Here Are 15 Summer Fashion & Beauty Trends That Are Heroes And 10 That Are Zeros

The Spring/Summer 2018 season is rapidly ending. While that might be sad to think about when it feels like there’s a lifetime of sunshine left, it’s a truth that we all have to come to terms with. This means that any summer trends that are going to crop up are probably already here.

It’s highly unlikely that we’ll be seeing any new trends coming up, which is why it’s time to do a bit of a retrospection. The other benefit of doing this when we’re only a little over halfway through the season is that there’s still time to invest in some of these amazing trends, especially the ones that are wearable right into fall. On the flipside: there’s also enough time to make fashion mistakes that we’ll regret all the way into winter.

Not all trends are created equal, and sometimes the stuff that looks the coolest on the runway just doesn’t translate into real life. We’ve gone through and figured out whether these summer trends are heroes or zeros, and when the best time to wear them is. Hopefully, this will help all those summer fashionistas find their year-long wearable looks, rather than just picking up the trends that we’ll all regret six months down the line!

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25 Bright, Floral Prints Are Wedding (And Beach) Season Heroes


Bright florals always get their moment during summer, which is why everyone needs to invest in at least one floral statement piece. Florals are eye-catching on the beach, fun and flirty for casual dates and meetings, and timely enough to pull off at an outdoor wedding.

If you want something that’s going to last summer season after the summer season, definitely invest in a good floral dress.

The bigger and bolder the print the better! Remember to choose a piece that integrates into your outfits well. This will make you more inclined to wear it.

24 ...But Sporty Tracksuit Pieces Are Only Good For Lounging

pinterest.com / @yumehub (IG)

There’s a trend that’s been seen on photo feeds and in magazines alike. People have decided that the sporty tracksuit trend should come back… But they don’t want to keep it on the courts.

Marie Claire discusses how sporty tracksuits and their additions have been integrated into high fashion, dressy outfits. It’s bold. Tracksuits aren’t very versatile, and really only look good when you’re lounging or running around. The same is true for chic pieces that feature track pant stripes; they’ve gone from upscale to on-the-scale as if the wearer was at the gym.

23 Orange Eyeshadow Is Revitalizing Our Summer-Loving Spirits


YES, sunset eyes! Everyone loves this trend because the color looks good on almost everyone. There’s an orange tone out there for you, and we guarantee that it’ll become your most-worn shade by the end of the season.

Elle Magazine is very vocal about the love that’s out there for orange.

Due to the fact that it can be applied fairly sheer or fairly strong, this is a trend that you’ll be able to make work for your personal style. It’s definitely going to look good anywhere as well, as long as it works with your outfit!

22 Thumbprint Eyeliner Should Stay On The Catwalk


Cosmopolitan released a comprehensive slideshow that showed all the Spring/Summer beauty trends that were seen on the catwalk this season. One thing that was mentioned was thumbprint eyeliner.

In case you’re unfamiliar, this is a way of doing your eyeliner which looks like a bingo dabber was used to finish off a person’s cat eye. The tail is rounded and thick, making it incredibly eye-catching from far away. That’s the trick to thumbprint; far away it’s a great choice. But up close it’s just too distracting for us.

21 Pastel Palettes Will Save Your Workday Style From Melting


Any 2018 trend list features pastels as one of the big trends this year. Honestly? We’re all for it. Friday Magazine and Marie Claire both talk about light, pastel blazers as standout pieces for the summer.

The light colors will help keep you cool, while the fun shade can easily be dressed down or worn out for happy hour with friends.

We think pastels will stick around for a while, as the colors are incredibly flattering. Definitely invest in this hero of a trend!

20 And “Crayola Colors” Ensure All Eyes Are On You


The exact opposite of the pastel trend, “Crayola Colors” is a term that has been tossed around in regards to those bright, paint-looking clothes you see. Bold, solid colors all get the “Crayola Color” moniker.

Friday Magazine says that these colors are one of the big summer trends. We have to admit, it’s a great look for almost everyone. Find a color that works well for you and invest in a couple pieces. The color blocks won’t go out of fashion, especially if you’re investing in a single dress, skirt, shirt, or blazer.

19 Feathers Can Work As A Statement Piece, But They’re Not Practical Anywhere Else

ralph and russo / twitter.com

Feathers are beautiful on some dresses and other statement pieces. Marie Claire is clear that feathers are in this season, thanks to the SS18 fashion catwalks. They agree, though, that this bird-based decor should stick to its statement pieces.

It’s not practical, and it definitely won’t hold up when the rainy season hits.

