epitome of "fashion-forward." If you need that decoded, take the word "basic," add on Kim's swag, and you've got your look.

16 Although Ari Would Probably Draw The Line At This

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Cut this woman some slack– trekking out to Disneyland with the kids is demanding enough without having the entire world papping you. In 2018, Kim treated the kids to a Disney trip, but it was the somewhat bizarre wardrobe that received the most attention.

It's when a multi-millionaire with the world's designers at her feet steps out in neon yellow windbreakers that you start to question the style. Add the silver spandex shorts and Vogue-approved "dad" sneakers, and you've got yet another fashion-forward moment from Kim.

15 "There's A Lot Of Baggage That Comes With Us, But It's Like Louis Vuitton Baggage"

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Kim comes with the quotes to match. "There's a lot of baggage that comes with us," E! News quotes Kim saying. She added: "But it's like Louis Vuitton baggage."

Kim recently gifted all her sisters and nieces $9,000 worth of Louis Vuitton. The most famous recipient? Stormi Webster. IG showed us this toddler reaching for her $1,100 Nano Speedy.

As Fox News reports, Kim snapped up a fair bit of Louis Vuitton during her Japan trip in 2018. Here? Well, Kim wasn't going to hold back on showing the LV love. Trash cans? It's LV all the way with this girl.

14 The Disco-Ball Double Act

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#Twinning might come in striped pajamas for Bachelor moms, but when you're a Kardashian, you do it on a whole other level. 2016 marked this disco-ball moment from Kim as she stepped out in NYC with a matching North.

The occasion was Kanye's "Saint Pablo" tour. The headlines? They were 99% about the outfits. It's when your face actually reflects in your dress that you know the glitter has reached its max. Covering up on this level is a rarity for Kim, but we're still counting it as one of her most fashion-forward moments.

13 Kloning It With Kylie

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We've pretty much reached the point where anything the KarJenners do rocks the internet. Slightly comical, but effective enough to get Kanye's Yeezy wear going viral, this 2018 look isn't one that will be forgotten. #Promo was the vibe for this matching look from Kim and Kylie (and yes, it's head-to-toe Yeezy).

Pared-down might be the finish, but Yeezy's prices are pretty eye-watering. Sock booties retail for around $400 on The Yeezy Supply, with leggings and tops setting you back between $150 and $300. Talk about putting your best foot forward.

12 When You're At The Versace Mansion, You Wear Versace

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There's a downside to inviting Kim Kardashian to your wedding. It's called someone upstaging the bride. In 2018, KimYe made their highest-profile appearance to date. They attended 2 Chainz's wedding at the Versace Mansion in Miami.

What do you wear to the Versace Mansion? Why, vintage Versace, of course. Eye-popping, headline-making and ultimately very stylish, Kim hit the nail on the head with this look. Kanye's Louis Vuitton suit got its cred, although the $150 Yeezy slides that appeared too small for his feet more than made headlines with The Daily Mail.

11 Whatever This Was Supposed To Be

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Fashion pundits didn't quite know what to make of this look. It's eye-catching (kind of a given when the kid is that cute), but it's unlike Kim to wind up this mismatched. 2016 was the date of this fur-centric look, and it's a reminder of how far North West has come.

"Toys, and sometimes I put some makeup in there when I go to church"– North West is now interviewed on what she keeps in her purse.

As Bustle reports, the interviews from North are spot-on. This look? Fashion-forward, but probably not one to #Recycle.

10 The Entire Internet Right Now

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If your IG account knows you well enough, it'll recommend stuff. Down the rabbit hole of pics you'll go, and if fashion is your thing, you'll wind up with a lot of pics like this. In 2019, Kim posted a pic of herself dropping by a pet store. This outfit was enough to make headlines in The Daily Mail.

It's not about the skintight dresses. It's about the skintight athleisurewear. Kim's leggings and tops now take on a bodysuit format, and you've probably got the memo– this lady colour-coordinates her stuff. It's basically the internet look of today.

9 The Entire Internet Back Then

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"5 Ways Juicy Couture Is Making A Comeback." That was In Style's headline as the magazine honed in on the return of all things 2000s. Looking like the 20-something she was, here is Kim back in the days when couture came with a #Juicy.

If anything defined the 2000s, it was that Juicy Couture tracksuit. Watch out for the "comeback kid" brand.

