Grey's Anatomy: Even Die-Hard Fans Missed These 20 Mistakes

Romance, medical cases, and family tension. If there's one TV drama that has it all, it would have to be Grey's Anatomy. The show that stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey and is currently on season 15 has definitely put fans through a lot of emotional moments and has had several big storylines in each season alone.

From Derek's death to Meredith trying to move on and dating again, it's safe to say that this show has been super fascinating even in just the past few seasons. That being said, there are many things that fans notice about a show that has been on the air for several seasons: conflicting timelines, storylines that don't get tied up with neat and pretty bows, and confusing scenes.

Honestly, when a show is still really good, fans can watch an episode that seems full of mistakes... and smile and shrug and keep watching. And that's the case with Grey's Anatomy. Despite the flaws and mistakes, it's a popular show that will always have its fans.

But it's still interesting to take a look at the things that went a bit wrong on the show. Even die-hard fans missed these 20 mistakes on Grey's Anatomy.

20 The Doctors Don't Always "Scrub In" Properly (Which Would Be Unsanitary)

Grey's Anatomy Universe Wiki - Fandom

One mistake that even die-hard fans have missed on Grey's Anatomy is that the doctors don't always scrub in properly. IRL, this would be super unsanitary, and doctors would have to be more careful.

Beauty-milk.com notes that Jackson does this in one scene: "Plainly Dr. Jackson Avery missed this memo. After scrubbing in previous to a surgical procedure in season twelve, Jackson promptly crosses his arms and places his palms on his forearms. This can be a direct medical no-no, as his arms would now be contaminated. In a split-second second, Jackson appears to comprehend his error after taking a look at his fellow docs, and shortly uncrosses them."

19 Meredith's Younger Sister Shouldn't Actually Be At The Same Level As Her


Another mistake is one that The Odyssey Online points out: Maggie and Meredith wouldn't be at the same level at the hospital because they're different ages.

The website explains, "Maggie is Meredith's sister who is 5 years younger. They both become head of departments at the same time. This is mathematically impossible. Simple thinking tells you that Maggie should just now be starting her residency, not becoming the head of cardio at a major hospital."

Sure, we love Maggie and she's a great new character. It's sweet to see Meredith bonding with family since we know her tragic family history. But this is definitely a mistake that we missed.

18 Alex Never Talks About Having To Pay For Izzie's Bills (Even Though When She Disappears, He Has Them All)


A fan of the show pointed out on Reddit that once Izzy is off the show, Alex is left with her medical bills... but Alex never talks about this after a certain point. The fan wrote, "When Alex is so devastated and hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt because Izzy just left abruptly and left all her cancer medical bills on him, and then it literally never gets mentioned again and he's all of a sudden not affected by it anymore."

This is a mistake that even die-hard fans would miss because it can be pretty emotional when a character is off a show. When Izzy left, we were sad so it's no wonder that we didn't think about this.

17 The Season 13 Finale Fire Was Actually A Big Mistake Because There Was A Continuity Error


Every Grey's Anatomy season finale is wild. This is when the show has truly dramatic and tragic moments, and these are never episodes that we want to miss (not that us die-hard fans would miss an episode, of course).

In the season 13 finale, there's a big fire and it's tough to watch... but there's also a big mistake that we didn't notice. A fan noticed, though, and wrote about this on Reddit: "The fire at the end of season 13. One minute the stairway is completely on fire and the next minute there’s no fire damage to the stairway." We can't believe that we missed this. We must have been too focused on the massive fire.

16 When The Doctors Give CPR, Their Pacing Is Off


The doctors on Grey's Anatomy give CPR a lot since there are so many dramatic moments. As The Odyssey Online points out, the doctors' pacing is off when they do this. The website says, "It seems like every 5 seconds someone is coding which requires CPR until a crash cart arrives. When you're taught CPR, you're taught that the rhythm of your chest compressions is crucial. Sing Stayin' Alive in your head, and you're golden. However, sometimes the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial are slower than snails."

This might seem like a small thing so it's no wonder that die-hard fans missed it, but considering how often the characters do CPR, we wonder why we didn't pay attention to it before.

15 Two Of The Characters Had Hidden Brain Tumors And That Would Never Happen

Hollywood Reporter

There are actually two characters on Grey's Anatomy who have had brain tumors that no one noticed: Izzie and Amelia. This is a big mistake because IRL, this would never happen. Everyone would notice.

