19 Gross Things WWE Stars Have Done

It's often overlooked just how gross being a pro wrestler can be. The entire job involves getting into matches with another person in front of thousands of people and often in crummy arenas. There are long road trips which can lead to nasty meals and thus some nastier outcomes with fellow workers. While WWE may be a billion-dollar company, they can still be home to antics that belong to some small independent promotion.

Some gross WWE antics are not only famous but downright legendary for wrestling fans. Some occurred on-air as part of storylines or characters but that doesn't change how gross they were to watch. Even wilder are the stories from crazy pranks to other acts that even involve bodily fluids in the ring. Here are 20 of the grossest things WWE stars have done both on and off camera to showcase just how weird the world of professional wrestling can get.

19 Sid And The Squirrel


Sid Vicious has never been known as a guy playing with a full deck to start with. But even by his standards, this was insane. To feel more at home on the road, Sid bought, of all things, a squirrel as a pet. During a locker room encounter, Sid was dared to put the squirrel into his pants for one minute. It took less than that for the squirrel to get into a very uncomfortable spot to make Sid howl. This may be the wildest story from a guy known for wild antics.

18 Mr. Socko Was Never Washed


In his first book, Mick Foley is forced to credit Al Snow with coming up with Mr. Socko. The simple idea of a dirty sock put on his hand, it gave Foley a new spark and one of the most loved bits of his act. However, not everyone was so pleased to get Socko shoved in their mouths. That's because Foley confessed in his books that he had a tendency to not wash Socko for weeks at a time and that's without having it placed into his tights. No wonder guys are seen gagging when it's used on them.

17 Dusty’s Muffler


It's a testament to Dusty Rhodes' skills that he could be a huge star for years despite not having a classic wrestling body. Dusty was one of those guys who would sweat so much that it'd be hard for opponents to hold onto him. So he started to use a "muffler" of paper towels to soak up sweat and stuff it into his shorts. In a match with the Beserker, the "muffler" fell out to show how horribly stained it was. Add another piece to the American Dream's legend.

16 Tommy Dreamer’s Tobacco Drink


Anyone who worked in ECW had to put up with gross stuff from the brutal matches to the wild locker room. Yet Tommy Dreamer's most disgusting moment happened on WWE TV. Dreamer and the Undertaker got into an in-ring encounter which ended with Taker forcing Dreamer to drink a cup filled with his tobacco spit. This was not chocolate, it was the real thing. At least Dreamer got a $7000 bonus for downing this disgusting drink.

15 Yoko’s Spill


Yokozuna was the largest WWE champion of all time, tipping the scales at nearly 600 pounds. Amazingly, he could move faster than many guys half his size and his finisher was his "Banzai drop" off the second rope. But in one match, Bret Hart clearly remembers looking up and seeing a brown stain on Yoko's pants right before he took his leap. While that's happened to other guys, it just makes Yoko's splash worse than usual.

14 X-Pac’s “Gifts”


Shawn Waltman was popular in WWE as X-Pac, a talented worker who could get major heat from fans. Sadly, he's also known as a huge jerk behind the scenes with some pranks that rubbed co-workers the wrong way. The biggest was that he enjoyed leaving "samples" in the bags of other wrestlers which got him in trouble. Waltman also gained infamy for an-ring injury that took "ripping a new one" literally. More than a few fans wondered if that was some weird karma at work.

13 Droz’s Act


Darren Droz had a decent look and not bad in the ring but his entire WWE act was marred from the start. The 1999 documentary Beyond the Mat shows how Vince's genius idea was for Droz to be known as "Puke" and even encouraging him to throw up on cue. They tried it for a bit but it didn't take (big shock) as Droz would go on to work with the Legion of Doom. Sadly, Droz's career was ended by a terrible in-ring accident to make his early gross act look even worse.

12 Bastion Booger’s Meals


In terms of the most disgusting WWE stars of all time, Bastion Booger has to top the list. He was bad enough with his heavy build before he wore an outfit that looked like a grey bandage over his bulky belly. Worse was how on air he would be eating constantly and spilling all over himself. From pizza to corn to chicken, he'd let the food just dribble over his chin. His finisher was dropping his backside onto an opponent's face. Few WWE fans or workers were sad when he finally left the company.

11 Vince Directing His Daughter


You really have to wonder what goes on in Vince McMahon's head. It's one thing that he insisted on having a wrestling match with daughter Stephanie a week before her wedding. But on the 2002 Halloween episode of SmackDown, Vince personally directed a sequence where long-time rival Eric Bischoff donned a Vince mask to kiss Stephanie at a party. The McMahons must have some very interesting family discussions.