Along with Paris Hilton, Kim would hit up Beverly Hills boutiques in the era's most iconic outfit– the tracksuit. The oversized bag and flip-flops? Not a chance Kim would step out in that today.

8 Worth Your Weight In Gold

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Kim is pretty good at reminding us that her Versace is custom-made. With this 2018 Met Gala gown, Kim didn't just get the magazines to cover the brand. She posted a pic to IG showing Donatella in what looked like a bit of a BFF moment.

Dripping in gold. If anything defines Kim Kardashian right now, it's likely being worth way more than her weight in gold. Transferring $53 million "into our joint account" were the tweets back in 2016, Digital Spy reports. We can't even imagine what the figure is now.

7 And Don't Accept A Dime Less

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Hard-hitting businesswomen are what the Kardashians are, and it's no joking matter. While Kim might post 6 a.m. workout stories to IG, the rest of the morning is being spent in what are likely shrewd business meetings. Don't think these ladies accept a dime less than they're worth.

“I love when people underestimate me and then become pleasantly surprised,"

Forbes quotes Kim saying. All-black power looks defined Kim and Khloe here. We got leather, fur, shades and the ultimate stamp of sisterhood: the fact that it's matching.

6 Futuristic X RoboCop

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Yeezy sales "up 600%." Hype Beast reports that the first quarter of 2018 saw staggeringly successful figures for Kanye West's clothing line. Where those figures would be without Kim, we don't know.

While GQ wasn't quite sure on Kanye's claims that Yeezy "will hit a billion" this year, the magazine's analysts may well find themselves biting their tongue. Futuristic X RoboCop probably best sums up this electric-blue getup from Kim. It was in-your-face, it sort of bordered on comical and we had no choice but to include it. #FashionForward all the way.

5 Call The Lawyers A.S.A.P., This Needs Shredding

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Ripped jeans are still a giant deal. We see them on Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid, and we saw them here on Kim. There's a difference between "just the right amount" of ripped and literally shredded. As Vanity Fair reported:

"Kim Kardashian Wants The Ripped-Jeans Trend To Live On In 2017." No kidding. The magazine went nuts with Kim's caption that simply read: "Torn." Was it her marriage? Was it the fashion? Given how solid KimYe are, we'll assume the former isn't applicable. Not her best look, though.

4 "I Like Working With Kanye In That Way Because He Listens To Me"

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Kim hasn't always been the most positive about Yeezy. 2018 saw Kim call her sisters "clowns" on KUWTK as they flew to Japan to shoot a Yeezy campaign. Kim was well into her second pregnancy when the Yeezy style really took over, although she has nothing but positive words.

“I love working with Kanye in that way because he will listen to me on things that are important to me, and I’ll trust him on colors and fabrics,"

People reports Kim saying. Work out it might, but style came before comfort in this pregnant shot.

3 Not That The Style Changed Over The Years Or Anything

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Aww, those early days. The romance between Kim and Kanye might come with a #Parenting now, but these two were new lovebirds once upon a time. Their friendship goes back to 2003!

"He's taught me to have more of an opinion," Elite Daily quotes Kim saying about Kanye. Oddly, when it comes to fashion, it almost feels like Kanye is the one calling the shots. Kim's style had its own stamp back in the day, and it's pics like these that give us a touch of old-school nostalgia.

2 "Sometimes, You Gotta Do Some Things For The Gram"

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Ellen DeGeneres has a knack– celebs sit on that couch for five seconds and Ellen already has them spilling their deepest secrets. In 2018, Kim appeared on The Ellen Show, and we got the inside scoop on just what goes on in the KimYe household.

"Sometimes you gotta do some things for the gram," Kim said before admitting that her risqué shots get her "into trouble" with Kanye, as E! News reports. 

Spandex, pink hair, dad sneakers and a metallic overhaul threw us this look from Kim's 2018 Japan trip. And yes, it ended up on IG.

1 But The Gram Wasn't Always There

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Hard to believe, but IG wasn't always around. Long before Kim was building up her 125 million followers, the street was this girl's social media. Kim still spends a significant amount of time with her mom (just tune into any episode of KUWTK), but the looks have changed.

Miniskirts, platforms, fitted jackets and hoop earrings. Hmm. It's definitely inching its way towards stylish, but it's nowhere near what Kim looks like now. Ultimately, we've got to say, this girl has 100% nailed her style evolution. We're just glad pics like these are still floating around.

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