As Buzzfeed says, "In Grey's Anatomy, Izzie's brain tumour went undetected for months despite her being a doctor, working in a hospital with other doctors and having vivid visual and auditory hallucinations."

It's hard to believe that not one but two doctors have had the same storyline... and, honestly, it doesn't make sense. It seems strange that Amelia, in particular, wouldn't know about her own tumor earlier.

14 April Seems Like She Is Only Allergic To Peanuts Sometimes

Us Weekly

Thanks to Reddit, we know about a lot of mistakes that were made on Grey's Anatomy. This one involves April, a beloved character who is no longer on the show. It turns out that she seems to only have a peanut allergy sometimes, which is confusing. We wonder why this isn't mentioned more often?

As a fan posted on Reddit, "April's peanut allergy. Not only that it comes and goes in different seasons, but that we were supposed to believe Jackson (April's roommate for 2+ years and her close friend and colleague for several more) is the world's least perceptive surgeon for never noticing."

13 The Doctors Do Everything Yet IRL, Other Hospital Staff Would Pitch In More


According to The Odyssey Online, a mistake on Grey's Anatomy is the fact that the doctors do everything at the hospital. IRL, there is often hospital staff, such as nurses, and they would be the ones pitching it much more often.

This is a really good point and something that even die-hard fans never noticed. Many fans have pointed out that the characters would honestly just be doing surgery and that would be it. We do have to wonder why the doctors do everything when we would think that surgery would keep them busy (along with their packed personal lives).

12 Sometimes, Arizona Looks Like She Has Two Legs Instead Of One Prosthetic

The Cheat Sheet

Arizona may be off the show now, but fans still feel emotional about remembering when she lost her leg because of the plane crash. According to TV Line, when the character was on the show, it sometimes looked like she didn't have a prosthetic leg at all: "Meanwhile, TVLine reader Anna asks: “How is it that Arizona can wear skirts that reveal two good legs? Do the writers think we forgot that her leg was amputated and she has a huge prosthesis?”

This is another mistake that even die-hard fans missed because, honestly, we were probably too focused on how much we loved Arizona. And how much we were shipping her and Callie.

11 IRL, People Need Tape On Their Eyes During Surgery (But We Never See This)

Grey's Anatomy Universe Wiki - Fandom

Did we know that people have tape on their eyes when they have surgery? Probably not since we most likely don't work in the medical field. But it turns out that this is a thing... IRL, that is. On Grey's Anatomy, this doesn't happen.

According to thedo.osteopathic.org, "Also, I have never seen surgical patients with their eyes taped shut on the show. If patients’ eyes are not taped shut during surgery, they can get corneal abrasions. This is the standard of care. I have actually written to the show to tell the producers that if they are going to zoom in on a patient’s face, they should make the depiction as realistic as possible. A little tape can go a long way in the OR."

10 The Doctors Wear Jewelry During Surgery And You're Definitely Not Supposed To


We've probably all heard people criticize Grey's Anatomy and say that the doctors date too much considering they have serious jobs. Of all the mistakes that the show has made, Beauty-milk.com says that doctors aren't supposed to wear jewelry during surgery, but this is something that they noticed that the doctors on this show do.

It's fascinating to hear about the differences between what it's like to be a doctor or surgeon IRL and what it's like on Grey's Anatomy. Many people have posted to forums like Reddit or written blog posts and talked about what they noticed. We're grateful because if we don't work in the field of medicine, we honestly don't know what it's really like.

9 Meredith Decided To Let Derek Go But Should Have Told His Relatives Beforehand

Closer Weekly

Buzzfeed points out that when Meredith decides to let Derek go, she doesn't tell his relatives beforehand. That is such a huge medical decision that it seems like she would have to tell them.

The truth is that fans loved McDreamy and it was incredibly upsetting to watch Derek die... but it was kind of weird, too. The doctors seemed to have made some errors, Meredith didn't want to talk to her friends and family for a while, and she went away. The way that she acted when she realized that he was going to die is just one of the mistakes that we can point out.

8 The Interns Who Are Lexie's Age Seem To Be Totally Gone After She Passes Away

Grey's Anatomy Universe Wiki - Fandom

It was tough when Lexie died and fans still miss her, along with the other characters who lost their lives after the crazy plane crash.

As it turns out, there's a mistake on the show that has to do with Lexie, too. A fan posted on Reddit, "Almost all of Lexie’s intern class disappears and they just add her in random scenes as if she is part of Meredith’s intern class."

