Here Are 20 Things To Know About Lady Gaga's Recent Relationship & Breakup

2019 may still be a young year but it's already been a banner one for Lady Gaga! Gaga has come off a triumphant Oscar-fueled run with her smash remake of A Star Is Born, and the songstress has already revealed she's been in the recording studio. While Gaga's already had a busy schedule and plenty of achievements to smile about this year, she has unfortunately experienced an event which would make even the most positive of Little Monsters feel sad. The "Shallow" singer announced the dissolution of her engagement to Christian Carino in February.

Wait a minute! Back up! Gaga's had an extremely busy year, so it's understandable if news of her engagement was overlooked. Rewind back to 2017; while it may only be two years ago, it feels like a lifetime in Gaga's world. Gaga met and began dating Christian Carino in February of that year, as Us magazine reports. Only a few weeks later the two were photographed at their first public event together. Talk about a whirlwind romance!

From countless events on the red carpet together to numerous live shows on Gaga's stadium tour, Christian Carino documented their relationship via his social media accounts. Despite Gaga's reputation for grand showmanship, she was relatively private and protective of her new love! And, despite Christian's love for photographing his lady, not much was known about the talent agent's personal life. Read on to get the lowdown on their brief but beautiful relationship!

20 Christian Was Gaga's Agent

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Before Christian Carino was known for being one half of the dynamic duo, he encountered multiple giant entertainers through his job as a talent agent, so it's no surprise he knows a star when he sees one!

Of course, a star had already been born before Gaga met Christian, but he obviously worked her magic. According to Harper's Bazaar, Lady Gaga is a client of Christian's!

Christian's clientele isn't limited to Gaga. Creative Arts Agency also represents superstars of the likes of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and J.Lo, according to Elle. Can you imagine a hypothetical dinner party?

19 Their Relationship Was A Touchdown

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Little Monsters know Gaga has had good luck on the field! Before publicly announcing her relationship with Christian Carino, Gaga was the featured performer for the Super Bowl halftime show!

Not only was Gaga's performance a spectacle, it was the sight of Gaga's first public smooch with Christian. Days after the event took place, Us Weekly broke the news of their relationship when "he was spotted kissing her on the cheek before the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show in Houston."

Gaga did not hesitate to put her romance on full display! She and Christian were photographed taking sweet selfies together.

18 Both Parties Were Previously Engaged

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If it seems like the public took a collective gasp when the news of Gaga's engagement to Christian Carino surfaced, it would probably be due to Gaga's well-known previous engagement to Taylor Kinney. The bride-to-be was set to walk down the aisle with Taylor, and then their breakup unfolded rather quickly and extremely publicly. What happened?

If it was any indication, Taylor revealed the couple hadn't set a wedding date in an interview with E!, and Gaga revealed during the filming of her Netflix documentary that she and Taylor were "fighting."

Christian Carino's divorce from Brooke Baldwin was finalized in 2015, as Metro reports.

17 Christian Planned A Summer Proposal

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Lady Gaga's sense of style has certainly been unconventional throughout her career, and her engagement ring from Christian Carino was definitely no exception!

The color aesthetic for Gaga's bling mirrored the brightly colored patterns from her "Joanne" album; E! described the ring as a "6-7 carat pink sapphire with a diamond halo totaling 3-4 carats." If the ring's description sounds grand, it certainly was! E! went on to detail the type of sapphire, revealing that "Padparadschas are apparently one of the rarest and most unique sapphires in the world."

Gaga was rocking the ring "for months" before confirming her news!

16 Thank U, Next

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Living in the public eye can be difficult when you're a big star like Lady Gaga! Gaga certainly tested the limits of celebrity gossip when she kept her engagement to Christian Carino quiet for a while; after all, the "Million Reasons" singer is known for wearing millions of fancy rings!

The public knew for sure the significance of Gaga's ring was special when she referred to Christian by giving him an extremely telling title on a public platform; she called him "my fiancé Christian" during a speech on stage, as Glamour reports.

