Hayley Hasselhoff Fronts 'Curvy Kate' Body Positivity Campaign

David Hasselhoff’s body positive daughter, Hayley Hasselhoff is one of the faces (and foremost one of the curvaceous bodies) of the newest campaign from UK-based lingerie brand Curvy Kate.

Under the hashtag #MyBodyVictory, Curvy Kate celebrates confidence and all-inclusive fashion and empowers women with what it describes as game-changing lingerie. Hayley herself, who is a gorgeous plus-size model, admits that participating in the campaign was a no-brainer, as she has practically been living in the brand’s signature bras.

What’s important to know here is that, despite being a plus-size brand, Curvy Kate clearly doesn’t only care about curves. The #MyBodyVictory body positivity campaign is more about body acceptance and self-love at a time when the public is mentally overloaded with airbrushed images of extremely skinny and flawless figures.

Donning a deep red Victory bra and matching underwear, Hayley teamed up with eleven body positivity models who were encouraged to share their own personal body victory, and kickstart an honest discussion on social media. From overcoming feelings of embarrassment about their large busts to surviving cancer, all victories shared have been inspirational.

The influencer and body positivity ambassador, who earlier this year led a line-up of curvy beauties outside London Fashion Week, wearing only a bra and underwear to protest the lack of plus-size models in the fashion industry, has voiced the importance of body diversity. Hayley’s mission is to bring larger models on the runways and has encouraged fashion designers to cater for larger sizes, which makes perfect sense upon realizing that the average dress size for women in both the United States and the United Kingdom is a size 16.

How did it really feel to be the daughter of an actor who gained worldwide fame for a tv series featuring only skinny and fit women in tiny red swimsuits? We would love to know and it seems that Hayley has been quizzed by the media about it.

But it looks like Hayley doesn’t have any daddy issues. It was her large bust that made her feel insecure as a girl, to the point that she gave up swimming, which she loved, and thus “sacrificed her happiness”.

She is now Curvy Kate’s “girl crush”, showing off her glorious curves and hoping that her message will inspire others.


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