Gwen Vs. Miranda: Who Should Blake Shelton Have Ended Up With

From country star Miranda Lambert to pop star Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton has had his fair share of dating steamy women. Then again, what are you supposed to expect from "The Sexiest Man Alive." As singers and songwriters, both blonde bombshells, Miranda and Gwen, have managed successful careers in the music industry. From both belonging to music groups to both managing solo careers, they've earned their respected titles of a superstar.

Aside from their success in their careers, both Miranda and Gwen have been married before, and as a matter of fact, they were both married to singer/songwriters. Now, they continue to date people in the music industry as Gwen is in a happy relationship with Miranda's ex-husband, Blake Shelton, while Miranda is happily dating Anderson East.

Despite belonging to different genres of music, Miranda and Gwen are pretty similar. They are both two stunning women, with successful careers. Each has been nominated over a hundred times for awards, and together they have a combined total of one hundred wins. With their beautiful vocals, both Miranda and Gwen are icons in the music industry; however, one question still remains, which singer and songwriter Blake should have ended up with in the end.

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20 Miranda Lambert: The Steamy Blue Eyed Blonde Hair Beauty From Texas

Born in Longview Texas, on November 10th 1983, Miranda Leigh Lambert would grow up to become would grow up to charm the hearts of millions with her sparkling blue eyes, and dazzling smile. With the support of her family, and driven by her passion, Miranda released a self-titled CD of her first recordings in 2001. However, Miranda's career began to take flight in 2003 when she competed in a country music talent competition called Nashville Star. Despite being the third runner-up, Miranda still scored a contract with Sony Music. The following year, Miranda released her first single "Me and Charlie Talking." Not long after that, Miranda would go on to releasing her album in 2005 titled Kerosene. With the release of the album, this country beauty shocked listeners with her firey spirited lyrics.

19 Gwen Stefani: No Doubt, Fiercely Steamy

Gwen Renée Stefani was born in Fullerton California on October 3rd, 1969. This Californian cutie was inspired to take up music from her brother Eric. Believe it or not, it was actually her brother Eric along with their friend John Spence who founded the band No Doubt. Not long after, Gwen joined the group as a second singer, until John passed away. After his death, Gwen became the lead singer and in 1992 the band released their first album. Two years later, Eric would leave the group, but Gwen remained and began taking the industry by storm. Despite being a self-proclaimed dork, with her red lips and a bold fashion sense, Gwen impressed millions with a confident look that was all hers, making her a fiercely steamy icon!

18 Miranda Lambert: Steamy Looks And A Firey Spirit

Now, thirty-four years old, Miranda was only in her early twenties when her career took off. However, she was not like anyone expected. With a happy up-beat love song as her first single, this young cutie surprised everyone when her album released feisty, blunt, and sometimes angry lyrics. She may look like the steamy girl-next-door, but don't be fooled, Miranda is a spitfire. Her lyrics having to mean and she explained, "I don't write about angels, Jesus, happy days, kids. I grew up on drinkin', cheatin', and love gone bad." While this isn't what was expected of the then up-and-coming country star, her lyrics resonated with both critics and the music loving community. Stunning, with a tough girl attitude, Miranda began climbing the country charts to solidify her spot as a country icon.

17 Gwen Stefani: Stylish and Steamy

A lot of women say there is nothing sexier than a well-dressed man. When it comes to a well-dressed woman, the name Gwen Stefani should come to mind! Gwen was taking an interest in fashion long before she was setting trends with her unique style. Taught to sew by her mother, it's no surprise that alongside her music career, then began exploring the fashion industry as well. By the mid-1990's Gwen was making headlines as a fashion icon, and even compared to Madonna! Coming from a family of seamstresses, and having already been receiving attention for her fashion choices, Gwen opened up her own fashion line in 2003, called L.A.M.B. She has also gone on to create an affordable line of fashionable eyewear called "GX" by Gwen Stefani. Now, everyone can dress like this steamy and stylish celeb!

16 Miranda Lambert: Steamy From Her Cowgirl Boots To Her Country Roots

There's not much more attractive than a woman who knows what she wants and is comfortable in her own skin, and that's exactly the kind of woman Miranda is! Prior to her rise to fame, Miranda had the opportunity to record an album; however, she chose to walk away from it. At this point, she was given pop songs that she just didn't connect with. Leaving that opportunity behind, Miranda went back to focusing on her true musical passion - country music. Knowing what she wanted to do in her career, Miranda actually hoped that she wouldn't come in first place on Nashville Star! Talking about the experience Miranda said, "The winner had to go in right after the contest and make a record in a couple of weeks, and I wasn't ready." Staying true to herself, the then nineteen-year-old Miranda set a course for success in her career!

