Hailey Baldwin Trying To Help Husband Justin Bieber As He Struggles With Depression

Hailey Baldwin tries to support husband Justin Bieber through his depression

Hailey Baldwin is trying to help her husband, Justin Bieber in any way she can as he is struggling with depression at the moment. The Love Yourself singer recently took to his Instagram to share the status of his mental health with his fans and followers and shared a photo in black and white showing himself, rapper Kanye West, and Justin's manager, Scooter Braun praying together. In the caption he described how he has been feeling really disconnected lately, asking his followers to please pray for him, and saying how he was hoping this update on his mental issues would resonate with others.

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Hailey is trying to be there for her husband in any way possible and wants to do everything to help him deal with his depression. Although the newlyweds have only been married since last fall, they are already going to therapy, but not because they are having problems as a couple. Instead, they are seeking help to make sure they communicate well with each other, which is the most important thing in any relationship. According to Justin, he is the emotional one while Hailey is more rational and structured, which the Sorry singer says is excactly what he needs in a significant other. Now, Hailey will of course always be by Justin's side supporting him as he deals with his depression, but she is not a therapist. Therefore, Justin decided to seek treatment so that he can be the best version of himself for both of them.

Hailey Baldwin is trying to help Justin Bieber with his depression
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As reported by Elle, sources close to the young couple are expressing concern about how Justin's depression is affecting his relationship with Hailey. As much as she wants to help him and as much as he needs her by his side, it is hard to maintain a strong relationship while he is going through this.

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Apparently, the newlyweds are dealing with trust issues, but this is hopefully something they are working through in their therapy sessions. At the end of the day, they both seem adamant on making their marriage work and sticking by each other through any hardship that may come their way.

It is admirable when celebrities share their mental health issues because it might help so many others who are dealing with similar problems. Let's hope Justin manages to get through this with help from therapy and Hailey's love and support.

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