GTA V: 20 Disturbing Facts About Trevor's Past

The publisher behind Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games, makes more than just video games. They’re more than a realistic depiction of society—even more than an immersive experience—the games offer a rich lore and backstory for players to sink their teeth into.

The latest entry in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, which arrived back in 2013. According to USgamer, it’s already managed to make an impressive $6 billion since its release.

Part of what makes the series so successful is the dark and gritty storyline. At the center of GTA V’s story is Trevor Philips, one of three main heroes for the player to control.

We put together a list of disturbing things from this GTA V character’s surprising backstory.

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20 He Had No Place To Call Home

via GTA Wiki - Fandom

A difficulty Trevor had to endure during his childhood was never having a place to call home. According to YouTube channel NoughtPointFourLIVE, he bounced around “five states, two countries, fourteen different homes.” Beyond that, he didn’t even have a consistent family, as the clip mentions him having eight fathers.

19 Cosplayer Called To Mind Memories Of His Dead Brother

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The loss of his brother left a traumatic scar on Trevor that he continues to carry with him. Although he seldom shows this sorrow over his brother, he mentions him once to an unlikely cosplayer. The character Graham dressed up as a zombie on Vinewood Boulevard, to which Trevor states: “You remind me of my brother Ryan” (Wattpad).

18 He Sleeps Longer Than The Other Main Characters

via Kotaku

Each main character has their own fixed number of hours they sleep. Depending on how long they sleep determines what time the world is when each of them are playable again. Between Franklin, Michael and Trevor, Trevor sleeps the most, clocking in at a whopping twelve hours. According to Wattpad, that’s due to battling withdrawal symptoms from drugs.

17 The Cops Tease Him Because He’s Always Getting Into Trouble

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On the surface, it’s actually pretty funny that the Los Santos Police Department teases Trevor. “Get down right now, Trevor!” they yell over the loudspeaker whenever they see him. Yet one pauses and really thinks about it, it’s sad to imagine Trevor getting in trouble so many times, he’s practically become a joke to the LSPD.

16 Expelled From School

via TV Tropes

In what may be an allusion to Adolf Hitler, who failed to get into Art school, Trevor also had artistic ambitions. Wattpad reports that when speaking to Franklin, Trevor admits to having an interest in singing or art, but that he got expelled from school. It’s tragic to imagine Trevor becoming a successful artist instead of a criminal (All That’s Interesting).

15 His Father Left Him At A Shopping Mall

via GTA - Wordpress.com

Trevor's father helped shaped him into the character he is by the time players meet him in GTA V. Sadly, his dad left him at a shopping mall at a young age. This hurt Trevor and only exacerbated his anger. He ended up taking his anger out on the “scene of the crime” so to speak, by burning the shopping mall down to the ground (YouTube channel NoughtPointFourLIVE).

14 He Developed Rage Issues As A Result Of His Abusive Father

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It only takes a few minutes of witnessing Trevor to realize he’s got some anger problems. These issues stem from his difficult childhood at the hands of his father. According to YouTube channel NoughtPointFourLIVE, his father abused him, which led to Trevor hurting other animals in his youth and people later on.

13 His Character’s Interface Color Reflects His Personality

via YouTube Poop Wiki

When switching between characters in Grand Theft Auto V, each one has their own assigned color. Franklin is green, Michael is blue and Trevor is orange. There may be more to this color though than mere aesthetics. Wattpad reports that orange can represent “amusement and madness,” which certainly relates to Trevor's own tempestuous history.

12 Discharged From Canada’s Air Force

via GTA5-mods.com

After he got expelled from school, Trevor struggled to find stability. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force though his career there didn’t last long. YouTube channel NoughtPointFourLIVE reports that after just a week as a pilot, they discharged him. This was just another rejection Trevor had to go through, ultimately leading him to a life of crime.

11 He Could Have Been A Pro Golfer

via Tumblr

Those even remotely aware of Trevor’s background know it’s a tragic one. He had a rough childhood and has experienced some traumatic episodes leading up to the game. When players go golfing with Trevor, he mentions nearly turning pro. For Trevor, it’s a sad reminder of what his life could have been (Wattpad).

