Heidi Klum Recalls Being Asked Out By Drake In A Text Message

Kiki better move over because Drake is wondering if Heidi Klum loves him.

Supermodel Heidi Klum paid a visit to The Ellen Show earlier this week and revealed that Drake asked her out via text. For those of you who watch and are fans of the notoriously popular daytime television program, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, then you know that the host, Ellen, plays a fun little game with her guests called “Who’d You Rather?”

The game obviously speaks for itself and Heidi Klum played that very game this year during her visit to the show in February. The star managed to choose Canadian rapper, Drake, 9 times until finally he was beaten by none other than Joaquin Phoenix. Klum picked Drake over celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Harry Styles, and Jake Gyllenhaal, so it was very clear that star had the hots for Drake. Flash-forward to this week’s episode, Heidi revealed that the star reached out to her to set up a date.

Although it could have been a match made in heaven, Drake was too late. According to Klum, she met her current boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz, only hours after her appearance on Ellen. She thanked the talk show host for “putting it out into the universe!” Klum then revealed how Drake managed to score the model's number from a mutual friend they share. Klum said Drake texted her and noted how “weird” the situation was. Unfortunately for Drake, Klum never even sent a response!

The star admitted to not having said anything back considering she had already “found the love of my life”. So, Ellen took a moment to give Heidi some time to come up with a response right then and there, and all Heidi could say was: “Drake, I’m sorry I didn’t text you back”.

The Project Runway star confessed to still finding him very attractive and even admitted to feeling awkward during a run-in with Drake at Ellen’s birthday party. Klum could not even look Drake straight on and had to be seated beside him, and not across from him, in order to avoid having to look at him.

As much as we would have loved for a Heidi and Drake mash-up, we find this story quite hilarious and are super happy to know that Heidi found love after all. As for Drake, he’s still out there wondering if Kiki loves him.


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