10 Trish’s Dumping


Before she became one of the best female wrestlers of her generation, Trish Stratus was better known for looking hot on TV. A long angle had her playing Vince McMahon's mistress until Vince turned on her in a disgusting fashion. First, he made Trish crawl around the ring and bark like a dog. Then, after losing a match to Stephanie, Trish had a bucket of dirty mop water poured all over in the ring. It's amazing how she transformed into a star after that horrible treatment.

9 Haku’s Nose Bite


Known in WWE as Haku, Meng is regarded as arguably the toughest man in wrestling history. Stories of his often insane antics abound which include how he was once sprayed with mace and literally laughed it off. Another is that while at an airport, Haku was accosted by a fan who ranted on wrestling being fake. Haku's reaction was to go ahead and bite off the tip of the guy's nose, leading to a lawsuit. Yet more proof you shouldn't mess with this guy.

8 Snake Vs Bulldog


The British Bulldogs may have been a great tag team but they were also pretty big jerks outside the ring. Jake Roberts found that out the hard way when he and the Bulldogs were doing a show together. As he explains it, Jake was unaware the Bulldogs were using the bag containing python Damien as an ashtray, tossing everything from cigarettes to needles into it. So when Jake pulled Damien out of the bag, the upset snake wrapped around his neck so tight that he nearly choked Jake. No wonder snakes and dogs don't get along well.

7 Perfect’s Pranks


As Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig was one of the biggest stars in early '90s WWE. He was also one of the greatest pranksters in wrestling history. Many of his antics could be wild such as leaving "gifts" in the bags of his fellow wrestlers or an eyedropper to create a massive stink around the ring during a battle royale. He also was fond of leaving some "sample" under a ring when an opponent rolled under it. Everyone knew they had to be on their toes for one of Perfect's often gross pranks.

6 Booker T’s Dirty Tights


Before he became a huge singles star, Booker T was teaming with brother Stevie Ray as Harlem Heat. The duo was doing okay at first but it took being partnered with Sheri Martel for them to become tag team champions. Sherri was jarred at the stink coming off the two guys when they first met and realized it was because they were so cheap that they didn't bother washing their tights in between matches. Her first job as manager was to take their outfits to the laundry which the rest of the locker room must have appreciated.

5 Sunny’s Bucket


In her prime, Sunny was one of the hottest ladies in wrestling who helped create the modern "Diva" era. But she wasn't very well-liked in the locker room for various issues and other wrestlers wanted to take her down a peg. An angle was to have Sunny "slopped" by pig farmer wrestler Phineas Godwin. Before the match, Godwin passed the bucket around the locker room to ask for "donations." So when the bucket was dumped on her head, Sunny's scream of horror was all too real at what she was being covered with.

4 DDP’s Cookie Nap


Diamond Dallas Page was a latecomer to wrestling but made up for it as a huge star. Page was known as a guy who loved to party and some of his wild stuff could be fun. While on the road, Page was taking a shower while roommates Mick Foley and Steve Austin dropped over 30 cookies onto his bed then turned out the lights. Page just went right to bed only to realize the cookies were crushed and smushed on his wet body, leading him to howl out. He must have needed lots of yoga to calm down from that.

3 Andre’s Tub Toilet


Because of his inhuman size, Andre the Giant couldn't do things as normal people did. Stories of his amazing antics and fantastic party ways are legendary in wrestling circles. One had him returning to his hotel after a long night to realize the hotel room toilet couldn't fit his frame. Andre thus went ahead and used his huge tub to relieve himself in. Sure, the hotel staff may have been upset but who's going to tell the Eighth Wonder of the World what he can't do?

2 Vader's Eye Pop


In his prime, Vader was one of the toughest wrestlers on the planet. He was well known for being quite stiff in the ring and often taking it hard to opponents. In a match against Stan Hansen in Japan, Hansen was grabbing at Vader's mask and accidentally got his thumb lodged in the corner of Vader's eye. So while pulling, Hansen actually ripped Vader's eye out of the socket. Showing no signs of pain, Vader just popped the eye back in and went right on wrestling. Now that is tough. 

1 The Boogeyman: Actual Eating Worms


Even by WWE standards, the Boogeyman's backstory was wild. He was supposed to be an actor in a supernatural TV show who suffered an accident and believed he was his character. This led him to come out in clouds of smoke, smashing a clock over his head and other odd antics. The topper was that he would take live worms and stuff them into his mouth by the droves. He'd also spit them onto various opponents, including kissing Sharmell with a mouthful of him. He even had a "Little Boogeyman" sidekick who did the same thing. That he'd go so far for this act was really hard for fans to take.

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