15 Gwen Stefani: Picture Perfect, Perfection

Just like her lips, and the color of the background in this steamy photograph, Gwen once dyed her hair fuchsia! She did this in response to her breakup with her then-boyfriend Gavin Rossdale - who she did get back together with and marry. Taking the emotional response of changing her hair after a breakup (something a majority of women have done at some point), Gwen has always kept a personal element to her lyrics. For a time, Gwen dated band member Tony Kanal. The couple didn't last, and Gwen poured her feelings into her work. Her inspiration, from the breakup, helped to create the hit song "Don't Speak." Creating personal lyrics, Gwen has resonated with an assorted audience of people, which makes her one beautiful and powerful pop sensation!

14 Miranda Lambert: Sizzlin' Red Hot

Miranda is not afraid to show off a little skin, in her sexy red concert outfit! While it's hard to imagine a time when Miranda wasn't breaking hearts on stage, she wasn't always the heart stopper she is now. That seems hard to believe considering this star was voted "most likely to be a country singer" in the sixth grade. Growing up, Miranda was a bit of a tomboy, learning how to shoot and hunt deer. As an adult, she still likes to hunt, fish, barrel race, and take care of the farm animals. Although, Miranda will admit that she didn't get a sense of style until after appearing on Nashville Star. In her own words, her style in high school was "hideous," as she wore wind pants, t-shirts, and no makeup. We've all had fashion mishaps when it comes to our past fashion choices; however, it's comforting to know the steamy Miranda Lambert has been there too!

13 Gwen Stefani: Casual Has Never Looked So Good

Everyone has that go-to outfit. It's the minimum effort, casual outfit that is quick to throw on but still manages to look cute. Sometimes in our effort to throw together a quick and comfortable look, we lose the element of cute. Well, this is not the case for Gwen as she takes her dog out for a walk. Gwen looks flawless in her casual style. Once married, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced their divorce in 2015, after being together for over twelve years. Together the couple had three kids. Now at forty-eight, this single mother of three, is absolutely stunning, even in her casual attire! No wonder, a few months after announcing her divorce, Blake Shelton began dating Gwen. Who could resist this steamy star?

12 Miranda Lambert: Smoldering Blue Eyed Belle

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were the power couple of the country world. Married in 2011, they announced their divorce in 2015. While the couple's marriage did not go as they had intended, Miranda learned a lot during that time. Heartbroken the couple requested their privacy during the split, and since then has remained amicable with each other. After having dealt with the heartbreak, Miranda learned how to celebrate the smiles and to focus on her loves, the three M's as she puts it: Music, Mutts, and Miranda! Doing what she likes to do, Miranda has taken up barrel racing and has dedicated herself to her music, finding peace in songwriting. Loving yourself and your life is most important and this steamy singer is a leading example exactly that!

11 Gwen Stefani: Still Just As Steamy Going Solo

Gwen's fashion line L.A.M.B stands for Love. Angel.Music.Baby. This just so happens to be the title of her first solo career album, released in 2004. From her pop-punk style songs with No Doubt, Gwen's album hit the market full of pop, club style songs. However, the album was a huge success, producing hits like "Rich Girl," and "Hollaback Girl." In the same year, Gwen also starred in The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio. Already an icon, Gwen's role in the film showed her off as a steamy sex symbol. With No Doubt taking a break from music, Gwen's solo career soared and in 2006 she released another widely received album. Hot in films, and steamy on stage, Gwen Stefani is a sultry superstar!

10 Miranda Lambert: Bringing the Girls Together

A leading star in the country music industry, everyone knew the name of the steamy Miranda Lambert by the time her fourth album was ready to be released. Working with Ashley Monroe on even more songs, Miranda saw the potential for them to be more. Calling up Angaleena Presley, the girls began plans to be more than solo artists. Knowing some of her songs, weren't the right fit for her as a solo artist, Miranda, along with Ashley and Angaleena, decided they would sing the songs as a group, and thus, in 2011, Pistol Annies was born. At first, concertgoers were confused when at a Miranda Lambert concert, three microphones would appear on stage. That is until the Annies popularity grew. Still maintaining their solo careers, Pistol Annies, serves as another platform for these women to share their music and have fun performing together.

9 Gwen Stefani: Ending The Doubt, Bringing No Doubt Back Together

Gwen established herself as a successful solo artist, however, in 2009 she decided she would put her solo career on hold and bring the band back together. As Gwen finished up her latest tour, the members of No Doubt threw themselves back into creating a new album. However, this album was taking longer to create then they originally thought, so in 2009 they hit the road on tour once again. Nearly eleven years after their last album, No Doubt released their album "Push and Shove" in 2012. While still working and performing with the band, in 2016 Gwen released her third solo album. To this day, No Doubt is still together, although they are taking a bit of a hiatus. Whether she's making headlines with the band or as a solo artist, Gwen still looks like the steamy superstar she is!

8 Miranda Lambert: Looking Smokin' In A Bikini

Miranda is practically glowing as she struts around in her bikini. However, even though she is smokin' hot in a bikini, Miranda has a very different outlook on it as she tells Marie Claire, "It's way too much focus on women's bikini photos and I hate it. Why do we care? I want women to love themselves whatever they've got going on." This all came out after tabloids came out with rumors regarding Miranda's forty-five-pound weight loss. Miranda doesn't stick to a strict diet or exercise routine, instead, she just remains mindful of what she eats and works with a personal trainer. For her, it's all about being healthy, happy, and confident in your own skin. And she's admittedly happy to be a "normal size girl." While she looked amazing curvy, we have to admit, trimmed and toned is still just as gorgeous on her!

