20 Guys Reveal What Annoyed Them About Her Best Friends

Once a guy breaks up with his girl, she officially becomes an “ex” and that means he can finally feel free to let the world know what he really thinks about her best friends. While they were together, he had to suck it up for the sake of the relationship, but now that the relationship is over, he’s ready to tell it like he sees it. Wendy Williams would be proud.

It’s not like a guy has to adore or admire every one of his girlfriend’s besties, but when they have all sorts of unseemly qualities that make being around them less-than pleasant, it can put a severe strain on the relationship. Not to mention, how could a girl he’s so into be cool with friends who he finds so off-putting? Perhaps this was the reason for their breakup…

Here are some guys’ revelations as to what annoyed them most about their ex’s best friends. Some are more tolerable than others, but no matter the issue, it was enough to make the guy want to leave. But unless these guys are “Mr. Perfect,” it’s possible that their ex’s best friends found them just as irritating.

Read on to find out what made these guys so fired up. It’s not like they were dating these gals, but just because they were their ex’s besties, it made their behavior seem extra unbecoming.

Geez…can’t we all just get along?

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20 They'd Call Constantly

Hollywood Reporter

That phone would never stop ringing. The sound of the ringtone was maddening. And if it wasn’t a call, the texts were happening non-stop. Didn’t those friends have anything else going on in their lives? It seemed like the phone was buzzing 24/7 and the girls' chit-chatted and blabbed about anything and everything. How did they hold down jobs…or even eat or sleep for that matter?

All this time on the phone left little one-on-one time for the relationship. All his girl needed was a phone charger and the hope that she didn’t get laryngitis. “Can you hear me now?” was their best friend motto.

19 They'd Gossip Relentlessly

Via: dishnation.com

A pinch of harmless gossiping would be somewhat tolerable, but his ex’s besties behaved as though gossiping was godly. They would talk about people behind their backs, get super nosy about others’ relationships, and even gossip about the girls in their group when one or more wasn’t around.

No person or subject was off limits. The catty conversations were petty and pointless. And his ex would get swept up in all the senseless chatter, beginning to become just like her friends. It was like a never-ending episode of The Real Housewives…only this version was playing out in his living room.

18 They Were Lazy

Via: katborchart.com

Those ladies were really lazy. They would wake up well past noon, their places were pigsties, and they were not motivated to do much of anything. They took every shortcut imaginable and never did a thing that required too much thought or action. Why did he care? Because half the time, they hung around with him and his ex, and all they did was sit on the sofa and veg out.

Daytime TV was on all afternoon and they’d eat bowl after bowl of potato chips without cleaning up the crumbs. Laziness was the last straw when he couldn’t get his girl to go out because she was becoming just as apathetic.

17 They Loved To Flirt Too Much

Via: medium.com

A little flirting is only natural, perhaps even healthy, but his girl’s best friends were flirting friends. They batted their eyes at every guy in their path and even stepped over the line by flirting with him…in front of his ex! While the flattery was fun at first, the behavior became too much to take. These girls were super touchy-feely and said things that made him uncomfortable.

He wouldn’t care if they’d go out to bars or clubs and work their “magic,” but when he was on the receiving end of their unwanted attention, it was enough to push him over the edge.

16 They Wanted Too Much Info About the Relationship

Via: glamour.com

Guys totally get it that their girls and her friends will discuss one another’s relationships. Who else can they bounce ideas off of, vent to, or just get things off their chest with? It’s totally fine if someone wants to confide in a bestie about her boyfriend. But what about when a friend is constantly butting in and sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong? Who said she was the third member of the relationship?

Her friends were always asking questions, giving unwanted advice, and acting like they had a stake in the whole situation. He didn’t realize he’d be dating her friends too.

15 They Were Always Around

Via: popsugar.com

A guy wants some alone time with his girl. How else is the romance supposed to blossom? And there’s no chance of getting any quality time if others are constantly just a few feet away. It wasn’t like he was banning her besties from the place forever, but he did want to have some private time for the two of them every once in a while.

