Glossier Play: The Truth Behind Glossier's New Beauty Brand

Glossier, which just launched its new Milky Oil cleanser last week and recently expanded their iconic Skin Tint shade range, has just announced a new line called Glossier Play. ”After two years in the making, we can’t wait for you to see, touch, hear, swatch, and play with what’s to come,” Glossier said in a post about the new line.

Given that Glossier has taken a minimalist approach to makeup, it is expected that Glossier Play will feature a more colorful, youth-oriented selection. Founder Emily Weiss, who posted the announcement on her Instagram, wote, “words cannot describe how proud I am of this team, and how excited I am for you to begin again with us.”

The company has trademarked the term Playroom, which indicates that the brand may also be moving into a home wear arena. They have also trademarked Glossier Play Tetra Chrome. Tetrachromacy is a condition that allows people to see over 100 million colors. The name has been trademarked for eye makeup, so expect an array of bright and fun eyeshadow palettes.

Glossier Play will presumably follow in the footsteps of brands like Fenty Beauty and Milk Makeup, which have attracted younger consumers with bright, shimmery shades, richly pigmented formulas and makeup intended more for play than work. The new line already has an Instagram page with a series of cryptic videos that showcase the brand’s logo in bright and glittery colors. In one video, 21-year-old Canadian dancer Donté Colley shows off some Beyoncé-worthy moves, alongside some a series of empowering and uplifting messages. The page currently has 52,000 followers and counting.

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Weiss, who founded Glossier in October 2014, revealed the brand’s first four products on her blog, Into the Gloss. Initially, Glossier was known for its pop-up experiences. The brand opened its first permanent showroom in 2017 at 123 Lafayette Street in New York City. In May 2018, Glossier opened a second location in Los Angeles. According to Fortune, Weiss has "quietly turned Glossier into one of the most disruptive brands in beauty."

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According to Glossier's Instagram account, Glossier Play will be available as of next month. To sign up for email updates in Glossier Play, you can visit www.glossier.com.

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