10 Resorted To Crime After His Discharge From Air Force

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After the Air Force let Trevor go, things only go downhill from there. Desperate to make some sort of living for himself, Trevor resorts to committing criminal acts. He eventually gets into smuggling cargo, which is how he connects with Michael—one of GTA V’s three main playable characters (YouTube channel NoughtPointFourLIVE).

9 He Can Wear Women’s Clothing

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There are lots of humorous and weird things in GTA V, like being able to make Trevor wear dresses. Yet the makers behind the game could be saying something more about his sad history. According to Wattpad, this may be a reference to Patricia Madrazo, a character Trevor once captured and fell in love with.

8 He And Michael Are Friends Because They’re Both Sick

via Kill Screen

There’s a disturbing episode that brings Trevor and Michael together. When Michael has a dispute with one of his workers, Trevor essentially takes care of Michael’s problem for him in a really insane way—by causing a flare to explode in the worker's face. Without a doubt, both Michael and Trevor have problems (YouTube channel NoughtPointFourLIVE).

7 He May Have Unseemly Thoughts About His Mom

via YouTube channel Video Games Source GTA V

It’s kind of gross, but there are suggestions Trevor has a thing for his mom. According to Grand Theft Wiki, he admits to being an “incest kinda guy.” That, combined with the fact that he’s acted strangely around her at times—even hugging her legs at one point while on the ground—suggests there’s an odd relationship.

6 Michael’s Wife Hates Trevor

via Grand Theft Auto V

Finding friends and having healthy relationships comes difficult for Trevor. He forms an unusual bond with Michael’s two kids, who end up calling him Uncle Trevor. Yet there’s someone who gets in the way of their friendship: Michael’s wife Amanda. She’s not a fan of Trevor and keeps him from interacting with her kids (YouTube channel NoughtPointFourLIVE).

5 He’s Not On Good Terms With The Lost Motorcycle Club

via cyberspaceandtime.com

The Lost MC—also known as The Lost Motorcycle Club—is a biker gang in Los Santos. Trevor was once at war with the gang—an event they haven’t forgotten or forgiven him for. As Wattpad points out, when players encounter other members of The Lost MC as Trevor, they treat him poorly.

4 His Complicated Gang Affiliations

via YouTube channel i TzaaaR's Story

Even when Trevor associated with gangs he wasn’t able to find stability. Johnny, the leader of The Lost MC, eventually got into a major conflict with Trevor. Trevor got involved with Johnny’s girlfriend, which led to a deadly falling out. It was something Trevor had to pay the price for, which we cover later on.

3 His “None of your business card”

via IGN

Each of the main characters have their own business card. Trevor’s is short and simple. It reads, “None of your business card.” It’s a funny Easter egg that perfectly sums up Trevor’s personality. It’s also a sad reminder that he’s a closed book who isn’t keen on sharing his feelings with others.

2 He Had To Lay Low For Seven Years

via YouTube channel IMTRUSKILLZ

After the conflict with Johnny, Trevor had to go under the gangs’ radar. You Tube channel NoughtPointFourLIVE reports he laid low for seven long years. He finally goes out of hiding to connect with Michael, and the two join forces to do jobs together. That about brings Trevor’s storyline up to the point players meet him at the beginning of GTA V.

1 He Doesn’t Trust Others And Fears They'll Betray Him

via Rock Paper Shotgun

Trevor hasn’t had the best role models or friends he can count on in life. This leads him to be distrustful of others, such as Michael and Franklin, his closest allies. The game plants this idea throughout in different jobs where Trevor often takes the non-aggressive role on jobs. As Wattpad points out, the Merryweather Heist where he lays low with the mini-sub or The Big Score when he hangs out with the helicopter both serve as examples.

Sources: USgamer, Wattpad, grandtheftwiki.com, All That's Interesting, YouTube

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