Greys Anatomy: 20 Questions Fans Still Have About The Show

For 14 long years, Grey’s Anatomy has been the top-rated medical drama on the air. It has been a favorite since day one and will likely remain one until the last season has ended. Throughout the years, fans have been introduced to a plethora of characters. Some of them are still with us—like Meredith Grey and Alex Karev. But some were taken from us too soon —like Lexi Grey and Mark Sloan.

This show has fans feeling as if they could save someone’s life if it came down to it, but also like the people on the screen are our best friends. For now, we are safe in knowing that the show has been renewed for at least another season, but the thought that this could be its last will forever linger in our minds. There are many things left unsaid within the series having to do with storylines or characters in general. There are also so many questions out there that fans are begging to have answered by the writers—or even the actors on the show. Here is a list of those burning questions we can’t help but wonder about. What else will the next season of Grey’s Anatomy bring us?

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20 Why Didn’t They Save Derek?


Derek Shepherd was the star of Grey’s Anatomy for 15 long years as the “McDreamy” neurosurgeon we all came to love instantly. He was a part of every episode and made each day a great day to save a life. The problem here is that during the finale of season 11 Derek Shepherd suffered an injury severe enough to take his life and nobody competent enough was around to save him. This plotline was unusual compared to the million other times the stars of the show came close to meeting their fate but were ultimately saved before it went too far. Why not Derek? According to Bustle, it's important to remember that at least he saved more lives before losing his altogether; fans will never forget his grace on the show.

19 Will We Ever See Cristina Again?


For the first 10 seasons of the hit series, Meredith had her person in Cristina Yang. Unfortunately, the time came for Yang to move on and she left Grey Sloan Memorial for good. The question now is, will we ever actually see her again? Her name has been mentioned many times since her departure, but we have only actually seen her once. Sandra Oh—who played Yang—goes back and forth between coming back and steering clear of the medical drama set. As of right now, she loves the gig she has playing a different character and she doesn’t want to give that up. So, for now, we won’t be seeing Cristina Yang anytime soon, according to TV Line.

18 Will Amelia And Owen Ever Be Together Again?


Amelia and Owen found each other at low points in both of their lives. Amelia was dealing with substances and the burden of a broken heart from losing her child, while Owen was dealing with a lot of anger and pain. The two were barely married for a month before they stopped living together and seemingly went their separate ways. Soon after, Amelia came out as having a tumor, which could have been affecting many of her actions before it was taken out. According to Popsugar, fans believed this was going to bring the couple back together. It hasn’t as of yet, but they seemed pretty close.

17 Whatever Happened To Riggs And Meredith?

Entertainment Tonight

Years after her husband passes, Meredith finally seems to take an interest in someone else. For longtime fans of the show, this was a little strange, but it is well-known that Meredith deserves love again. This is where Nathan Riggs comes in. They take forever to date and then when they finally do, the two seem to hit it off. Riggs goes through some things when his fiancé—who was presumed passed—comes back into the picture and then just as quickly as he appeared he disappears. According to TV Line, they are under the impression that Meredith is going to find love again—just maybe not in Nathan Riggs.

16 Who Is Leaving Next?


Every season of Grey’s Anatomy has its ups and downs. Sometimes people leave, sometimes they lose their lives or even disappear without a word. Passing on is no surprise on this show; popular characters such as George O’Malley, Derek Shepherd, Lexie Gray, Mark Sloan and many more have met their fate at different times during this medical drama. The real question is: who is next? There is no way of knowing how much longer the TV show has but each season leads us to believe that someone is going to leave us for good, and according to Bustle, there is even a running list of who fans think is next.

15 Where Are The Kids?

Series' Anatomy

It could be the fact that all of these characters are doctors, and so they spend all of their time at the hospital anyway, but wouldn’t we see the kids when the parents get home? What about Sophia? Even before she moved to New York with Callie, fans rarely saw her. Most recently, April and Jackson’s daughter—although also barely present—is seen the most during handoffs or at the hospital daycare. We aren’t the only ones who think this is weird. According to Buzzfeed, everyone is concerned as to where these children are—especially in scenes where Meredith and the rest of her sisters are at home and none of the kids—who are under six years old—are ever around.