But these buddies were there around the clock – from the moment he got up 'till well past sunset. They’d even stay for dinner and would often sleep over. Even the most hospitable fella will let someone know when they’ve overstayed their welcome.

14 They'd Party Too Hard

Via: health.com

It’s one thing to go out on the town every once in a while to let loose and have a little fun. A few drinks, some dancing, and just enjoying a night off is fun and freeing. But his ex’s best friends were party animals. They’d go out every night of the week and stay out 'till 3 or 4 in the morning. They’d get completely blitzed. It wasn’t cool, it wasn’t safe, and he surely didn’t want his girlfriend associating with them and participating in their wild shenanigans.

The worst was when they’d crash at his pad after a night of who-knows-what and would wake up the next day not knowing where they were or who they were with.

13 They Were Moochers

Via: wallpaperflare.com

Man, were those girls moochers. They came over all the time and ate everything that wasn’t nailed down in the fridge, watched all their fave Netflix shows on someone else’s dime, and even did their laundry at his girlfriend’s place…and used up all the detergent. They’d “forget” their wallets when they went out to eat and although they promised to repay what they owed, when the time came to pay up, they pretended it never happened.

The worst part was how they never offered to help out around the house, even though they lived there like it was their own. No empty milk carton was ever replaced and they never pitched in to fill up a gas tank…not even $5 worth. Those ladies were just like leeches.

12 They Were Immature

Via: usatoday.com

While not every moment has to be serious, his girl’s best friends were never mature at all. Their level of childishness was unreal, and watching them act this way was troubling, particularly because his ex was beginning to regress and act just as immature. They would laugh like lunatics at the most ridiculous things, behave inappropriately in meaningful situations, and horse around when there were important things to do.

Because of their immature actions, they would get fired from jobs, lose other friends who could no longer tolerate their attitudes, and get into altercations with others. Growing up just wasn’t on their radar.

11 They'd Dress Too Provocatively

Via: womenshealthmag.com

There’s a fine line between looking nice and looking naughty. But his ex’s friends knew exactly where that line was and stepped so far over it that they may as well have not worn any clothing at all. Their idea of showing off their figures meant leaving literally nothing to the imagination. Every item in their closets was a size too small and looked cheap and cheesy.

It was uncomfortable being seen in public with these spectacles, but they enjoyed every bit of attention – good, bad, or otherwise. Once his girl started to take fashion advice from her friends, he knew he’d be in trouble.

10 They'd Encourage Bad Behavior

Via: harpersbazaar.com

Peer pressure doesn’t end in high school. Even grown women can pressure one another to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t, especially when they trust each other and don’t want to disappoint anyone. It would be great if she had pals who were positive role models, but his ex’s best friends were not exactly on the up and up.

They’d do all sorts of unseemly things, encouraging his ex to go along for the ride. They’d get into trouble, regret their actions, and somehow find a way to do it all over again. He didn’t like the idea that his ex was so impressionable and insecure. But she was intent on imitating her besties, no matter how badly they behaved.

9 They Had No Jobs

Via: thecut.com

Not everyone has a job all the time. Companies close, people are laid off, and so on and so forth. But his girl’s friends seemed to never be able to find work when the rest of the world was out there hustling to make ends meet. They’d always have lame excuses as to why they were unemployed, yet did little to change their situation.

They’d sit home all day watching TV or skimming through social media thinking a job was going to magically fall into their laps. They relied on others for food, a place to stay, and more. When everyone else is doing their fair share, it was a drag watching these women wait for Publishers Clearing House to knock on their front door.

8 They Were Rude


Those ladies were not likable. Their rude attitudes were terrible, from the way they spoke to others to the way they handled themselves in public. They believed the world revolved around them, and other people weren’t worth their time. Kindness was a foreign concept to them, and when things didn’t go their way, the rudeness was magnified.

