Hailey Vs. Selena: 20 Ways They're More Alike Than We Thought

Now that the world knows that Justin Bieber is married to the legs-for-days model Hailey Baldwin, and happily married too, we cannot help but wonder what his former "It" girl Selena Gomez is thinking. Let us not forget all the Jelena fans who must be utterly heartbroken.

In 2018, Justin Bieber had quite the eventful year in the love department. Cupid was really playing games with him. We saw Bieber go back to Gomez, and fans rejoiced, then we saw him make his way back to Baldwin, his now-wifey. Without even saying "I'm Sorry," the Biebs moved on with Hailey Baldwin and quickly proposed to her during the summer of 2018, and no one knew what was going on as the situation was super confusing.

Now, the lovebirds have graced the cover of Vogue magazine, showing off their wedding bliss, so we know that the Biebs is all about Baldwin. However, even though there is now "One Less Lonely Girl," fanatical fans of Bieber are worried about Gomez. Through social media, Gomez has proven to us we have nothing to worry about.

We do not know if the two stunning Hollywood stars with huge followings like each other, but we do know what kind of woman Bieber likes since the two are quite similar. Some people might not understand how, exactly, right now, but reading the points below will prove it once and for all!

20 Baldwin And Gomez Rocked The Same Sweater At The Same Time

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It is every woman's worst nightmare: attending an event knowing the ex-girlfriend will be there and showing up with the same dress as her.

That is not precisely what happened with the newly wed Mrs. Bieber, but she and Gomez coincidentally wore the same top, and the paparazzi were ready for this coincidental moment.

Back in the spotlight only recently, Gomez has been spotted on numerous occasions with turtlenecks and sweaters, and of course, of all cozy clothes in the world, the two opted for the grey Balenciaga logo sweater. It seems both women have made it their goal to wear the comfiest clothes lately, but we didn't think their minds were that in sync.

19 They Have The Same Ink

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Justin Bieber has a bunch of tattoos that grace his body, but there is one in particular that he shares with his wife and ex-girlfriend ― totally odd, right?

We do not know how or why this happened, but let us just send all our positive vibes to Baldwin and her hubby for a long-lasting marriage so the situation doesn't become sticky.

The ink in question? A tiny "G," as seen in the photo above of Gomez that the "trio" reportedly all got done at the same time. Relax ladies, according to Capital FM, the three got the tattoo in good faith as it is a tribute to a girl named Georgia and her sister Gracie. Both women clearly have a heart of ‘g’old.

18 Both Starlets Get Zen At The Same Yoga Studio

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While Baldwin is certainly basking in marital bliss, she is also trying to avoid her husband's ex ― sort of. There should be no fuss, as we are pretty sure Gomez is over the whole situation and singing "Thank U, Next."

The young newlyweds are constantly in the spotlight, so whatever Baldwin or Bieber decide to do will be captured by some paparazzi waiting on the prowl out there. And there Baldwin was, working out at West Hollywood Pilates Studio.

Baldwin and Gomez both have envious figures, and that is in part thanks to their participation in Pilates. Baldwin is quite the confident woman as she didn't hesitate when showing up with her squad at the studio where Gomez pulls a sweat.

17 Bieber's Ex And Wife Both Graced The Cover Of Harper's Bazaar

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Selena Gomez is a singer, actress and fashionista, and similarly, Baldwin is a model and trendsetter, so we're not surprised that their careers have taken the same routes.

There is no denying that the Biebs has exceptional taste in women. He goes specifically for women who grace the covers of top-notch fashion magazines, like Harper's Bazaar. Both young stars grew up in the spotlight and therefore have faced their fair share of obstacles, but they are now strong, badass women. This is why the magazine selected them both as cover girls. Plus, both of the talented stars ooze confidence, and they do it effortlessly. It's the perfect recipe for a Harper's Bazaar cover.

16 Did You Know They Have Mutual Friends?

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Both the pop star and leggy model seem lovely and kind, and their fans would not tell you otherwise. The problem here is that in a world like Hollywood, being in the spotlight is inevitable, so will either of the two women ever bump into each other and say something bad about the other?

For now, all has been calm, cool and collected, but we wanted to inform you all that the chances of these two beauties eventually hanging out are quite high. Why? They have got some mutual friends. Back in 2017, Baldwin was spotted hanging with Gomez's closest friends. And thanks to Gomez fans, we were also warned that Baldwin follows Gomez's besties on IG. It's a small world.

