19 Gross Photos From 1-Star Hotels In The U.S.

There's no shortage of gross hotels in the world. In fact, there are probably way too many for comfort. Not just dirty or unclean, but infested & soiled beyond belief– these are the kinds of hotels that everyone has to watch out for as they travel.

In the United States, things aren't exempt from this level of filth or nastiness. Cockroaches, bed bugs, unwashed sheets, stains, blood, dirt, filth: there's no end to the levels of atrocity found in hotel rooms. There are plenty of one star hotels that nobody, no matter how desperate, should stay in. Let's take a look at some of the grossest one star hotels in the US.

19 A Bit Disgusting

via aarp.org

There's a lot to unpack here. The stains are off-putting, both beds look unwashed if not dirty, and the walls are an uneven green. Not just that, the walls are water stained, covered in mildew, and are covered in mold. That is frustrating to have to deal with in a hotel you are staying in.

18 Why Is There Dirt In The Sink?

via bentochihuahua.blogspot.com

Why is there dirt in the sink? There should never be dirt in the sink, especially not in a hotel where you're staying and paying. Dirt in the sink is a bad thing, a disgusting thing even. How can you wash your hands when there's filth in the sink? That is just gross.

17 Horrible Health Risk

via dancindowndirtydustytrails.blogspot.com

This is just a terrible hotel room all around. Just look at those walls, they are an obvious health hazard. There's simply no way it's safe to be able to sleep in this place. Why would anyone stay here in this hotel that is so blatantly decrepit? Never would we ever.

16 Dirty And Old

via pinterest.com

This dirty and old hotel room is in shambles. It's not even clean, the beds aren't made, the wallpaper is falling off, and it looks forgotten by time. No one should ever have to pay for a hotel room like this. What a let down it would be to stay in such filth.

15 Wow, This Is Gross

via erininindonesia.wordpress.com

Before us are a pair of unkept beds inside of a run-down hotel with some truly terrible bedding. Not to mention those dated floors, chipped walls, and filth of all sorts littering the room. Talk about a serious waste of money and endangerment of health– that's just disgusting. Pass on this one.

14 Dismal And Dank

via flickr.com

This hotel looks all sorts of dirty, dank, nasty, and gross. That comforter doesn't look like it's been washed, the floors are almost definitely sticky, and the a/c probably smells like decade's worth of built up dirt and filth. I feel bad for the people who had to sleep here, hopefully they didn't get bed bugs.

13 Completely Neglected

via giseewrite.com

What a haunting and terrible room to have in a hotel. The floors and walls are completely neglected, and the bathroom doesn't even have a door. It looks dark, gross, and generally a terrible place to be. The fan may or may not work, but that likely won't be the dealbreaker in this punishment of a room.

12 Oh No, Not Here

via hotelguides.com

That's exactly what I would be saying if I walked into this hotel room. It looks clean on the surface, but it's clear that it's a cut rate hotel. And if it's cut rate, it isn't cleaned well, it's gross and a disaster waiting to happen. That and the style is atrocious.

11 Don't Stay Here. Just Don't.

via impremedia.net

If this was a hotel I were told I needed to sleep in, I would ask for all of my money back. I wouldn't sleep in the beds because of potential bed bugs from those clearly unwashed sheets. That's unsanitary, and there's no way anyone would be able to sleep in such a place.

10 Sad And Gross

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That bed looks so sad, so untouched, and so gross– not to mention uncomfortable. I wouldn't have a good night sleep there no matter how hard I tried, and the whole room looks dusty and dingy, it's shocking. A low effort hotel to have to stay in, it's just not worth the money.

9 Please Don't Stay Here

via iputmylifeonashelf.com

I don't think I could be payed to stay in such a mortifying place. The hanging shower nozzle really just adds to the unsettling aura emanating from this room. It's borderline creepy. Plus, there's dirt and filth on everything. And let's not ignore that Disney trashcan in the bottom right. So gross. So weird.

8 The Dirtiest Of Them All

via jaredandamber.wordpress.com

The walls are dirty, the headboards are dirty, the pillows are dirty, the sheets are dirty. This is the epitome of filth. It's disgusting to the point where no one should ever have to be subjected to such inhumane living conditions. Such filth in a hotel like this doesn't even deserve one star.

7 Way Too Disgusting

via wildoherty.org

This hotel room is really something else. The paint hasn't been taken care of, the air conditioner must smell from its visible wear-down, and the sheets & bed don't look washed or clean. In fact, they look very recently, and very heavily, used. Let's stay away from this hotel, how about it?

6 Please Don't Make Me Stay Here

via wheresrooster.com

Ugly comforters are a good sign that they are also dirty. If they look old, unwashed, and  overused, they're probably old, unwashed, and overused. And that kind of thing just isn't okay for a hotel. There's a reason this hotel only has one star: it's because it's doesn't do the bare minimum for its guests.

5 Bare Bones And Dirt

via theothersideofthemoon2009.blogspot.com

There's more dirt and filth in this one star hotel room than there are furnishings or warmth. A bare uncleaned floor covered in several peoples' filth doesn't even have any rug on it. There isn't even a desk or anything like that, only a simple end table against empty walls.

4 Nice Wallpaper

via photos-photography-pictures.com

In shambles and poorly cleaned– probably with bed bugs and who knows what kind of filth– everything about this hotel room screams one star. The walls are aggressively angled and everything's scattered and littered inside this already cluttered one star hotel room. I'll stay somewhere else, thank you very much.

3 Interesting Art

via pexels.com

There's definitely some interesting art on the walls here, yet they only serve to amplify the dingy and depressing aesthetic of this hotel room.The carpets look coated with a thick layer of filth. That's just unsafe, really, and a shame that anyone would run their business like this. A one star room at best.

2 Drinking Water

via jennyrowesjourneys.blogspot.com

This person is drinking water in a one star hotel room as they sit on a chair, surrounded by filth and grimy nastiness of their latest rest stop. The sheets look white enough, but bleach gets most anything out, so who knows what kinds of things have happened in those severely overused sheets?

1 Boy Oh Boy, Dated Much?

via cherilynmotel.com

Does this hotel look clean? Perhaps to an untrained eye, but its style is dirty and dated, beckoning filth into the room. The comforter doesn't look like it's from this century, which means it's been used and reused an alarming amount of times. This is a deceptively dirty hotel room. We'll pass on this one.

Sources: Pexels, Impremedia, AARP

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