15 Couples Who Ink Together

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Making the commitment to tie the knot is one of the most permanent commitments you can make and is most often symbolized by an engagement ring. Another extremely permanent symbol of eternal commitment is a tattoo.

When a couple decides to do both, the logic makes sense, especially when the couple decides to commemorate their love with a significant and shared symbol. If you're Christian Carino, your fiancée's face may do the trick!

According to Marie-Claire, "The tattoo in question features Gaga in pigtails" and the design was "discovered via a Gaga fan account."

14 Christian Wasn't By Her Side

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We know about Gaga's show-stopping duet with Bradley Cooper during the 2019 Oscars and how she was famously seated between Bradley and his girlfriend Irina Shayk, but did you catch that someone else was noticeably absent from Gaga's side?

That's right, Christian Carino was nowhere to be found on Gaga's gigantic night! To make whispers louder, Gaga wasn't wearing her engagement ring. Was the absence of Gaga's sparkler a shining sign the couple had split?

According to Us Weekly, the couple's breakup was confirmed nine days later by Just Jared. Judging by Gaga's demeanor at the ceremony, all was well!

13 They're No Longer Social On Social Media

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No matter how famous a celebrity may be, they still have a few "normie" tendencies underneath the surface! Lady Gaga may have been making millions from her record and film ticket sales, but she still took time to remove all evidence of her ex-fiancé from her newsfeed.

Since his relationship with Lady Gaga was publicly revealed, Christian Carino's photo feed was filled with snapshots of their life together, providing fans with an insight into Gaga's spectacular career. After the couple parted ways, Elite Daily reported that Gaga had "unfollowed" Christian on social media. It sounds pretty official for a modern-day relationship!

12 Gaga Was 'Gaga' For Her Fiancé On Stage

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One of the most exciting elements of being in love is watching for evidence of a rumored romance. For Lady Gaga, talk regarding her romance with Christian Carino quickly ended when the songstress hinted about her fiancé to her fans in one of the most public ways possible. According to Page Six, Lady Gaga made some beautiful commentary regarding her new love!

In 2017, Gaga shared a sweet anecdote about how much Christian cared. During her concert, she told fans, "When I went backstage, Christian was by the stairs making sure I was okay."

Christian certainly earned some boyfriend points early on!

11 Gaga Was Very Coy About Their Relationship

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Although it's known Lady Gaga sang her fiancé's praises in concert and while accepting awards, there was a time in her relationship with Christian Carino when she wanted to keep her emerging relationship on the down-low. One of the first situations when Gaga hinted at a possible paramour took place on Ryan Seacrest's live radio show, according to Entertainment Tonight!

When Gaga was behind the mic with Ryan, she provided the public with no gossip, but that in itself said that something was going on. She said, "You know I don't talk about my love life, Ryan!" That's a sign of a good romance!

10 Gaga And Christian Loved Vacations

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As revealed by Christian's photo feed, Gaga and Christian loved to travel around the world together, hanging out and living life doing a variety of cool couple activities! They had varied interests. According to Just Jared, the couple saw the Kings Of Leon live together during the early days of their courtship!

Not only did the duo listen to music together, but the couple also stepped out together for Gaga's music-related galas. Us Weekly reported that Gaga brought Christian as her date to the Grammy's afterparty, and Entertainment Tonight revealed, "The couple didn't leave each other's side the entire time!"

9 There Were Clues In Their Body Language

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You can easily spot a new couple from miles away due to their complete infatuation with one another, and a surefire sign would absolutely be their inability to keep their hands off each other! From physical touch to goofy grins, a couple's body language is extremely important in their relationship.

Celebrity sleuths have been known to keep a lookout for Lady Gaga and Christian Carino's body language. When the PDA was no more, rumors of their split began to spread.

8 They Had A Lasting Love Language

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Gaga and Christian weren't afraid to give the world some insight into their relationship through their social media posts during happier times! Not only did Christian frequently post photos of Gaga on our news feeds, he also included extremely detailed captions which were special and specific to their relationship.

