Hair, Eyes, Lips: What He's Attracted To Most Based On His Sign

We all have certain physical traits that we notice first in a guy. For example, you might automatically start blushing if you see a guy with curly blonde hair, while your friend might not even look twice at that guy. However, if she sees a guy with gorgeous green eyes, just forget about it, because she’s calling dibs! Obviously, guys can feel the same way about girls. They might be more prone to noticing a certain trait first. Who can really say why we’re attracted to the things that make our hearts beat a little faster? Well, it just so happens that our zodiac sign might have a little something to do with it, and the same goes for guys! Some signs notice certain traits before others. So if you’re curious about what certain guys notice based on their signs, here’s the definitive guide to what he checks out: hair, lips, or eyes!


16 Fire Signs: Not So Subtle Hints

Fire signs are known for being bold, and guys born under fire signs are the type that make everyone in a room take notice of them. They’re not known for being subtle. If a fire sign likes you, you’ll know within 24 hours of meeting him. Of course, you might be a little suspicious of whether or not his intentions are genuine because these guys are also known for being players! Clearly, these guys have no trouble picking up girls. They’re some of the most flirtatious signs in the whole zodiac. Nothing wrong with that if you’ve got game, use it to your advantage! So, if you’re interested in hooking up with a fire sign, you might want to know what he’ll notice first. Typically, these guys will tend to notice hair before anything else, but remember, every sign is a little different! Read on to find out what each fire sign likes.

15 Aries Guy Will Play The Field And With Your Hair

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Aries guys can make great boyfriends, but when you’re young, they’re usually better for a short fling than a serious relationship. Frankly, these guys like to play the field. It’s not a big deal as long as he’s honest with you about it, but we all know how some guys can be, honesty isn’t always their strong suit! Aries guys will tend to notice a girl’s hair before anything else about her. These guys are looking for a girl who is outgoing and adventurous above anything else! So, what does hair have to do with it? Well, your hair can actually say a lot about your personality. Girls with big, bold curls like a lion’s mane tend to have very bold and strong personalities, while a girl who ties her hair back in a low ponytail every day might be a little more laid back and low maintenance, guess what an Aries guy wants?

14 A Leo Guy Is So Confident He Can Kiss You

Out of all the fire signs, Leo is the most confident, and he sees himself as a leader. There’s a reason that Leo’s symbol is the lion. It’s because they’re so proud of themselves! As long as they actually have the skills and personality to back it up, there’s nothing wrong with having some serious confidence, and that’s what Leo guys always try to bring to the table. Unlike other guys who are born under fire signs, Leo guys actually tend to notice a girl’s lips first. Why would that be? What makes them different from Aries and Sagittarius guys? Well, as we mentioned before, Leo guys are SUPER confident, so if they notice a girl they like, they’re pretty sure something romantic will go down! Therefore, they naturally just start imagining what it would be like to kiss you. If you notice a Leo staring at your lips, you know why!

13 A Sagittarius Guy Wants Your Hair To Be Free


Just like Aries guys, Sagittarius guys will always notice a girl’s hair right off the bat. Actually, this is one of the most attractive traits for a Sagittarius guy. Yes, Aries guys love girls with gorgeous hair, and Leo guys will fixate on a girl’s lips, but both of them tend to also notice a girl’s other traits shortly after. But Sagittarius guys are just super into hair for some reason. What is it about the perfect haircut that attracts a Sagittarius? Well, this sign is known as the free spirit of the zodiac. When they see a girl with a long, flowing mane of hair, the kind that sort of looks like she just rolled out of bed but somehow doesn’t look like a total mess, they just can’t help themselves. They fall head over heels imagining her lounging on the beach or sitting next to them on a road trip.

12 Earth Signs: So Different In Every Way

You may think that earth signs and fire signs have next to nothing in common. And if you’ve met a few, we can totally see how you would get that impression. Honestly, most of the time you would be absolutely right! But there is actually one thing that earth signs and fire signs share. Just like fire signs, most earth signs will automatically notice a girl’s hair when they meet them (although, of course, there are always exceptions to the rule). But here’s the tricky thing, while all of these signs may notice hair first, they’re definitely not all looking for the same thing. In fact, guys born under earth signs are usually into a different “type” of girl than fire signs. So if they happen to be friends, it’s actually a great arrangement, because they will never end up fighting over the same girl, we think they would make perfect wingmen.

