Goat Yoga Is An Adorable Fitness Craze

Forget about hot yoga, goat yoga is all the rage.

It may sound like a New Age relic, or better yet, like one of DJ Khaled's latest antics, but fun yoga classes in the company of adorable goats are the newest and hottest fitness trend that has gained a loyal following.

The growing popularity of goat yoga is a bit perplexing when you first watch a video of it in progress. The goats don’t really help students focus, and besides, their presence apparently doesn’t serve yoga’s Zen purpose or any practical fitness purpose in the first place.

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Nevertheless, people scramble to join goat yoga classes, especially in the summer when classes take place outdoors. It’s been two years since Laney Morse started offering classes at a scenic Oregon farm in August 2016, using her own pet goats. The trend quickly gained momentum, as well as a waiting list of more than a thousand aspiring students. It has now gone international, with classes taking place in New York and Rome.

According to yoga instructors, the use of goats has a purpose, which becomes pretty obvious when you attend the slightly chaotic classes. The presence of animals is therapeutic, as Morse herself has admitted, mainly because it is nearly impossible to feel sad or down when you are surrounded by jumping goats.

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People who suffer from all kinds of maladies relish at the thought of their weekly exercise meetings with the cute animals. But there are also those who just want to relax and feel like a kid again (pun intended). And those who, from what it looks like, just want to have some fun and seize the opportunity to simply smile. Hats off to all.

What makes yoga and goats such an ideal mix? The fun energy of goats enhances yoga’s well-known therapeutic effects. Even though the animals distract students, it’s a happy distraction and therefore, a positive one.

This probably won’t be the most strenuous yoga class you’ve ever done. Notwithstanding its fitness benefits, goat yoga is something you do more for the soul than the body and it's something many of us don’t do that often anymore: enjoy an hour of pure fun.

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