14 Whatever Happened To Jo’s Pregnancy?

Us Weekly

There was a point on Grey’s in which Jo seemed to be pregnant. The big turning point is during an episode in which she makes her coworker pull the car over so she can vomit. Interestingly enough, nothing ever comes of it. In October of 2016, the actress who plays Jo Wilson announced her pregnancy and fans were wondering whether or not this would be written into the Grey’s plotline. According to Entertainment Weekly, the writers were taking it day by day, but they believed it would be easier to hide a pregnancy than to write one into the show. Turns out, they were right. Jo is still childless, although now happily married to Alex.

13 Why Does Everyone Live At Meredith's House?


Since the passing of her husband, Derek Shepherd, Meredith has surrounded herself with friends and family to make everything feel somewhat okay again. Her house has turned into a safe house where her sisters and best friends could come to hang out or even stay for a while if things were rough. This household—despite changing locations from Meredith’s mother’s house to the one she built with Derek—has been featured in the show since day one and is so popular that fans will do anything to get a glimpse of it, according to Today. Almost everyone Meredith knows has lived in her house at least once including, Alex, George, Amelia, and her half-sisters Maggie and Lexi. She has taken on the role of Mother Goose, and this is why her house is safe. It must feel like home.

12 Will We Ever See Callie Or Arizona Again?

Us Weekly

A few seasons back, Callie took a job in New York and off she planned to go with her and Arizona’s daughter Sophia. The couple wasn’t together, so Arizona stayed behind because she loved her career. Eventually, the strain between Callie and daughter Sophia got to be too much, and Arizona fled to New York to reunite the young girl with her other mother. This marked her exit from the series. This leaves fans wondering if she is going after Callie and whether we will ever see them again. Fans would be overjoyed to see these two make a return at least once, according to Bustle. Arizona was a cherished character, and everybody was so sad to see her go.

11 Will There Be More Interns?

Closer Weekly

We have already seen four separate sets of interns since the show’s first air date back in 2005. The question is: will the show last long enough for us to see another set of the clumsy, nervous people? According to Popsugar, each batch of new interns is the start of a new era. Each time a new group is introduced, they are worked just like Meredith and Alex were in the beginning until they either succeed or walk out. Each time a new group comes into play, there is at least one disaster as well as one thing to celebrate. This last time, Meredith won the Harper Avery award. The question is, do these interns mean it is the end or just the beginning?

10 Will There Be Another Crossover?

Grey's Wiki

A few years back, Grey’s Anatomy aired a crossover with another medical drama known as Private Practice, which starred Derek Shepherd’s ex-wife Addison. It’s been a while since then, and fans are wondering if there will ever be another crossover. This year, a new TV show called Station 19 premiered with Miranda Bailey’s husband, Ben Warren training as a fireman. It has been announced, according to Variety, that this show will have its opportunity to crossover with Grey’s a few times as well. It will be interesting to see how Ben has transitioned from a surgeon to a firefighter; which will he like better?

9 How Many More Seasons Can We Expect?


Grey’s is one of the longest-running medical dramas out there right now at 14 seasons aired. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the TV show just renewed for a 15th season, and there is a rumor of a 16th as well. For right now, Ellen Pompeo is still the star, and she makes or breaks the show. Whether or not she wants to continue playing Meredith Grey-Shepherd decides the fate of Grey’s Anatomy. Pompeo is one of the highest paying actresses out there, and it only makes sense that the show is riding on her coat tails. How much longer will we enjoy our beloved medical drama?

8 Why Are Alex And Meredith So Close?

Digital Spy

Over the years that Grey’s has been on the air, fans have fallen in love with many characters who have been ripped away from them. The only two who remain from the original pack of interns happen to be Meredith Grey and Alex Karev. In the beginning, they were nothing more than co-workers, but as time went on, and they lost many friends and family the two were forced to stick together. According to Vulture, many fans want the two to be together as more than friends, but in all honesty, it would be downright weird if they were to enter into a relationship. We like Meredith and Alex best as best friends and nothing more.