11 A Taurus Guy Will Look Into Your Eyes To Figure You Out


To be fair, we did just say that earth signs will usually take note of a girl’s hair before anything else about her, but we’re going to let you in on a few secrets about the exception to this rule: Taurus guys. Now, since Taurus is known for being a stubborn sign, naturally they had to stand out and be a little different from the other earth signs. Taurus guys will actually notice a girl’s eyes before her hair, lips, or anything else about her. So, what’s up with that? Well, Taurus guys pride themselves on being very centered and grounded, so do the other earth signs, but Taurus values these attributes to a greater extent than Virgos or Capricorns. Taurus guys often feel that they can just see by looking in a girl’s eyes if she is also at peace with herself. And we have to admit, they may be right.

10 A Virgo Guy Can Look At Your Hair And Know

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Virgo guys may be very similar to Taurus guys in many ways, but they notice something different when they first meet a girl. While Taurus guys see a girl’s eyes first, Virgo guys share a little something in common with Leo and Sagittarius guys. They will definitely notice a girl’s hair before her lips or eyes. Aren’t Virgo guys supposed to be super down to earth and not really care about appearances? Why would they care about what a girl’s hair looks like if that’s the case? Actually, a girl’s hair can tell you a lot about her personality, fire signs know it, and so do Virgo guys! Virgos can tell if a girl is laid back or materialistic based on her hair. They’re not attracted to dyed hair, perms, a ton of hair dye, huge poofs, or anything superficial like that. They mainly just like girls with natural looking hair!


9 A Capricorn Guys Is As Minimalist As Your Hair


Capricorn guys and Virgo guys have very similar tastes in women. But there are some key differences in what they are actually looking for. Virgo guys simply see a girl’s hair as a clue to whether or not she is going to be high maintenance. However, Capricorn guys are definitely looking for a certain type of hairstyle. You know how we mentioned that Leo and Sagittarius guys like girls who can pull off hair that totally looks like a glamorous lion’s mane? Well, Capricorn guys want the exact opposite! If you’re the type of girl who either keeps her hair very short or always pulls her hair back into a neat bun, don’t be surprised if you get hit on by Capricorn guys all the time. Capricorn guys want a girl with a no-nonsense, minimalist look, so if that sounds like your hairstyle, you would definitely fit the bill!

8 Water Signs: Eye Color As Beautiful As The Ocean

Water signs are definitely more emotional than either fire or earth signs. So if you assume that these guys are looking for something different when it comes to the women they date, you would be right! Water signs really do not notice a girl’s hair at all. Sure, if it’s exceptionally beautiful, they might compliment her on it, but at the end of the day, they are more likely to notice a few other key traits. If you guessed that these guys are all about girls with beautiful eyes, you’re right on the money! Of course, there are a few who have other preferences and may actually notice lips first. But for the most part, water signs are all about the eyes. And if she’s got blue or green eyes, even better! If a guy tells you that you have beautiful eyes early on, he is most likely a water sign!

7 A Cancer Guy Will Stare At Your Lips To Listen


Alright, Cancer is actually the exception to the rule here! Unlike Pisces and Scorpio guys, Cancer guys don’t pay much attention to a girl’s eyes at first. Nope, they’re too busy thinking about your lips! Are you surprised that Cancer guys fall into the same category as Leo guys? After all, aren’t they completely different when it comes to their personalities and the type of girl they’re after? Well, yes, but they notice lips for different reasons. While a Leo guy is totally certain that he’ll be kissing you soon, Cancer guys are actually one hundred percent focused on what you’re saying. Moral of the story here if you’re the sentimental type who needs a guy who really listens when you speak, Cancer guys are perfect for you! He’ll be noticing your lips, but he’ll really be considering everything you’re saying and maybe he will daydream about kissing you for a minute or two!

