Here What You Should Be Listening To Based On Your Sign

Podcasts are unbelievably awesome, and if you're not already hooked on them, well, that's going to change very soon. We tend to have enough downtime to watch TV and listen to music, but listening to some podcasts is a great way to open your mind to different topics. It's kind of like reading... except it also sometimes feels like you're hanging out with buddies. Plus you can do it in your car without posing a danger to anyone. These days there are podcasts on pretty much every topic out there, and they're endlessly entertaining. If everyone was spending some time upping their education through entertaining podcasts we'd all be better off. They tend to offer a connecting feeling that other types of media don't always offer. That being said, it's not always easy to find the perfect match! Here are 15 podcasts that you should be listening to based on your astrological sign.

15 If you're a Virgo you'll like "Surprisingly Awesome"

Surprisingly Awesome was originally hosted by filmmaker Adam McCay (Anchorman, The Big Short) and Adam Davidson who has written for The New York Times Magazine and NPR's "Planet Money." Then it was hosted by Rachel Ward, and it's a bit unclear what's happening at the moment. But there are a couple years worth of episodes so there's plenty of content. What is the show about? Each episode focuses on an ordinary, boring thing and then talks about why it's surprisingly awesome. Examples are broccoli, mold, concrete, and adhesives. Sounds odd, but of course when you really start to break it down and figure out why things are the way that they are, things do get pretty interesting. It's sure to capture the interest of any Virgo thanks to its focus on random facts. If anything it will keep you entertained when you're running errands or commuting to work and keep your mind off the worries of the world.

14 If you're a Cancer you'll love "LGBTQ&A"

If you're a Cancer you'll love the LGBTQ&A podcast, thanks to the way that it will pull on your heartstrings and make you feel like everyone in the world is really truly connected. The show is hosted by Jeffrey Masters and features guests from the LGBTQ+ community. It's got plenty of interviews to keep you listening as well. Guests include artists, activists, lawmakers, and those in the business world. The podcast is produced by AfterBuzz TV and is filmed as well so that it can be viewed on YouTube. "LGBTQ&A was created to document the stories of the LGBTQ+ community, while also showcasing its diversity — all races, genders, orientations, and everyone in between. We’re trying to get beyond the transition or coming out stories, to truly get to know each person, their accomplishments, and how they got to where they are today." Notable interviews on the show include Asia Kate Dillon, Shane Ortega, Cleve Jones, Peter Paige, Trixie Mattel, and activist and author Jennifer Finney Boylan. It's a great listen.

13 If you're a Pisces you'll love "Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People"

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People is hosted by comedian Chris Gethard and in each episode, a stranger calls in and anonymously tells a story. The stories can be about literally anything, which will interest the Pisces of the world who tend to be sensitive and compassionate. Some of the stories that you'll hear on the podcast are funny and others are absolutely going to make you cry. Win-win. Every week, Chris opens the phone line to one anonymous caller and he can’t hang up first, no matter what. From shocking confessions and family secrets to philosophical discussions and shameless self-promotion, anything can and will happen!" Recent episodes are entitled things like: Just Like A Johnny Cash Song, Rekindling An Old Friendship, Public Defender, First Kiss, Vinyl Market Researcher, Swingers, A Midwife Discusses Birth Schmutz, Trail Blazer, What Not To Ask A Trans Person, Cruise Ship Mafia, and Ron Paul's Baby Part 2.

12 If you're a Scorpio you'll love "You Must Remember This"

This podcast is kind of similar to the extremely popular podcast Serial... but with different topics. This one focuses on the "secret and/or forgotten histories of 20th century Hollywood." Think stories like that of Charles Manson. The podcast is written, narrated, recorded, and edited by Karina Longworth, who runs the whole thing out of her home, which is definitely super cool. The podcast will appeal to sharp Scorpios who are familiar with the underworld, even if they don't reside there. Guest stars have included Dana Carvey, Adam Goldberg, Steve Zissis, Noah Segan, Wiley Wiggins, and Nora Zehetner, journalists Max Linsky, Mark Olsen, Anne Helen Petersen, and Farran Nehme Smith, screenwriters Kelly Marcel and Craig Mazin, producer Ram Bergman, and Wil Wheaton. The podcast started as a passion project for the journalist and author in 2014 and has generally listed in the top 100 on iTunes.