We recommend a subtle, stylish feather accessory. You’ll stay on trend but won’t have to wonder what to do with it in the next couple months. Alternatively, a fancy dress with a puff of feather likely won’t go out of style anytime soon. But wear it sparingly!

18 Glossy Everything Is Saving Our Going-Out Makeup Game

Cosmopolitan, during their slideshow of catwalk beauty, name-dropped Glossier at least once. For those that don’t know, this is a makeup brand that’s been turning the internet upside down with their amazing, glossy products.

The key components of almost all of the makeup looks (regardless of Glossier branding or not) were dewy skin and a healthy dose of gloss, which is totally and entirely appropriate for our regular-world makeup. Integrate the glossy makeup moves into your routine and you’ll all of a sudden be catching everyone’s eye. Going out has never been glossier!

17 Super-High Waists Make Shorter Legs Look Miles Long!


This is a trend that seems to pervade no matter which season we’re in. Honestly? We’re all about it.

For those of us stuck with shorter legs and long torsos, this trend is a look-saver.

Not only can we rock all the bold pants we want, but we get the illusion of lean and long legs. By making the waistband of the pants or skirt sit higher up on the torso your legs immediately looks elongated. Invest in all the high waisted things you want; this hero of a trend is sticking around.

16 Mixing Checkered Styles Make For Confusing Outfits


We understand that checks are a timeless pattern. Marie Claire points out the fact that they’re traditionally worn in Winter, which is potentially where they should have stayed. The checkered print is heavy and looks a little off when turned into a summer dress.

The other aspect that’s getting zero of our likes? The layering of different checkered patterns. It’s very busy and very striking on a runway. At the office, though? Double check before you try to put a double check on.

15 Fringe Looks Good Casually, But Shouldn’t Be Brought Into The Boardroom


You must have seen all those jean jackets with massive fringe dripping across the back, right? That’s the kind of casual fringe that we, and Marie Claire, are talking about.

There’s nothing wrong with fringe for when you’re kicking it around town...

But the kind of thick, eye-catching fringe that’s popular this season definitely doesn’t suit in a work situation. It just runs the risk of coming across as over-dramatic. You’re better off keeping the fringe in your day-to-day outfits and not risking that new skirt getting tangled in a rolling chair.

14 Cycling Shorts Are Comfortable But Aren’t Our Cup Of Tea


Pull up any picture of the Kardashians from the last couple months and you’ll see them rocking a trend known as cycling shorts. Many celebrities are jumping on it, but we definitely will give it a pass.

Some people have said that they’re more flattering than regular shorts, but the fabric tends to run a risk of bunching. If you like the look of them (and aren’t afraid of bumps) go for it! They’re a great casual item that you’ll be able to layer under skirts for months. Not quite a zero, but not the hero we need.

13 Sheer Details Have Clearly Stolen Our Hearts


Part of the reason cycling shorts have taken off, we think, is because of the sheer trend that took catwalks by storm. Harper’s Bazaar shows a series of photos that proves sheer fabrics are in.

Whether they’re done up as skirts, dresses, or pants is irrelevant.

The whole point is to layer them and give a little peekaboo as to what’s underneath. We love that idea and know that we’ll be able to layer these with leggings in the fall just as easily as we can layer them with our bikinis now.

12 Body Highlighter Adds A Strong Accent To Any Outfit


With the release of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line came the worldwide obsession with body lava and body highlighter. PureWow mentions how many brands have followed suit and released body highlighters as part of their regular lines.

You might think that you’re not able to pull off this amazing invention but trust us: you are. This product was made to help your inner shine become outer shine. Apply a little (or a lot) and bask in the glory of your popping collarbones all day, every day.

11 “Neo Liner” Is Like Playing With Fire… But It Doesn’t Always Equal Fireworks


There’s always someone who tries to make strange eyeliner happen. Elle mentions that this personality-driven trend is taking off.

While we’re all for artistic expression, this is a trend that should stay on the catwalk.

It’s not practical for everyday life, and will definitely get you some strange looks while you’re wandering around town. Either keep it subtle or pick an appropriate place to wear it and own it. You can pull it off; it’s just all about believing you can. This is a trend that we have a feeling will disappear as soon as it appeared.

10 Rainbow Is Too Bright For Anything But A Party


Pride aside, rainbow needs a certain time and place to pull it off. Unfortunately, this is less of a fashion statement now than the catwalk folk might have been anticipating. Rainbow has been popular for ages now, but never as all-over as it seems to be this season.

Unfortunately, it’s just too bright for work wear. You’re definitely going to end up keeping your rainbow clothes (or investing in a couple pieces) but they’re going to stay as party clothes and casual pops of color.

