10 Hobbies To Take Up After A Breakup

Breakups are tough. Getting your heart broken is both physically and emotionally painful and we understand if all you want to do now is scarf down a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream while blasting Tayler Swift. While wallowing in your sorrows right after a breakup can be therapeutic in some ways, if you soak in the sadness for too long, you are likely to miss out on a whole world of exciting opportunities that will make you feel a million times better. You'll never know though unless you get out of your funk and hit the pause button on Spotify which has been playing Adele's "Someone Like You" on repeat.

The fact that you even clicked on this post most likely means you are ready to move on, which is an amazing step into finally doing so. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the most fulfilling hobbies to take up after a breakup.

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In order to move on from your shattered relationship, you must accept the outcome. A great way to fully express your acceptance is to write all of your feelings down in a journal. Jot down all of your emotions, consider writing down what went wrong, then write about what you plan on doing now that you are ready to move on. (Or you can just write about how much you hate your ex at the moment, whatever floats your boat).

Point is,  you have the power to write whatever you want to your heart's desire. When it comes to writing, if you are the one holding the pen, you have complete control. Finding a healthy sense of control can be a great way to ease your current situation and studies prove how journaling plays a significant role in soothing one's mental state.


While it is very important to acknowledge your past relationship instead of pretending it never happened, it is also vital that you don't obsess over the breakup. You don't deserve that kind of stress, and you should allow yourself a more peaceful state of mind. The best way to find a sense of serenity in the midst of all this heartache is to practice meditation. Meditation is able to clear your mind of all the negative thoughts that have been building up inside of you. It is a great way to put yourself in the present rather than harboring over and over again on the past.


There is a reason they call it the "post-breakup body".  Many people after breakups want to find the best way to take care of themselves. One of the best ways to take care of yourself is through exercise because it is not only beneficial for the body, but for the mind.

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Exercising causes you to release endorphins which make you feel happier, and it also will add years to your life if you are consistent. We want to love ourselves after heartache in the same way our partner loved us, so we work hard to become the best versions of ourselves as possible. This makes exercising the perfect option for your post-breakup blues.


A great way to get over your breakup is to sign up for a history class. Why? Because learning about the world and all of the insanely interesting series of events that lead up to this point will help you realize how big the world is and how much it has to offer. Right now during your breakup, all you can think about is your ex-lover, but immersing yourself in history lessons will help you see how there is so much more to the world than your one relationship. It will take you out of the bubble that you've put yourself in and will build your knowledge in the meantime.


You deserve some comfort and love during this hardship. Why not provide yourself with some lovin' by cooking up a delicious meal? You can choose from either making comfort foods or healthier alternatives.

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Either way, you will find pride within your ability to create something so delicious. If you would label yourself as the world's worst cook and can't differentiate a frying pan from a mesh strainer, have some friends join you in your creations! It can be much more fun this way and you can throw a dinner party afterward.


Youtube is an excellent way for people to express themselves online. Why not vlog about your break up experience to the world? It could be beneficial for others to see your videos and know that they are not alone in their heartbreak. Who knows, maybe you will get a kick out of vlogging and continue to post videos long after you're over the whole break up situation (which you will get over sooner than you think!). People are always looking for channels with authentic content that viewers can relate to. Since so many people experience breakups in their lifetime, people will certainly find your content to be relatable.

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On the same note, you can start a channel that has absolutely nothing to do with your breakup. If you love to sing, make a music channel. If you enjoy making funny sketches, start a comedy channel. The options are endless, and you can do whatever feels right to you specifically.


Writing fiction is a wonderful way to get out of your own reality and instead dive into a universe of your own creation. Fiction writers have the power of creating their own worlds which often takes up a lot of thought. These thoughts about where you want your story to go can replace the thoughts you are having about your ex. Some of the best fiction writers came up with their beloved stories while in the face of heartbreak. Channel those feelings into your work and see what magic can come from it!


In writing, you can create your own universe. In reading, you can step inside a world that a total stranger has created. How cool is that? While reading a book you are able to put yourself in someone else's shoes which is probably something you'd like to do in the midst of a difficult breakup. Get outside of your own head and step into someone else's!

Reading has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety which will certainly be beneficial to your case.


Gardening is an excellent activity to help get your mind off of your relationship. It involves exercise and using a lot of muscles, yet you don't feel as though you're working up a sweat in the process (this is great for people who hate exercise!). Gardening is an extremely rewarding experience because you get to nurture things and watch them grow in the process. Plus if you plan on making a vegetable garden, you can create new delicious meals that are incredibly fresh and healthy!


Retail therapy is very real, and you can do it all on a budget. It's no wonder Sex and The City emphasizes the fact that Carrie Bradshaw's one true love is shopping, despite all of the men she dates (sorry Big and Aidan).  Grab some of your closest friends and have fun thrifting! Buying some cute clothes can help you feel more confident to go out and take on the world by full storm.

What hobbies helped you get over a breakup? Let us know!

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