From busboys to businessmen, these girls were mean to nearly anyone, using language that was everything from curt to classless. While his ex wasn’t as rude as her friends, the fact that she didn’t step up and say something meant that she was fine with their rudeness. And that’s rude in itself.

7 They Weren't That Smart

Via: pinterest.com

Not everyone’s an Einstein, but his girl’s friends barely had an entire brain between them. They were dimwitted and dull, making conversations about any subject nearly impossible to deal with. They had no idea what they were talking about most of the time, yet they’d blab on as though they were authorities on the matter at hand.

Not only were they unintelligent, but they’d do things that would make a person think that they were born yesterday. He thought there could be a chance that they were putting on an act for attention, and perhaps that was the case. But why not pretend to be smart instead? Guess they never thought of that…

6 They Weren't Loyal


While his ex never stepped out on him (or at least that’s what he believes), his ex’s friends were always doing that to the guys they were seeing. They couldn’t commit, or didn’t want to, so they would go behind their boyfriends’ backs and get together with other dudes.

They weren’t even shy about talking openly about their hookups, making it seem like everyone steps out on their special someone. He didn’t care for this sort of behavior, so he broke up with his girl before she decided to do the same thing to him. Why wouldn’t these girls just stay single if they always wanted to mingle?

5 They Were Gold Diggers

Via: blackloveadvice.com/

Those money hungry friends were all about “The Benjamins,” and it was starting to rub off on his girlfriend. When a guy is not exactly as well off as Jeff Bezos (who is?), bringing home the bacon doesn’t always mean there is a lot of dough to go around.

So, when his ex’s friends were always looking for men with mounds of money rather than suitors with sincerity and substance, it was a sign that all they saw were dollar signs when they sized up dudes. If a guy didn’t have lots of cash to throw around, he wasn't worth a penny. Unfair.

4 They Were Holier-Than-Thou

Via: petergeorgescu.com/

Obnoxious, arrogant, and snooty. These words pretty much sum up the “holier than thou” attitude his ex’s best friends possessed. They thought they were gifts to the world sent from heaven above, yet they really didn’t have any terribly terrific qualities of note. They’d walk around with their noses in the air and behaved as though everyone else was beneath them.

If they were indeed so special, they wouldn’t have had to put on such a show. His girl started to take a cue from her besties and began to show similar behavior. He wanted a partner, not a self-proclaimed princess.

3 They Were Superficial

Via: fortune.com

His girl’s friends were all about the material things, focusing on looks and lavish lifestyles. Feelings didn’t count and a person’s character wasn’t nearly as impressive as the type of car they drove or what was in their wallet. They’d spend hours in front of the mirror doing their hair and makeup, rack up thousands of dollars in debt on their credit cards from shopping for designer clothing and shoes, and only cared about being seen with the “right” people.

This superficial behavior was super-annoying, and he felt like his ex was becoming just like her friends. Whatever happened to a good personality and a shared sense of humor?

2 They Had No Class

Via: Starmagazine.com

While he didn’t exactly reside in a royal palace, at least he knew how to chew a meal with his mouth closed and not swear around impressionable young children. But his girl’s best friends were clueless, crass, and classless. They had no manners or much understanding of how to behave in basic situations. They dressed sloppily, stuck wads of gum under tables at restaurants, and flipped off grandmas in parking lots just for the fun of it.

Being seen with them in public was enough to give him a panic attack, so he had to break up with his girlfriend just to get away from them.

1 They Were Celebrity-Obsessed

Via: closerweekly.com

It’s fun to watch movies and TV and to listen to music and go to concerts. Being a fan of a celeb is cool, but being obsessed takes things to a whole other level. His ex’s besties were bonkers over any celebrity that was hot at the moment. From the Kardashian of the day to the cast of Game of Thrones, these girls lived vicariously through the lives of the rich and famous, forgetting that they were just regular people who’d likely never even meet their celeb crush.

They’d talk about these stars as though they were family, and his ex’s mind was becoming just as twisted. There’s more to life than reality shows and gossip rags you can grab at the checkout line!

Sources: Reddit

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