Need A Boost Of Healthy Fats? Try MCT Oil In Your Coffee

MCT oil is definitely not just for people on the ketogenic diet anymore—this is currently one of the best selling dietary supplements, and anyone who is looking to add a little more healthy fat to their diet could benefit from it.

What exactly is MCT oil, and why is it so popular these days? Basically, MCT oil full of triglycerides, and it’s a form of fat that can be extracted from coconut oil. It’s better for you than most saturated fats, which we don’t need to fear as much as many people originally thought. In fact, everyone needs some saturated fat in their diet, and getting it from a plant-based source like MCT oil is a smart idea.

Why is getting more healthy fat in your diet so important? It’s because fat is absolutely essential for brain health. If you’re not getting enough fat in your diet, you may find yourself lacking energy, experiencing brain fog, or feeling like you're never quite full.

MCT oil doesn’t taste too strong, and there are many celebs who swear by it—in fact, Kourtney Kardashian is a huge fan of this supplement! How can you work it into your diet? Try adding some to your usual morning coffee, or put a spoonful in your smoothie. It is now sold in gels, powders, and even coffee creamers, so you can choose whatever appeals to you. You can also find nutrition bars and other snacks containing MCT oil. And the next big thing in the world of MCT oil? Ready-to-drink latte mixes!

How can starting your day with MCT oil give you a healthy boost? Getting that satiating serving of healthy fat first thing in the morning can help you curb cravings that might occur later in the day. If you don’t get enough fat and protein in the morning, you can easily end up reaching for refined carbs at lunch. And if you ever wake up feeling like you’re still groggy and just can’t think straight (we’ve all been there after a rough night’s sleep), MCT oil can help you snap out of it and get your day off to a productive start.

Of course, always consult your doctor before trying a new supplement or changing your diet.

Are you a big fan of MCT oil, or willing to try it? Let us know in the comments!


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