7 What About Teddy And Owen?


Owen and his longtime best friend Teddy have been on and off since her arrival to the show. In the middle of season 14, Owen realizes how much he loves her and ends up on her doorstep. The two try to mend things, but when it doesn’t work, Teddy sends Owen packing. At the end of the season, we find out Teddy is pregnant. Is it with Owen’s baby perhaps? Although many of us are still holding out hope that Amelia and Owen will work it out, according to TV Line, the relationship between Teddy and Owen looks more promising.

6 How Long Will Jackson And Maggie Last?

Digital Spy

Near the end of the last season that aired, Jackson Avery and Meredith’s half-sister finally made things official. Some of us are still hopeful for Jackson and April, but being that she just got married, it looks like Maggie will have to do. According to Bustle though, fans are none too happy about the relationship. The two characters seem to have nothing in common except their friend group and their parents—who are married to each other. Yep, step-siblings who date. Other than that, will they last? This couple will have to work hard to get fans to support them for the rest of the time that Grey’s Anatomy is on the air.

5 When Will Webber Retire?

Grey's Anatomy Characters

Richard Webber has been a critical element on Grey’s Anatomy since day one. He worked hard to train the first round of interns; he eventually became the chief of the hospital, and now he works just as hard as a regular doctor. The question everyone is probably asking is, when will he retire? He has to be upwards of 60 years old, and the show is always running at a fast pace. According to TV Guide, an episode aired in which Webber believed he was going to be forced to retire, but his character on the show has been stronger than ever and is making no move to leave. Of course, if he did, where would we find that paternal father figure?

4 What Will The Next Disaster Be?

Grey's Anatomy Wiki

There is at least one disaster during each season. There has been a hospital explosion, a shooter in the hospital, on top of bus crashes, ferry crashes, plane crashes, and more. No matter what the occasion, the doctors of Grey’s have come together and worked hard to save as many lives as possible. TV Insider reported that there has to be at least one more disaster before the show shuts off the lights forever. The question remains: what will that look like? It seems like we have seen it all, so it’s a big mystery as to what could be next. A box of tissues might be necessary!

3 Did Derek Know Meredith Was Pregnant Before He Passed?

Closer Weekly

After Derek’s passing, Meredith disappears for a seriously long time, and she doesn’t tell anyone why. We see glimpses of her here and there with her two kids, but nothing to clue us in as to why she’s not at work. Near the end of the episode, the show flashes to a scene of a pregnant Meredith with Zola and Bailey. Meredith found out she was pregnant right before Derek’s passing, which leads us to the question of whether or not Derek knew about his new baby on the way, as reported by ABC. Regardless, the widow gave birth to her third child and eventually returned home to be with her friends and family.

2 Why Was There No Funeral For Derek?

Grey's Anatomy Wiki

Derek Shepherd was one of the stars of this series for over a decade, and when he passed on, he barely got a second glimpse. The others who passed on—specifically George O’Malley—were given a funeral in which each of his friends stood by his grave. But for Derek, he received two minutes of screen time which quickly showed a short funeral. According to Bustle, nobody was given the ability to grieve over Derek’s death. Once he was gone, the show returned quickly to its regular schedule, and that was that. Everyone needed a little extra time to let the tears flow over McDreamy.

1 Will Maggie Ever Call Webber Dad?

Grey's Anatomy Wiki

Maggie appeared on Grey’s Anatomy many seasons in when the bomb drops that she is Ellis Grey’s (other) daughter with Richard Webber. For a long while, Maggie had no idea that Webber was her father. According to Hollywood Life, things don’t go too well during that conversation. From then on, the two work professionally side by side but the opportunity to build a father-daughter relationship seems off the table. She treats him just as any other character for the most part, but lately, the two seem to be getting closer. Maybe she’ll call him dad at least once before the show goes off the air for good. We’re holding out hope for all the feels!

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