Grey’s Anatomy: 15 Things That Only A Die-Hard Fan Would Notice

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Grey’s Anatomy: 15 Things That Only A Die-Hard Fan Would Notice

If you want to learn about any topic under the sun or hear from people who love the same things as you, you definitely need to check out Reddit. This is especially true if you’re a fan of a certain television show… and it’s even truer if you count Grey’s Anatomy as one of your faves. Since this show has been on the air so long (season fourteen will start in September 2017), you probably have a lot of opinions about it. And you know that everyone in your life has thoughts about it as well. Most likely, they’re not big fans anymore and don’t even watch it, and they wonder why you have stuck around. That’s okay. They’re not true fans. You are, of course. Since you’re such a big fan, that means that there are things about this series that you always catch, even if no one else would. Read on to find out the 15 things that only a die-hard fan would notice on Grey’s Anatomy. A huge thank you to the people of Reddit for some of these amazing catches.

15. April Didn’t Always Work At The Hospital

Did you think that April had always worked at Seattle Grace/whatever the hospital’s new name is? Or did you think that she worked at Mercy West Medical Center first and that she started working with all of your fave doctors thanks to the two hospitals merging? If your answer is the second option, then yes, that’s totally true. April started working alongside Meredith Grey and everyone else because of the merger. This is definitely not something that a casual fan who tunes in every once in a blue moon would be able to pick up on. You would just assume that April had been there since the beginning. Of course, now that you’ve seen April on the show for several seasons, you do kind of feel like she’s been around since the pilot.

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14. Bailey And Ben Broke Up

It’s tough to think of Bailey and Ben being apart. Sure, the two love birds have had some conflicts lately, especially when Ben was suspended from work for a period of time… and it was basically Bailey’s idea since she’s technically his boss. Yeah, that could cause some stress and drama on the home front. But once, Bailey broke up with Ben because she was going through a really difficult time and she wasn’t able to really and fully be with him. Of course, no matter how sad that moment was, things did work out well because they got married and they’re still together. It’s definitely true that only die-hard fans would have noticed that this couple wasn’t always 100 percent happy. If you weren’t that big of a fan, you would just assume that they had always been a thing. You might not even realize that Bailey was married before Ben, either.


13. Callie Had A Thing For Alex Before George

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In the second season, Callie had a crush on “the guy in the elevator” as she referred to him. She figured it was Alex Karev and so she had a thing for him for a bit. But then she realized that it was George that she was really interested in, and as you know, the two of them started dating and even got married. It’s tough for even die-hard fans to remember everything that has happened on a show, especially when a show lasts for as many seasons as this one has. But when you really love a series, you pretty much make it your job to know all that you can about the show. You love to pick apart and think about even the smallest moments. It’s fun for you. It’s part of the entire viewing experience. It’s also what separates you from fans who gave up on the show around the fourth or fifth season or even after last season.

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12. Leah Has Been On The Show TWICE

Die-hard fans really hate the character Leah and don’t think that she should have been on the show once, let alone twice. Yes, she has been on the show a total of two times. The first time around, she was fired and that was that. You didn’t expect her to come back. But that’s exactly what happened in the most recent season. If you didn’t want her to return, you probably noticed that the other doctors didn’t seem super thrilled about it, either. You have to wonder why this is a creative decision that was made, especially when you loved so many other characters that ended up tragically passing away or moving away from Seattle. Hey, if Denny could come back to the hospital as a ghost and Izzie could still, um, date him, why couldn’t George become a ghost? Just saying.

11. There Was A Twitter Episode

Yup, an entire episode of Grey’s Anatomy was focused on Twitter. Yes. The social media platform. In a season seven episode, Richard got a crash course on Twitter, and it turned out that Bailey was a huge fan of tweeting. She and the doctors had a discussion about whether or not she should live-tweet a surgery that she was doing. It’s always when a show has a themed episode, like when Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a musical episode, and while some fans might have thought that the show was trying to stay current and that having a Twitter episode was a bad idea, you probably didn’t mind. After all, it was pretty relevant and gave you a lot to think about when it comes to what is okay to share online and what you should keep private. It’s definitely something that a lot of people can relate to.

10. The Free Clinic Was Ignored For Several Seasons

Thanks to one user on Reddit, it’s become clear that the free clinic hasn’t been as big a part of the show that it might have originally seemed like. Sure, when it was introduced it was a big plot point, but then no one seemed to work at the free clinic or even talk about it for several seasons. You totally get why this would have happened, of course. When you’re a fan of a show like this one that features an ensemble, it’s not possible for every single character to get tons of screen time in each episode, and that also means that it’s not possible for every plot point to be featured all the time. Of course, Alex was basically sentenced to work at the free clinic last season since he got into some serious legal trouble, so the clinic became a big deal once again.

9. Meredith And Derek Had A Rocky Relationship

If you ask your best friends about what kind of relationship Meredith and Derek have, they would tell you that their love story is totally #relationshipgoals. They totally met cute in a bar and that was that, right? Wrong. That couldn’t actually be more wrong. The truth is that these two characters had a pretty rocky time, at least in the beginning. It wasn’t super clear that the two of them would end up together, let alone have the kind of epic romance that they ended up with. They broke up and got back together time and time again. Derek actually left Meredith to try to make things work with Addison Montgomery. And it seemed like they each had some commitment issues as well. Yup, a true fan knows that it was never easy for these two lovebirds and that when they finally committed to each other, all of the hard work was worth it.