9 Bobs And Lobs Look Good On Almost Everyone And Are Super Versatile

pinterest.com / @modernsalon (IG)

No summer trends list would be complete without talking about everyone’s newest hair obsession, the lob. This short-but-not-too-short style is essentially a longer, shaggier bob that works with almost all hair types.

It’s super chic, super flattering, and makes for the perfect hair length!

You can tie it up, throw in a couple braids, or add extensions easily. PureWow points out that many celebrities have decided to do this look. It makes sense; the lob looks good on every face shape.

8 Blue Mascara Makes Eyes Pop (And Is Even Office-Appropriate!)

pinterest.com / @makeupbylilit (IG)

Yes, you absolutely can wear blue mascara at the office. One of the great things about fun colored mascara is the fact that a little goes a long way. You don’t need to add the blue eyeliner with the blue mascara in order to get the effect!

PureWow smartly mentions that you can layer it over your regular liner for some subtly eye-popping shade. Few people (especially office buddies) will be able to point out why your eyes look so bright and fresh when you’re wearing a brightly colored mascara. Shhh… Don’t tell them.

7 Fanny Packs Are Great For The Beach But Are Flops On Date Night


For some reason, fanny packs have been everywhere the last few months. While they might save you from having to carry a bunch of large bags when at the beach, they get a definite zero when it comes to styling for date night.

This is a trend that might stick around, or might not...

It’s hard to say, but we hope that people think about the where and when of styling fanny packs. They’re not necessarily the all-purpose bags that people think they are.

6 Nail Art Trends Mean You Can Bring Fun-In-The-Sun No Matter Where You Go


Vogue knows a good trend when they see it, which is definitely the case with nail art. While nails have always been a point of pride for people, it’s only in the last few months that adding decorations, designs, gold foil, and rhinestones have been popular again.

We’re so, so glad! Nail art is awesome and really gives you an opportunity to add some subtle wildness to an outfit. Take this trend into fall, please. Nails should never go out of style.

5 People Are Considering Contouring Less…


Contouring was a huge thing for a while, but it looks like that curve is coming down. Right as many of us were starting to get the hang of contouring, Vogue says that the catwalks decided they would hardly use it at all. Maybe this is a good thing?!

We know that we’ve naturally been slacking in the contouring department during the summer.

Sweat and contour cream just doesn’t mix in a flattering way. We anticipate we’ll see the contouring trend resurface in the fall, however, so hold onto your palettes!

4 ...Which Means Natural Fresh-Faced Skin Is In!


Yes, if contouring is on its way out, that means that fresh, bare skin is in. Both Elle and Vogue point out that fresh, clear skin is the biggest trend of summer. With so many products available to us nowadays, clear skin is all the more accessible.

Don’t feel bad if it’s not realistic for you; we all have different types of skin, and every skin is beautiful. The point of this trend is to rock what you’ve got and to be the healthiest you can be.

3 Multi-Bag Accessorizing? Only If You Have Two Places To Be!


Harper’s Bazaar mentions the style choice of carrying around two bags. Oftentimes these bags aren’t that different from each other; while we’re used to carrying tote bags and crossbody purses, these look like a double scoop of crossbody bag action.

It works, but not as a fashion statement.

Multi-bag accessorizing is great when you have multiple places to be. If you don’t, you’re really just carrying double the burden. Why? Just stick to something bigger, unless there’s a practical reason to wear two.

2 Ruffles Make Any Occasion Sweet


Harper’s Bazaar also mentions the prevalence of ruffles on the catwalk. This is a trend that has absolutely made its way into all of our favorite fashion stores. It seems like everyone is carrying ruffles, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a summer skirt that doesn’t feature ruffles on it.

We love it, as it adds a touch of delicacy to any outfit. Pairing a ruffled blouse with a power blazer or leather jacket makes them edgy and cool while throwing on a summer cardigan makes them look as beautiful and light as you could want. Versatility and comfort? Yes, please! We anticipate these will be around for a while yet.

1 Color Creativity Means Unique Lipsticks Are Getting A Moment


Finally, we come to the lip trends. Elle mentions holographic gloss as a popular lip trend this season, which many influencers have been layering over top of different lip colors, glitter, you name it.

Bustle also mentions how mixing different colored lip liners and lipsticks to create and the ombre effect is happening, as well as straight up mixing your own colors.

When it comes to lips, we say “you do you."

Anything that empowers you to be your best, creative self is a trend that we can get behind. And remember that the trend that makes you feel the best is the real hero.

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