15 Baldwin Is A Fan Of The Weeknd

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Baldwin quickly became one to watch. We marvel at her IG page all the time. With all her A-lister besties with whom she strolls the streets of Los Angeles, like the KarJenner sisters and the Hadid sisters, she pops up everywhere. If you thought Bieber's dating calendar was busy, did you recall The Weeknd's dating shenanigans?

The Weeknd had an on-and-off year, bouncing back and forth between Selena Gomez and model Bella Hadid. There is no denying that these women run in the same circles because of their common interests. While Bieber's ex dated The Weeknd, Baldwin has close ties to him because her great pal is Bella Hadid, hence why Baldwin was caught hanging out backstage at one of The Weeknd's performances.

14 Grocery Shopping? They're Down

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Now that Justin and Hailey are spouses, they are going to be spotted at Whole Foods instead of just nightclubs. We all know that grocery shopping is an automatic staple activity for married couples.

However, this pic was not the first time the Biebs was spotted out and about pushing a cart, as when he was dating Gomez, the two would also have grocery shopping sprees together. What does that tell you about the two women? Surprisingly, despite their flashy lifestyles, both young ladies do not mind being spotted getting their healthy foods and snacks. To us, that's totally humble!

13 PDA Is Their Thing

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A real throwback right now would be seeing an adorable photo of the young Gomez and Bieber all squished up together; these two were seriously #relationshipgoals. Remember seeing those photos of the two being snuggly together while kissing, hugging and holding hands?

Well, have you noticed that the same applies to the newlyweds Bieber and Baldwin who appear to be crazy in love? Every photo we see of them together makes us gush and their body language towards each other is unmistakable. Just like Gomez always showed to the world the Biebs was hers, Mrs. Bieber does the exact same thing― sigh.

12 They've Both Strutted Their Stuff On The Runway

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Baldwin is flawless; she has the figure of a goddess with her slim form and an incredibly stunning face. Evidently, she is a hot commodity on the streets ― the fashion runways precisely. Just because Baldwin is a married woman now, she is not slowing down and made her comeback in December for Versace.

Strutting down the runways of the most luxurious and prestigious fashion designers is her thing, and no one will ever take that away from her.

However, Bieber's ex-flame, most notably a singer and actress, has also rocked the runway. Gomez made her runway debut at Coach's SS19 showcase in September 2018. Will there be some competition between the two? Probably not, but we love how uncanny this is.

11 Both Stunning Stars Give Back

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What is more gracious than a woman who gives back and tries to help make a difference in the world? Nothing.

Starting with the songstress, if you follow her on IG, you may have been touched by her wonderful posts showing the charity work she has done. Gomez has selflessly devoted much of her time to a nonprofit group called A21 that was established to combat human trafficking. The organisation has been Gomez's focus, and she poured her heart out during her unpaid internship.

Baldwin also has a keen interest in doing charity work and has partnered with UNICEF to help. As posted on her IG account, Mrs. Bieber wrote, "I’ve partnered with @unicef to raise money for children who are in need of medical attention, clean water, food, and education."

10 Their Friends Are Top Priority

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In Hollywood, it is easier to have more enemies than friends. It is a tough world out there. However, Baldwin and Gomez do not fall into that category. You may have realised that two A-listers are rarely involved in drama. Neither are they associated with negative tabloids and press.

Instead, if you follow both humble and beautiful stars on their IG accounts, you'll quickly notice that the most important things to them are their loved ones. 

They rarely post about the glitz and glam. Instead, both respectably post delectable pictures of themselves hanging with their besties. And if you read their captions, it is evident that their friends are their favourite things in the world.

9 Adidas Loves Mrs. Bieber And Selena Gomez

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When stars become so big in Hollywood, it is normal that companies and brands will approach them to collaborate. The model who is now married to the Biebs landed her own project with Adidas that she could show off about all over her IG.

Baldwin became the first ever style creator for Adidas and JD, which is quite impressive at her young age. Everything is coming up roses for the stunning model, so it is no surprise her career is expanding.

On the other hand, back in 2015, Gomez and sportswear fans went nuts when Gomez was chosen by the "three-stripes" brand to make her own collection, which was the Selena Gomez for Adidas NEO line.

8 The Two Are Open With Their Fans

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Though we perceive many celebrities to be perfect, like these two dolls, the reality is they are not.

Although some stars try to hide their flaws and imperfections, Baldwin and Gomez prefer showing the reality of things. So much so that they use social media as a platform to let the world know of certain issues they are dealing with or have previously dealt with.

