Glitter Sunscreen To Make Your Summer Shine

Glitter sunscreen is a real thing and it will make your summer shine!

People either love glitter or they hate it. For those of you out there that love to shimmer and shine, there is a new sunscreen you are going to want for summer. The company Sunshine & Glitter is making it easier for people to sparkle, all while protecting ones self from those harmful sunshine rays.

Sunshine & Glitter has released a line of new products just in time for beach weather. These glitter sunscreens are called Sea Star Sparkle. They come in three different scents, each of which has a sparkle power you will love. Seriously, this is the sparkliest sunscreen ever made and once you try it you will never go back to ordinary sun block.

Mango Tango has a nice gold glitter, Party Cake is full of rainbow glitter, and Sweet Very Berry is all about the pink glitter. These amazing new scents don’t just sparkle and shine, but they smell great, as well. A little extra good smell never hurt anyone on those days that are super hot and sweaty. All three of the scents are SPF 50+, will last for up to 80 minutes of water resistance, and are filled with antioxidants.

Where does one find these glitter sunscreen products and how much do they cost? They can be purchased on various shopping websites, such as Amazon and Jet.com. Each 4 oz bottle will run you about $20, the price varies slightly depending from which website you order.

For those who might think SPF 50+ is a little too much sun protection, Sunshine & Glitter also has Beach Gypsy SPF 30+ with gold glitter. It will run you around $25 online. The company also offers an after sun lotion called Totally Fun After Sun. It also has a little sparkle to it, as well as Aloe Vera for those that get a little too much sun. It runs around $12.

There are so many amazing products out there for summer, but for those that want a little sparkle in their sunscreen or lotion, Sunshine & Glitter has all your needs. What do you think about the new glitter sunscreen? Will you try it?

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