8. The Hospital Has Had THREE NAMES

A casual fan thinks that the hospital has always had the same name. That’s not the case at all. A true fan knows that this hospital has had a total of three names. Yes, three. At first, the hospital was called Seattle Grace, then Seattle Grace-Mercy West (because two hospitals combined), and then Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Someone who watches the show every few episodes or every once in a while might think that the hospital is still called Seattle Grace or that it has always been Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. But nope. The hospital has had three name changes, which is as complicated as it sounds, and that’s something that you would know if you were a die-hard fan. Are you totally patting yourself on the back because you knew this? Yes. Of course you are. And that’s totally warranted.

7. There Was A No Dating Rule

Do you remember that Leah (yup, the intern who was fired and then re-hired, which surprised everyone)? She had a thing for Arizona and decided to get some kind of revenge when that didn’t work she told management. The final decision? If you worked at the hospital, you wouldn’t be allowed to date anyone else who worked there as well. As one fan pointed out, it seems like everyone totally forgot about that rule. Because, well, come on. If there’s one thing that everyone knows about Grey’s Anatomy, it’s that the interns and doctors hook up with each other. A lot. You care a lot about the dating lives of the characters and you get super invested in who is hooking up with who. Of course, this is not something that a casual fan who just watches the show every once in a while would notice. This is definitely die-hard fan territory.

6. George Had An STI In Season One

When you think of George O’Malley, you immediately get super sad because you miss him so much. He died in such a tragic way and you definitely wish that you could see him around at the hospital again. But do you remember that George had an STI in the first season? Actually, it turned out that a whole bunch of the interns and doctors had STIs. It was a plot point. If you are a true fan, which you probably are, then you definitely know that this happened. Are you thinking about rewatching this show from the very beginning? Or at least going back and rewatching the first season? That’s the best idea ever. At the very least, you will stop missing George so much. Or maybe this would have the opposite effect and you would miss him even more. So maybe you want to wait for the new season.

5. April And Jackson Liked Each Other Since Forever

Maybe casual fans were super surprised when April and Jackson started dating, but as some fans have said on Reddit, it was pretty clear that they were destined to end up together all along. Some fans have said that they had some tension at one of Zola’s birthday parties. The same fans have also mentioned that once, April was super jealous of a girl that Jackson liked, and she even playfully punched him in the arm which was a pretty flirty thing for her to do. Sometimes there are TV couples that you just know are going to date. One good example? Lorelai and Luke on Gilmore Girls. You could totally tell from the very beginning that they were going to fall totally and completely in love. When it comes to April and Jackson, their upcoming romance might not have seemed so obvious. To die-hard fans, of course, it was totally clear that there were sparks flying between the two of them.


4. Richard’s Backstory Is Not 100 Percent Logical

Another thread on Reddit is all about Richard Webber and how his backstory doesn’t really make tons of sense. There are some flaws or what you might call mistakes. Sometimes people say that he worked in Seattle for his entire career. Other times, it seemed like he worked at a hospital in New York City. A fan said that once, Richard said that he has worked at the Seattle hospital forever, except for the period of time when he was doing his fellowship. But since he was a mentor and teacher to Derek and Addison, that would have meant that they were all in NYC. Hmmm. Of course, this kind of stuff happens on most shows, and sometimes writers and producers make creative choices that make a backstory a bit less logical. It’s just bound to happen when a show is on the air for so many seasons.

3. Bailey Remembered Charles In Season 7

Charles Percy was a character who tragically passed away in the final episode of the sixth season. Bailey was the one who tried to keep him alive. She was also the one who was there when he passed away. A user and fan of the show mentioned that at the beginning of season seven, Bailey was trying to keep another patient alive, whose name was Chuck. The user noticed that, hey, Chuck is also what you call someone who has the name Charles. Bailey is always determined to save patients, of course, which is true of any intern or doctor at the hospital. But in this particular instance, it could be argued that she was trying to save Chuck because she wasn’t able to keep Charles around. That makes total sense, right? It’s one of those little things that you notice when you’re a huge fan of a particular show.

2. Adele And Richard Lost A Baby

Sure, Richard is happy with Catherine Avery these days, and it’s nice that he has found love again. But fans know that his one true love was definitely Adele, his first wife. In a season three episode called “Didn’t We Almost Have It All?”, Adele had a miscarriage which meant that she and Richard lost a baby. It’s easy to forget that this happened since, well, come on, so many things have taken place on this show. So many things have happened to Richard alone, let alone the rest of the characters. Die-hard fans, however, totally know that Adele and Richard lost a baby and that this was yet another tragic thing that the two of them had to deal with. It’s possible that a more casual fan might have even forgotten that Richard was married before Catherine. Again, this show is so packed with drama and storylines, that would make sense.

1. Bailey Was Investigated


In the ninth season, something went wrong with some of Bailey’s patients and she ended up being investigated. Okay, saying that something went wrong is kind of an understatement. So what happened? Some of her patients tragically passed away. Unfortunately, that does happen when you’re a doctor, but if more than one passes away at the same time, it makes sense that people would start thinking that something had gone awry. A group called the CDC was in charge of looking into this. The CDC found that Bailey had a disease called MRSA which is what led to the patients losing their lives. Yikes. Die-hard fans would remember this, but chances are, others wouldn’t because while this was a big deal for Bailey, it could get lost in the shuffle of all of the other juicy and dramatic storylines.

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