Growing Up Famous: What The Rest Of The Duggar Kids' Lives Are Like

Who has not heard of the infamous Duggar Family?

These days, roughly half of those Duggar kids have matured into adults and are now married and have children of their own. Oh yeah, the Duggars are rapidly multiplying, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

We hear a lot about Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna as they now try and navigate marriage and parenthood outside of the confines of their strict parents' home. But what about the little Duggars? What is going on with those younger Duggars who are still living under Michelle and J.B.'s roof?

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20 Plenty Of Playmates? Maybe Not

One of the possible perks to having such a giant family is being able to play with available kids whenever the mood strikes. All of those brothers and sisters can provide quite the friend-base when boredom hits. The Duggar kids have some rules that prevent them from playing with any brother or sister that they want, however.

19 Home Schooling Crew

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Homeschooling the kids has been a cornerstone of Michelle and Jim Bob's parenting beliefs since their oldest son Josh was a tot, and it seems that not much has changed in that realm. Michelle Duggar is still making sure her kids learn their ABC's under her watchful eye and within the confines of the family home.

18 No Lift On The Duggar Dress Code

Jinger Duggar has been seen rocking pants and sneakers in recent years, and Jill has also become lax when it comes to the infamous Duggar Dress Code. Even Josh and Anna let their small kids run amok in jeans when the mood strikes them. Lots of Duggars are veering away from the conservative frocks that they were required to wear while under their parents' rule, but what about the kids still living at home?

17 Big House, Two Bedrooms

The Duggars left in the family home have a lot of space these days. With so many older siblings married and in homes of there own, the space left to the younger Duggars has practically doubled. With Duggar siblings like Jessa, Jill, Josh, Jinger, and company leaving home, a bit of elbow room has been created for Jason on down.

16 Getting Into The Business Of Flipping

Jason Duggar is barely into his adult years, yet he is spending his time doing some very mature activities. He has already managed to take his earnings from the family show and put them towards purchasing and flipping his first property.

15 James Has An Interesting Chore

Kids who grow up in a large family sometimes have no choice but to contribute to the family by performing a bevy of household chores. Sometimes they are given the task of washing dishes while other times they might be responsible for raking leaves or sorting laundry. In a large family, everybody plays a part.

14 Siblings And Allies

The Duggar kids most definitely have their favorites when it comes to siblings as friends. According to In Touch Weekly, different Duggar kids are close to varying brothers and siblings. Jennifer, Josie, and niece Mackynzie are a tight trio of adorable, while Johannah and Jackson have always forged a close bond, even back with they were little tykes in the television show interview room.

13 Josie's Health Concerns

Josie's survival was nothing short of a miracle. The last of the Duggar kids was born at only 25 weeks gestation. Being a micro-preemie, Josie was susceptible to all sorts of health woes that had the ability to plague her throughout her life.

12 And Her Musical Talent!

The Duggar family is moving from the television business to the music business, and it is all thanks to youngest Duggar kid, Josie. While many of the Duggars can carry a tune, Josie is fast becoming the family star. Ok Magazine reported that Josie, along with some of her siblings, was hard at work last year in the studio laying tracks down.

11 Taking Advantage Of Josie's Condition?

Michelle and J.B are no strangers to accusations that they only did their television show for money and often "exploited" their kids in the interest of making some serious dough. Josie seemed especially exploited during a couple of episodes because of her intense entry into the world and the health issues that followed her in her early years.

10 They Miss Their Older Siblings

Considering this family has always relied on the good old buddy system to function, it is no wonder that the little Duggars stuck at home are missing their older siblings. These now married and moved out siblings were the primary caregivers of the little Duggars for many years.

According to In Touch Weekly, Jill basically raised younger sister Joy-Anna, and then turned right around and raised little Jenny Duggar too.

9 Age 16 Will Bring On Some Freedoms

Young Duggar kids have a whole lot of restrictions when it comes to technology. There is limited television, radio, and internet in the kids' everyday lives. Oh yeah, also minimal social interactions, too, considering the kids don't exactly make friends at a public school or through recreational sports. Until a Duggar kid up and moves out, they live pretty sheltered lives.

8 There Are Restrictions On Fun

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Like the older Duggar kids, the younger ones still must abide by the bizarre Duggar rules of modesty. The kids are somewhat restricted when it comes to modes of entertainment. They are only allowed to listen to Bluegrass music and Christian tunes and they are prevented from bopping around the kitchen to their favorite songs.

7 Instruments Are Encouraged

The Duggar kids, young and old aren't allowed to engage in any dancing, they can't jam out to the latest Jonas Brothers tunes, and they most certainly will never be caught it tutus or sports uniforms. One pastime that is encouraged in this giant-sized family, however, is the playing of musical instruments.

6 But Never Organized Sports

According to The Duggar Family Blog, the kids in the clan play sports, just not in the conventional way that most children in this country do. One of the reasons that the kids are discouraged from hitting the court or throwing on a jersey is because if they all played basketball, soccer and footfall, Michelle and Jim Bob's lives would be completely unmanageable.

5 Friendships Are Formed Through Church Only

Think of how you made friends when you were young. Many friendships were probably formed through family friends at first, but later, most relationships likely came from the long hours spent at school or playing sports during the evening hours. The Duggar kids don't have these outlets to draw from when it comes to making pals, so they turn to the church.

4 Still Traveling The World

Imagine traveling the world with nineteen children in tow. I can't even mentally bring myself to conjure up visions of the luggage and chaos that would accompany such a vast undertaking. According to In Touch Weekly, the Duggars managed to overcome the challenges and hurdles that vacationing with youngsters sometimes brings and have been all over the globe with their family.

3 A Tale Of Two Moms

Yes, of course, Michelle Duggar is the family's ultimate matriarch, having birthed every single Duggar child from her own body, but the younger Duggar kids might sometimes become confused about who is genuinely momma.

Per Cheat Sheet, older sister Jana is still single and lives at home with her younger siblings. In many cases, she has taken on the role of caregiver for many of the little ones.

2 Jordyn Has Become The Family Helper

Jordyn Duggar looks to be the Jana in training these days. We all know by now that it is 29-year-old Jana Duggar who runs the roost and tends to the Duggar kids. She seems to have more tasks and responsibilities than her mother Michelle. Little Jordyn is likely to be watching her big sister and taking notes because many family members peg Jordyn as the greatest helper.

1 Mistaken Identity... Multiple Times

The Duggars made quite a ruckus with fans when they accidentally mistook one of their kids for another! It isn't impossible to believe, considering the sheer number of kids that are in the famous family. Per The Inquisitr, the day before Mother's Day 2018, Michelle left a seemingly innocent post under a pic of one of the younger Duggars working a sewing machine.

The caption under the image read, "Looks like Jordyn is getting some practice."

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