Gaga, too, showered her ex-man with worldly social media tributes. People magazine once shared a photo of Gaga and her beau embracing on the beach, which Gaga shared on her own social media account. Gaga's caption of choice was "Sunday Funday," giving her fans a glimpse into her personal version of paradise!

7 Gaga And Christian Were Down For Date Night

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If Gaga and Christian Carino ever wanted to keep their relationship private, the couple quickly learned about the glare of the paparazzi; a situation Gaga was already all too familiar with!

Gaga and Christian had already appeared together at public events, sparking conversation among fans, and the rumors only got stronger when paparazzi caught the couple on a romantic date, a month into their romance. According to E!, the couple "stepped out holding hands as they waited for their car."

In the same month, the duo was photographed together enjoying a spring vacation on the beach, making the most of the sand and surf!

6 Christian Didn't Take It Well

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No matter how amicably a couple breaks up, hurt feelings are almost inevitable at some point! When Lady Gaga and Christian Carino struggled through some sad times, rumors surrounding their relationship put the blame on Christian. According to Elite Daily, as per an article from Us Weekly, Christian felt "jealous."

Christian's jealous nature apparently wasn't lost on the couple's friends; Us Weekly went on to add, "Her friends didn't like him either."

When your friends don't have many wonderful words about your partner, maybe it's time to reconsider your relationship.

5 Christian Loved Texting

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Texting etiquette within a relationship can always be a tough road to navigate! Depending on the relationship, some couples communicate a lot and others like to keep their emoji use loose; leaving your beau on "read" can sometimes be extremely tricky!

At the end of Lady Gaga and Christian Carino's relationship, Carino's love of texting apparently hindered the health of their relationship. According to Elite Daily, "[Christian] was trying to find her all the time and text her a lot." Sounds like the concept of personal space was nowhere to be found!

Maybe Christian should've put his phone away, no?

4 Gaga Leaned On Friends

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You've heard all the popular sayings about how your friends are the family you pick and how they'll always be there for you, and for Lady Gaga, her friends were by her side in the aftermath of her breakup with Christian Carino.

Gaga's confidant of choice was her friend Jeremy Renner. According to Cosmopolitan, the friends "have become super close and hang out all the time."

Since news of Gaga and Jeremy's friendship has surfaced, the internet has been set abuzz with rumors of a Renner romance, but neither party has weighed in on whispers of a relationship!

3 They Had An Awk Encounter

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The thought of running into your ex-beau after a breakup can be the stuff of nightmares. Unfortunately, some of us can't avoid an inevitable run-in, especially if your social circles blend. The world of Hollywood can be smaller than we think, so it's no surprise to learn Lady Gaga and Christian Carino experienced an awkward post-breakup run-in with each other!

An awkward moment was born when the former couple crossed paths at an event only weeks after they called off their engagement. According to Us Weekly, Christian "said hi to Gaga at one point."

Points for pleasantries, Christian!

2 They Were Set To Have A Star-Studded Guest List

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Sam Elliott and Lady Gaga shared some emotional moments on screen in A Star Is Born, and there's no doubt the two have undeniable chemistry in real life! The two actors are indeed friends, and the film veteran was set to celebrate Gaga's big day as she walked down the aisle.

Sadly, of course, the nuptials were not to be, but during happier moments of wedding planning bliss, Us Weekly revealed that Sam Elliott assumed he would attend his friend's big day, as he said, "I would certainly go if I'm invited!"

Sorry, we're still fantasizing about the guest list for this wedding that never was!

1 She Isn't Feeling Sad

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After an emotional breakup, the first instinct for many of us is to retreat into our own private wallowing hole, but Lady Gaga certainly isn't handling her broken engagement this way! It sounds like Lady Gaga is keeping extremely busy with her whirlwind schedule. Us Weekly has provided some insight into Gaga's post-breakup world!

A "source" tells the outlet, "Gaga has been [focusing] on her career right now and has not even had time to address what has been happening between her and Christian, emotionally. She has been telling those around her, 'let's stay focused.'''

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