7 Gwen Stefani: Beach Bod Perfection

Gwen has always had a toned body. Have you seen her abs? They're absolute perfection! Gwen has always taken pride in her body and staying in tip-top shape. After all, forty-three people were still shocked to see she could still be found doing push-ups on stage. Now at forty-eight, and with three children, Gwen is still rocking the perfect beach bod! Women everywhere would love to know the secret to having a body like hers, especially being busy with a career and children. Well, Gwen reveals, "There is no secret: you just have to eat healthily, work out, and torture yourself." Gwen's body is definitely steamy, and the fact that she puts in the effort to keep her slim and sculptured shape makes her all the steamier!

6 Miranda Lambert: Ain't Nothing Steamier Than A Little Black Dress

There's a reason every woman has a little black dress stored away in their closet. For one, it's functional, as in you can dress it up or dress it down for any occasion. For another, the little black dress is a classic because it makes every woman look steamy and classy. And Miranda proves this in her little black dress, photoshoot for Cosmopolitan! Despite dressing glamorously, Miranda still drives her '55 Chevy truck, which she claims she will keep forever. In fact, her Chevy inspired the name for her winery, 55 Winery - which features seven bottles, including ones named after her songs like, "White Liar," "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," and "Kerosene." With her successful business venture, along with her career, Miranda is one elegant and steamy force to be reckoned with!

5 Gwent Stefani: AKA Steamy Stefani

Hottie, alert! Gwen is definitely a steamy, celebrity, but do you know what her secret to success is? It's not her looks, although to be honest she's always been stunning! Gwen's secret to her success is she is driven by her heart, always doing what she is passionate about! If you love what you do, it's easy to put in the work to make your passions become realities. In fact, Gwen loves her career so much, that when asked what kind of work she would do for free, she told Marie Claire, "Everything that I do now." In fact, Gwen is so passionate about her career, that her career and performing actually serves as an emotional release. Her passion fills every aspect of her career, especially when writing her songs, which is why she admits her song, "Used To Love You," always makes her cry.

4 Miranda Lambert: Golden Hair And A Golden Heart

This country beauty has always looked out for those in need. Growing up, Miranda's father ran a private detective agency, and often at times her family would house and help battered women. At one point the family had to move into the farmhouse on her uncle's property after the detective agency hit a dry spell. However, the family built up the house, room-by-room, and lived off the land. Which, Miranda recalls the garden they would pick their food in. Taking these childhood memories with her, she bought herself a farm in Oklahoma and planted a garden. Always an animal lover, and having grown up helping those in need, Miranda began her own foundation called MuttNation. Miranda started the foundation with her mom in 2009, and seeks to provide a happy and safe place to call home for as many dogs as possible.

3 Gwen Stefani: Voice Of An Angel And A Makeup Goddess

As if there wasn't much else this steamy celebrity could do, in 2014 Gwen signed to become a judge on The Voice. Joining the show during their seventh season, Gwen filled in for Christina Aguilera, who took time off the show while she was expecting her second child. As a music superstar, Gwen was the perfect choice to fill in for Christina. However, when asked what Gwen would do if she wasn't a singer or songwriter, she would be a makeup artist! With her makeup always looking flawless, we can totally see that as a career choice for her. In fact, Gwen has dabbled in the makeup industry as she works as a global brand ambassador for Revlon. Keep following your heart Gwen, it looks good on you!

2 Miranda Lambert: The Steamy Country Superstar

About three months after splitting with Blake Shelton, Miranda began dating the rhythm and blues musician Anderson East. While Men don't fit into the three M's of Miranda's life (Music, Mutts, and Miranda), the country star and her beau have been going strong and celebrated their two year anniversary this past September. Although, it's hard to imagine how this steamy celeb from Texas, couldn't pull at your heartstrings. Firey, passionate, and down to earth Miranda has taken the country music industry by storm. From her dedication to her career to being a role model for self-confidence for women everywhere, Miranda Lambert is truly a special woman. And because we ain't white liars, we can all admit that Miranda Lambert is one steamy star!

1 Gwen Stefani: The Steamy Pop Sensation

After Gavin and Gwen divorced, Blake Shelton was there to offer his support, just as Gwen was offering her support while he went through his divorce with Miranda. Having worked together on The Voice both Gwen and Blake had become very good friends and even considered one another family. The rumors flew about the two dating, however, it wasn't until November of 2015 when the two became an official couple! To this day the couple is still going strong, as Gwen affectionately refers to her boyfriend as "Cowboy." Following her passion, and bearing her soul with her lyrics, Gwen has found her calling, and has been exceedingly successful in her career! It's hard not to love the steamy pop sensation that is Gwen Stefani!

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