Curious Beauty Buffs Were The Ones Who Asked Google's Most Searched Question Of 2018

Anytime anyone has a question that needs an immediate answer, the quickest way to find out is by Googling it. It's no surprise when you really think about it; after all, it's the largest and most popular search engine on Earth. You can use Google to find out what the weather will be like the next day, where Hilary Duff was born, who wrote the horror novel The Shining, or any other question you can possibly think of. This also includes all the beauty-related questions you can think of. All this may make you wonder which question was Googled the most in 2018.

Well, now you can find out, because Cosmopolitan decided to find out just this past Wednesday. After scrolling through Google Trends' Year in Search 2018, it was determined that the most popular beauty-related question plugged into the search was, "How to apply magnetic lashes." The main reason for this is due in large part to the trend taking off this year, as well as the subsequent increase in makeup lovers using magnetic lashes. So it's not that surprising that more people wanted to learn how to use magnetic lashes more this year than ever before.

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In addition to the most popular beauty-related Google search, "How to apply magnetic lashes," there were many more where that came from. The second most popular Google search was, "What is a lash lift." This means that the top two searches in 2018 were lash-related. In a top 10 list of similar questions, searches included, "How to do a cat eye," "How to fix cakey makeup," and "What concealer to use."

So, it's very much clear that there were a lot of Google searches that happened this year which concerned beauty to some extent. The fact that the most popular search is about applying magnetic lashes is definitely surprising to those not keeping up with the latest beauty trends. But it just goes to show that there continues to be new trends and products coming out year after year. Maybe this will finally inspire you to give magnetic falsies a try before 2018 comes to a close.


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