Good American Launches Size 15 Jeans To Help Denim Fanatics Find A Perfect Fit

Good American, the denim brand created by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede, recently invented a brand-new size for women who are on the line between straight and curvy—size 15 jeans. The brand decided to create a new size after finding that their customers returned sizes 14 and 16 fifty percent more than any other size.

Grede told Cosmopolitan that, between sizes 14 and 16, Good American’s design team switches from using a “straight” pattern to a “plus” pattern, which could be the reason for so many returns. “In the plus pattern, allowances are made for a totally different body type, which you might not necessarily need if you’re at the higher end of the straight sizes or the lower end of plus,” she said.

The size 15 jean is meant to combat this issue by featuring the brand’s highest rise and adding more lining to the waist to emphasize the mid-section, according to Fashionista. Good American discovered the need for the in-between size after interviewing and measuring a focus group of real women between sizes 14 and 16. The brand listened to the women’s concerns and gathered information on what they were looking for in the perfect denim.

The new size will be included in Good American’s new Good Curve collection and will be available in a variety of styles, such as the Good Curve Straight and the Good Curve Flare. Good American will also roll out the size to its current products, such as the figure-hugging Good Waist and the Good Leg, their best-selling skinny jean.

Good American began in 2016 with inclusivity and body positivity in mind, stocking sizes from 00-24. According to their website, the brand began when Kardashian and Grede were having a conversation about what it means to be a woman today. They agreed that body ideals have changed in recent years, and the fashion industry must positively reflect that in their sizing.

Unlike other stores, Good American does not separate plus sizes from straight sizes—all sizes can be found for the same jean in the same spot. The brand also features models of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds, reflecting their ideals. In addition to denim, Good American also sells active wear and other women’s clothing, such as sweatshirts tees, bodysuits, skirts, and more.

Would you like to see more in-between sizes like the size 15 jean from Good America? Let us know in the comments!

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