Hailey And Justin Bieber Are Said To Be A “Complicated" But “Cute” Couple

Ever since their whirlwind romance began, Hailey and Justin Bieber have been the subject of a ton of media and public scrutiny alike. From the beginnings of their relationship to their surprise enlopement to the two continuing to plan their wedding ceremony, it's hard to not want to follow the couple. Despite how sudden you may or may not think the couple's relationship may be, no one can deny that they seem to be extremely happy together.

One person would seems to be happy for the Biebers is Billy Baldwin, Hailey's famous uncle. Baldwin couldn't help but gush about his niece and her relationship with the wildly popular Canadian singer/songwriter. When you see what all he has to say, it's clear that he has a high opinion of Mrs. Bieber as a whole.

"She's an impressive young woman! And she's a married young woman. I didn't get married until I was 33 and I became a parent when I was 37. She's married at I think 23! Cute couple, great couple. Complicated!" Baldwin said in a recent interview.

via ABC News


Baldwin didn't just beam with pride while talking about Hailey, though. In the same interview, he also revealed some key advice he gave her in the past regarding marriage. Given that he's been married to famous singer Chynna Phillips since 1995, it's safe to say that he knows a thing or two about this particular subject.

"I always tell [Hailey], 'I'm in a showbiz marriage, and my wife was a very celebrated and successful recording artist like your husband.' Clearly not on the level of her husband," he added. "But I said, 'If you ever want to talk to me about the trials and tribulations and how to try to avoid the land mines, I've been with my wife for almost 30 years now.'"

Baldwin had said in a previous interview that he'd wished that the Biebers had waited before they decided to get married. But he also voiced his support anyways for the union, making it clear that he's more concerned than upset about their relationship. The couple have also come out to say that they're nervous about how they'll change as they grow. All we can hope is that the two will be able to make their marriage work for the rest of their lives.

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