6 A Scorpio Guy Sees Your Eyes As The Window To Your Soul

With Scorpio guys being the most emotional sign of the zodiac, it’s really only natural that they notice a girl’s eyes first. Scorpio guys view the eyes as the window to a girl’s soul. And honestly, who can blame them? Doesn’t it feel like when you look directly into someone’s eyes, you connect with them on a deeper level? Well, that explains why Scorpio guys will always notice eyes first. That deep connection is EXACTLY what they’re looking for, and if they don’t feel it within a couple hours, there is no way they will be pursuing that girl any further. If you meet a guy and suddenly, you notice that he’s not like the others in the way he approaches you, he doesn’t check out your body, he’s looking you right in the eye there's a good chance he’s probably a Scorpio. If you’ve got beautiful eyes, look out Scorpios will love you!

5 A Pisces Guy Can Tell How You Feel By Looking At You


Pisces guys and Scorpio guys can be extremely similar in some regards. They are both known for being highly emotional signs, but Scorpio tends to win out over Pisces in this area. However, Pisces guys are actually known for being the most sensitive. What’s the difference here? Pisces guys tend to pick up on things that other people don’t. Yes, they are deeply emotional just like Scorpio guys, but in addition to that, they can very easily determine how other people are feeling just through a short interaction. While Scorpio guys are attracted to eyes because they want to see if they feel connected to you, a Pisces guy is looking deeply into your eyes to see if he can tell how YOU feel about him! It’s a subtle but important difference. Pisces guys will not want to waste your time if the spark isn’t there, and your eyes tell all!

4 Air Signs: Use These Hints To Figure Them Out

Out of all the signs in the zodiac, it can seem like air signs are the toughest to pin down. It’s just more difficult to figure out their personalities. This is precisely because these guys don’t LIKE being easy to define. They like to keep people guessing and step outside of the box. And the minute they feel like someone is assigning them to a label or suggesting how they should or should not act, they’ll do something on purpose just to throw that label off their back. So if you tend to feel attracted to air signs, it can be a total struggle-, ow do you know what he’s really into? How do you figure out what he finds attractive? Well, have no fear, because these guys like to buck convention, but the stars simply do not lie. Most air signs will notice a girl’s lips first, but there’s one outlier!

3 A Gemini Guy Wants To Speak To You


There are a couple reasons why Gemini guys will immediately notice a girl’s lips before her eyes or hair. Now, reason number one is probably exactly what you were assuming, yes, these guys can be players, so just like Leo guys, they’re thinking about what it would be like to kiss you! But there’s another side to this story, so don’t write off all Gemini guys just yet! If you’ve ever dated a Gemini guy, you’ll know that they’re huge talkers. These guys could go on and on forever, so if you’re on the quiet side, you may never get a word in edgewise! But this is why they notice lips right off the bat, it just happens naturally because if you’re cute, they’ll try to strike up a lively conversation straight away. And if you happen to be wearing an adorable new lipstick color, well, he’s certain to start crushing on you.

2 A Libra Guy Wants A Balance, Even With Your Lips

Just like Gemini guys, Libra guys will also notice lips. But Libra guys aren’t big talkers like Gemini guys. Nor are they huge flirts like Leo guys! So, what’s the deal? As you may know from Libra’s symbol, the scales, this sign needs to feel balanced in every aspect of their lives. And for some weird reason, this ties into their attraction to lips! For example, some guys may find it endearing when a girl has a gap between her front teeth, but Libra guys aren’t as attracted to little “quirks” like this other signs can be. And while another sign might laugh it off if you happen to have a little piece of food stuck in your teeth, Libra guys would probably find it to be a huge turn off! Yes, we know it can sound judgmental, but Libra guys can’t help it they’re just very particular about everything in their lives.

1 An Aquarius Guys Finds Truth In Your Eyes


Aquarius is definitely one of the quirkiest signs in the zodiac. They love feeling unique, and they can’t stand being pressured to conform in any way. That’s why Aquarius guys will always notice a girl’s eyes first. You might think that these guys would automatically be attracted to girls with crazy dyed hair, funky lipstick or makeup, or some other trait that would immediately make them stand out in a crowd. But surprisingly, this is actually not the case. Aquarius guys know that someone can try to dress up as “unique” while having a totally boring personality, but they feel that your eyes cannot hide your true nature. Just like Scorpio guys, any Aquarius guy would tell you that eyes are the window to the soul! They feel like they can tell if a girl is being genuine and real with them or not just by gazing into her eyes.


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