11 If you're a Libra you'll love "The Lonely Palette"

Art fans will particularly love The Lonely Palette, but it's interesting for anyone. Libras will love how the podcast aims to create balance in life. The Libra speciality. The podcast releases episodes every third Wednesday so you do have to wait a bit, but it's worth it. Here's how the podcast explains its intentions. "The Lonely Palette is a podcast that aims to return art history to the masses, one painting at a time. Based out of  (but not affiliated with) the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Tamar picks a painting du jour, interviews unsuspecting passers-by, and then dives deeply into the object, the movement, the social context, and anything and everything else that will make it as exciting to you as it is to her." Pretty cool. It's definitely true that a lot of the stuff we learned about in school could be delivered in more interesting formats to encourage deeper learning, and this is the type of thing that can do it.

10 If you're a Taurus you'll love "Tiny Leaps, Big Changes"

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes focuses on personal development strategies and lifestyle design habits that help you create your ideal life. It's pretty much a dream podcast for Taureans who live by the "slow and steady wins the race" mentality. The show is hosted by Gregg Clunis who shares advice that he backs up with scientific facts. The idea is that the show is for you if you are interested in personal development, personal growth, self-help, self-development, motivation, or inspiration. And that it's great for people who regularly listen to speakers like Jim Rohn or Tony Robbins, read books like "Rich Dad Poor Dad", "The Compound Effect", "The Four Hour Work Week", or love authors like Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, or Gary Vaynerchuk. We all like productive advice that actually makes sense, and this podcast does a great job at offering in that way. Listen to one of these episodes on the way to work and you're sure to feel differently heading into your day.

9 If you're a Capricorn you'll like "99% Invisible"

The podcast 99% invisible focuses on those weird things that are mostly handled behind the scenes. This is sure to appeal to Capricorns who love to be on top. The more you know, the higher you can climb. It aims to answer questions like where did the fortune cookie come from, and why do all car lots use inflatable men? Stuff like that. And yes, there are actually answers to most of those seemingly random questions. The show initially began as a project of KALW public radio and the American Institute of Architects in San Francisco. The host Roman Mars started out with the show produced right in his bedroom, but eventually, he moved it to an office behind his house. The show is still run independently and they've had success crowdfunding to make that work. The episodes are all stand alone and cover evergreen content so when you start to listen you can jump in pretty much anywhere and start learning things that you never even knew you wanted to know.

8 If you're a Cancer you'll love "Terrible, Thanks for Asking"

The name of Terrible, Thanks for Asking is a play on the concept of how we tend to answer "good, thanks" to the question of "how are you" regardless of what is really going on in our lives. This show is basically the total and complete opposite of that response. It's the perfect topic for the Cancers of the world who tend to nurture others and might not always speak up for what they need back from those people. Host Nora McInerny is the author of "It's Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too)"and a self-proclaimed notable widow.  She opens up and gets pretty deep about emotions, awkward feelings, and just being a human. The episodes do commonly deal with loss and death, but it's approached in an authentic way that's interesting and hopeful, if only at times just because it's so relatable. It's something that everyone goes through at some time or another, and being able to find the connectedness and humor in anything is the best way to get through anything.

7 If you're a Sagittarius you'll love "The Brain Candy Podcast"

If you're a Sagittarius then you'll love The Brain Candy Podcast, thanks to your ever constant draw to growth and opportunity. You love anything that gets your wheels turning about your next adventure. In this particular podcast hosts Sarah Rice and Susie Meister discuss pop culture and science. Episodes include topics such as women who kill, women in the news, and the morality of being intimate, business, politics, and reality shows, and getting the point of view of a producer on the aftermath of being on The Real World. Both of the hosts were on MTV shows. Sarah Rice made appearances on MTVs Real World Brooklyn and The Challenge, so she has her own experience to share. She also runs an Etsy store and is getting her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Susie Meister was on MTV’s Road Rules Down Under and eight MTV shows in total. She used all of her winnings and earning to get her PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh and has started diversity training with the legendary activist Jane Elliott.

