Halsey's Hair Is Now Colored "Lilac" Purple, Thanks To Her Fans

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, aka Halsey, must have a lot of faith in her fans. The New Jersey singer posted a Twitter poll to let her followers decide what color she should dye her hair next. The "Without Me" singer is known to frequently change her hair color, using wigs or dye, though this week, she seemed at a loss a to what shade to select next, tweeting, "My brain arguing with me over whether I should grow my hair, cut it, or dye it a bright color. What’s the new wave. Slime green? Gerard Way red? Lilac?"

Countless fans responded to her three options, which included lilac, pink or Gerard Way red, in reference to the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, who has dyed his hair a fiery shade of red. Halsey made it clear, however, that if pink was chosen, she would avoid the "cotton candy blue/pink pixie circa bleach 2015" she once had.

Finally, after more than 100,000 fans had voted, lilac emerged the clear winner with 60 percent of the vote, though it took a couple of days for the singer to reveal if she would take her followers’ advice. On Wednesday, she tweeted, "my hair has been lilac since yesterday btw bc I am a strong independent woman who lets young people on the internet decide what she’s gonna look like via twitter poll." Despite, her tweet, she has yet to post a picture of her new hair color, though she probably won’t be returning to pink anytime soon since it only received 16 percent of the votes.

The electropop and synth-pop artist, whose influences range from Kanye West and The Weeknd to Amy Winehouse and Bright Eyes, first rose to fame in 2016 with her single "Closer," a collaboration with The Chainsmokers. The following year, her album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, reached number one on the US Billboard 200. Aside from music, Halsey has been a supporter of suicide prevention awareness and sexual assault victim advocacy.

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The 24-year-old singer has also been very open about her struggles with bipolar disorder, which she has stated she was diagnosed with at the age of seventeen. Her diagnosis came after a suicide attempt when she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for seventeen days. She has also spoken about her struggle with endometriosis, a disorder that causes chronic pelvic pain and painful menstruation, which she blames on a miscarriage she had in 2015. In January 2017, the singer underwent surgery to alleviate the pain caused by the disorder.

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