Customizable Bags And Sneakers Are Available From Gucci

As a celebration of self-expression, Gucci created a new DIY customization program, cleverly named "ABCDEFGucci," that allows buyers to personalize tote bags and sneakers with their initials. There are over 15 different combinations of patterns, colors, and materials available to customize the Ophidia tote and the Ace sneakers on the Gucci website. Each product can be customized with up to two initials.

The Ophidia tote is available in two sizes—large and maxi. Both bags are designed in Gucci’s classic beige and ebony webbed pattern with a green and red stripe down the middle. They also feature brown leather trim and gold Double G hardware. Initials are added on top of this design in your choice of colored leather, crystal-studded felt, or various shades of caiman or python print. If you decide to include two initials, one will appear on the front of the bag and the other will appear on the back.

Gucci’s Ace sneakers, made of white leather, have the same customization options available. Both men’s and women’s sneakers feature a blue and white stripe going down the sides of each shoe, as well as red backs on the left shoes and blue backs on the right shoes. The initials are embroidered onto large white patches over the shoes’ laces.

Each DIY accessory is delivered in special packaging printed with “ABCDEFGucci.” A campaign for the new service went live on May 10th, 2018. The video, shot by Petra Collins, featured a character dreaming of becoming a rock star while wearing the customizable pieces.

This isn’t the first time that Gucci has allowed customers to make designing decisions. The Italian fashion house released a similar DIY collection back in 2016, named "Gucci DIY." In this collection, a selection of symbols could be embroidered onto shirt or jacket sleeves; printed silks could be added as tailoring linings; and small initials could be appliqued onto leather jackets, bombers, and sneakers. The campaign began shortly after Alessandro Michele took over as Gucci’s creative director in 2015. Michele firmly believes that men and women should be able to express themselves through fashion freely and uniquely.

In addition to Gucci’s website, customization is also available at the new Wooster Street store in New York. Gucci Wooster developed an in-store app to help customers personalize totes and sneakers through augmented reality. Customers can point a provided iPhone or iPad camera at a sneaker or tote and customize it in a real-world setting.

"ABCDEFGucci" will be available at more Gucci stores in September. In the meantime, customize your products at gucci.com.


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