Gomez has more than often opened up about her anxiety. Whether she did on her IG or during interviews, the brunette songstress has not held back from opening up.

And, Baldwin recently claimed that she wanted to be more open than she already was, writing in an IG post, "I want to be more open about the things I struggle with, and be able to be more vulnerable."

7 Who Is The Fashion Copycat?

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The two stars have fashion in their blood, there is no doubt about that. If we saw their wardrobes, we would be totally envious, and we would most probably salivate.

We mentioned before that the two lovable stars wore the same Balenciaga sweater, but the fashion similarities go beyond that. There is a reason why they opted for the same sweater during the same week, and that is because their style is identical. If you take a quick scroll through both of their IG feeds, you'll quickly notice their love for oversized clothing, denim, crop tops, athleisure, graphic tees and black. They basically both look like they came out of the 60s-80s, with a love for casual wear. Now you know what the Biebs likes.

6 Maybe One Day They'll March Together

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Being a celebrity helps, especially when you want to take a stand and make a point. Both Baldwin and Gomez are not shy to post their personal opinions on their IG pages.

Many celebrities shy away from posting anything to avoid harsh feedback, but nothing stopped these two young stars from voicing their thoughts.

As a matter of fact, Gomez attended the March For Our Lives protest against gun violence, hoping to affect change. Baldwin was not in attendance, but she did post a photo on her IG with the words "no guns" and captioned it "enough is enough." Since the two feel the same about the matter, we're sure they are going to continuously offer support to the cause.

5 Fresh Air Is Something They Dig

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The alluring Hailey Baldwin might have walked fewer runways last year to concentrate on her romance, but she earned her steps in taking walks and hikes.

We are going to go ahead and say that being somewhat active and sporty is a requirement for the woman Justin Bieber chooses to date. We often see photos of Justin and his wife hiking in the warm weather (with model Kendall Jenner) joining them, but we used to see the same sight with Bieber and his ex-girl, Selena.

While Gomez continues to be one with nature, often photographed out for a hike with gal pals, so does Baldwin. It is certainly a hobby for the two and a way to get away from all the Hollywood fuss.

4 Family First

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We know that Hailey Baldwin hails from a close-knit family, but what about the "The Wolves" singer?

Baldwin and Gomez use their social media not only to post their awesome outfits and their upcoming works, but also to show how much their family means to them. Mrs. Bieber often posts photos of herself as a child with her parents that totally make us blush, and she loves displaying her adoration for her mom and uncle Alec Baldwin, too.

If you're a follower of Gomez, then you know how much her mom means to her. Countless times Gomez has posted photos with her beautiful mother, thanking her and showing her endless appreciation.

3 They Both Opt For Personal Privacy

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The two glamorous women may lead posh and lavish lifestyles, but that does not mean they enjoy the cameras flashing at them, even if they're totally used to it by now.

We said before that both Baldwin and Gomez are similar in the way that they both enjoy smooching and hugging in public, but privacy is a top priority for them both. The eyes of the world are constantly on them, and like many other celebrities, these two do not find joy in performing stunts to get attention.

Notice how Baldwin and Bieber's wedding was completely private? We have not caught a glimpse of anything. In a similar way, Gomez took a hiatus from social media for quite some time to do her own thing and catch her breath in her own privacy.

2 They Are The Faces Behind Brands

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Gomez recently resurfaced on IG and posted a pic of herself looking all fresh-faced and happy with her friends. But she made it clear that she was focused on her work more than anything. That work includes her collaboration with fashion house Coach. Gomez even opened up and told Vogue exactly what she felt like working as a designer, and we are seriously fan-girling for this girl boss at the moment.

Baldwin is a model, and so her link to the fashion world is inevitable. She, too, recently became the face behind clothing brands like Adidas and PrettyLittleThing. These women know what is up!

1 The Hollywood A-listers Are Humble

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Gomez fans know that her heart is bigger than her popularity, literally. Besides being so beautiful, we are sure the reason Gomez was so irresistible to Bieber was because of her heart of gold ― she is the one who kept him grounded through all his trials and tribulations.

Now, Bieber calls Hailey Baldwin his wife and thus far, she has stood by him and shown her loyalty. Looking at her IG page, you'll quickly notice that she does not show off or brag much about her lifestyle. When she is out with her new beau, she does not put on a show. Baldwin is all about love, and so is Gomez.

See? They're actually more alike than we thought!

Sources: CapitalFM, Vogue (via Hello)

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