6 If you're an Aquarius you'll love "Spirits: A Drunken Dive into Myths and Legends"

If you're an Aquarius then you'll love Spirits: A Drunken Dive into Myths and Legends is hosted by Amanda McLoughlin and Julia Schifini. It's pretty much what you probably expect it to be: they do some drinking and talk about myths and legends. This appeals to your interest in facts as well as your affinity for the quirky. A recent episode of the podcast for Mental Health Awareness Month dove into concepts about Beaivi the sun goddess, who metaphysically and literally brings light to people in darkness. Other episodes touch on things like the Egyptian afterlife, a Celtic goddess trinity of doom and destruction, and guest Catherine Addington speaking about how Our Lady of Guadalupe's Mexican and catholic background. It's highly informative and interesting whether or not you currently think a lot about goddesses and myth based stories in your current life. You'll probably start thinking about it a bit more after you start listening to this podcast.

5 If you're a Gemini you'll love "Sodajerker on Songwriting"

Sodajerker on Songwriting is hosted by songwriters Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor where they work as a team called Sodajerker. The podcast is about interviewing musicians and songwriters on their show. This will appeal to the Geminis out there who love to soak up details and information about how things work, especially when there's some creativity involved. Guests have included The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, Rufus Wainwright, and Billy Bragg. What they end up discussing varies a bit depending on the guest. Want an example? Here's a recent example: "EPISODE 97 – TOM ODELL. Singer-songwriter Tom Odell joins us to discuss the writing of songs like 'Another Love’, ‘Hold Me’, ‘Wrong Crowd’, ‘Silhouette’ and ‘Somehow’. Tom talks about a range of strategies including writing on planes, co-writing with hitmakers like Rick Nowels and Eg White, and using pop’s conventional limitations to your advantage."

4 Another Round for every sign out there

Another Round is a podcast by Buzzfeed and the hosts are writers Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton. They drink, joke around, and also tackle serious topics like police brutality. Their Soundcloud page explains that they "cover everything from race, gender, and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy show." Specific topics include things like kicking butt in 2017, an interview with Kelly Rowland, artists to get you fired up when you need a boost, Tracy tracing her African lineage, hair wisdom, the difference between thirst and lust, and an interview with writer, filmmaker, and trans activist Janet Mock. As you can see, the topics vary which is what makes it great. The women deliver and are always entertaining as they do. It's basically a feel-good podcast that will teach you something, too.

3 If you're an Aries you'll love Chris Sowa's podcast

SexWithStrangers is hosted by Chris Sowa who travels around and talks to a variety of types of people about being intimate. This might include workers in this, members of kink and fetish scenes, and people within the LGBTQ+ community. The point of traveling around is not just to be able to talk to a lot of different people, but also to get different points of views based on the areas that people live in. One episode, for example, was Chris talking to a couple in Clearwater, Florida who were spending their Valentine's Day at the world's first Hooters. You probably want to know why, and now you can find out! The podcast is fun because it approaches the topic of intimacy so openly but also ends up educational from a sociological perspective. It's like people watching at its finest, and it's particularly fun when it's a topic that can be controversial or at least pull from a lot of different opinions. This is sure to appeal to any Aries since the bold sign loves hearing about anything involving adventure.

2 If you're a Taurus then you'll love "Music Popcast"

Music Popcast is a New York Times podcast which has their music team talking about general music news, upcoming songs and albums, and artists that you need to know about.  This is sure to appeal to any Taureans who love living to a soundtrack. Recent episode titles include "Harry Styles and John Mayer, Teardrops on Their Guitars," "Paramore Returns, Headed Straight for the 1980s," and "Finding Feist’s Pleasure and Pain." It's basically the type of stuff that you would read were you are reading an article about one of these people in the newspaper. The Times, of course, happens to be full of information about everything and they offer bunch of different podcasts worth listening to. The Book Review, Inside the Times, Modern Love: The Podcast, the twenty minute per day news roundup The Daily, the culture conversation Still Processing, and the political podcast The Run-Up.

1 If you're a Leo you'll love "How To Be Amazing"

How To Be Amazing, because don't we all want to be? If you're a Leo, you're probably screaming "YES!" (Even though you already know that you are. This podcast is hosted by actor, comedian, and author Michael Ian Black who does interviews that go deep with some of the most successful people around. Guests have included people like author Elizabeth Gilbert, Miranda July, Tavi Gevinson, and Amy Schumer. The guests might discuss things like their passions, struggles, successes, and just basically how they got where they are today. Talk about motivating. Listening to or reading stories of how people got to where they are today because we don't always see that portion. Everyone shares the same types of struggles and self-doubts, just in different forms. Remembering that you're not the only person who gets confused at times is great motivation to keep up the hard work, and this podcast will definitely inspire you.

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