This is another big mistake on the show: Lexie's fellow interns seem to be totally gone after she passes away. Would this really happen? Wouldn't we see them sometimes or, well, all the time since interns are a big part of the hospital landscape?

7 Meredith Shouldn't Have Won The Harper Avery Award Based On The Show's Logic


It's a big deal when Meredith wins a Harper Avery award. It's always nice to see someone work hard and succeed, especially someone like Meredith Grey who has been through so much tragedy.

But... this was also a mistake, and it's a mistake that even die-hard fans completely missed. According to Buzzfeed"When Cristina didn't win a Harper Avery award because of the hospital's connection to the Averys, BUT then Meredith got the same award years later even though she's in the EXACT SAME situation."

That makes total sense and we can't believe that we missed it. And now we wish that Cristina would have won.

6 Two Characters Tell Someone Who Isn't A Doctor To Do An Amputation... And That Would Never Happen

Grey's Anatomy Universe Wiki - Fandom

Popsugar points out that there's one scene on Grey's Anatomy that makes no sense: when Callie and Owen tell someone how to do an amputation. As the website says, "There's probably not a lot of protocol for incidents involving a sinkhole, but this particular situation may be a little murky when it comes to ethics. Even though Owen goes down in the sinkhole himself, it still seems like they'd experience a little bit of fallout... it seems like Callie and Owen would have to answer for this kind of cowboy doctoring."

This wouldn't happen because doctors could never tell people who aren't doctors to do something like this. There are so many ways that it would go wrong.

5 The Hospital's Emergency Generators Never Seem To Work

TV Fanatic

It seems like the emergency generators never seem to work at the hospital, and there was one big power outage that comes to mind. In real life, this wouldn't happen.

A fan pointed this out on Reddit and because of their job, they definitely know what they're talking about. They wrote, "This drives me crazy! As someone who does design work in hospitals I can tell you they must be on emergency back-up generators and there would be no lapse in electricity to the emergency power in a hospital during a crisis like this. Ughh! I can’t watch this without yelling at the TV. LOL!"

4 Izzie Would Have Gotten Fired For Cutting Patient Denny's LVAD Wire

Grey's Anatomy Universe Wiki - Fandom

Of all the mistakes on Grey's Anatomy, this is one that many fans and critics have pointed out. It's a really massive one, too.

According to Buzzfeed, Izzie cuts Denny's LVAD wire and this is something that would have gotten her into much bigger trouble if this really happened IRL: "Dr. Webber let her come back to her job like it was no big deal."

We probably weren't thinking about this back when we watched this scene... mostly because the whole Izzie/Denny storyline was so wild. We were focused on how she was still dating him when he became a ghost. No one could blame us for missing the LVAD wire thing.

3 In One Season 10 Scene, Arizona Says The Wrong Medical Term


According to Movie Mistakes, Arizona says the wrong medical term in a season 10 episode: "In the opening scenes, Arizona mistakenly says a child [who has] eminent liver failure is at risk for psoriasis, when the script called for the word cirrhosis. Psoriasis is a skin disease. Cirrhosis is the medical term for end stage liver disease."

We can see how this is another mistake that even die-hard fans missed. After all, we're not exactly medical experts and we watch the show because we love the drama and the "OMG" reactions that we have to almost everything that happens on the show.

2 IRL, Several Doctors Wouldn't Talk To Patients At The Same Time Because They Wouldn't Have Time

Grey's Anatomy Universe Wiki - Fandom

Have you ever noticed that there are always many characters talking to the patients? A fan wrote on Reddit that this is something that is "unrealistic" about the show: "having multiple doctors in your room patiently explaining things. And then sticking around just so you feel better."

It seems like IRL, several doctors wouldn't talk to a patient at the same time. Even if more than one doctor was working with the same patient, wouldn't they be so busy that only one doctor would talk to the patient? This doesn't make a lot of sense, and while it might seem like a small detail, it does happen in almost every single episode.

1 Interns Would Never Actually Perform Surgery On Each Other

Grey's Anatomy Universe Wiki - Fandom

The final mistake that fans missed on Grey's Anatomy is that some of the interns perform surgery on each other. Popsugar says, "In a throwaway moment from season five, George catches some of the interns cutting themselves so they can stitch each other up. Yuck. This might not be grounds for losing a medical license, but it certainly demonstrates irresponsible behavior and would DEFINITELY be grounds for a reprimand."

Even though we would consider ourselves die-hard fans, we can say that we definitely missed these 20 mistakes on our favorite dramatic show. Of course, we're still going to be watching.

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