Give It Up For These 16 Hotties From “Down Under” – Australian Celebs Bringing The Heat

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Give It Up For These 16 Hotties From “Down Under” – Australian Celebs Bringing The Heat

Let’s hear it for Aussie awesomeness! These 8 fine men and 8 fab women from “down under” are super-hot and considered to be symbols no matter where in the world their fans live. When it comes to attractiveness, talent, charisma, and universal appeal, these stellar celebs prove that some of the best in the biz hail from Australia. Koalas and kangaroos are definitely cute, but these stars go above and beyond to show the world that some of Hollywood’s best and brightest come from a faraway land.

While many of these spectacular celebs are now living in the states, their Aussie allegiance is loud and proud. And why wouldn’t these folks be eager to embrace their breathtaking homeland? Whether they are actors, musicians, or work in another area of entertainment, these Aussies are talented, gorgeous, and causing us to be in utter awe of Australia. Who knew that so many fabulous famous folks started out in Australia? This land is a mecca of marvel, with A-listers blossoming at every turn. Their beauty shines from within and their appeal is universal.

Take a gander at these super-hot Aussie celebs who will have you jumping on the “down under” bandwagon. Their sensual appeal is off the charts and their star status is sure to shine bright for a long time to come. Are you already a fan of any (or all) of these celebs? If not, after seeing their pics, you are sure to be intrigued. These Aussies get an A+!

16. Margot Robbie – Suicide Squad Sensual Appeal


Margot Robbie is one of the day’s best and brightest stars. She hails from Australia, but her appeal is worldwide and beloved by many. Her beauty is evident and her talent on screen is admired and acclaimed. She has model-like looks with ravishing long blonde hair, beaming blue eyes, delicate features, and an all-over glow. Robbie lights up the screen and causes audiences to be spellbound by her presence and personality. Robbie has appeared in films including Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Peter Rabbit, and more. Her upcoming, I, Tonya, is sure to be a hit as well, as she portrays the infamous ice skating champ. When it comes to Australians with “it factor,” Robbie is at the top of the list. Her amazingness is off the charts!


15. Chris Hemsworth – Avengers Angel


One of the hottest hunks to emerge from Australia is the super-stud, Chris Hemsworth. His 6’3” frame is incredible and his model-like looks are impeccable. At 34-years-old, this attractive Aussie is at his prime and his fans are completely smitten. With sheer talent like his, this bold babe is sure to be in the spotlight for decades. He is married and has three kids, and this doting dad is a winner at home and in the public eye. Hemsworth has been in a number of films including Thor, In the Heart of the Sea, Ghostbusters, Rush, The Cabin in the Woods, Star Trek, and more. His impressive on-screen presence is a sight to behold. Fans love his macho masculine energy and always-buff body. This Avengers Aussie is amazing through and through!

14. Teresa Palmer – Warm Bodies Babe


Talk about a warm body! This beachy babe is one of Australia’s finest and aside from her bangin’ bod, Teresa Palmer is an on-screen star with sass too. That wet and wild blonde hair, fit and toned figure, and youthful presence makes the Aussie actress a standout and a real star. At 31-years-old, Palmer is at her peak, yet we are sure she will find a way to climb even higher. Perhaps you have seen the pretty Palmer act in one of her hit films such as Warm Bodies, Hacksaw Ridge, Lights Out, I Am Number Four, or Point Break. No matter the film or its plot, this breathtaking beauty steals the big screen with her great looks and raw talent. Aussie is certainly the hotspot for hotties and Palmer is one of the land’s leading ladies.

13. Abbie Cornish – RoboCop Cutie


35-year-old Abbie Cornish is a blonde cutie from Australia. She is 5’8” and has a curvy figure that keeps her fans on the edge of their seats. Her smile is electrifying and her talent on screen is unmatched. Cornish also goes by the stage name, “Dusk,” but no matter what you call her, she is a true talent and an unstoppable force. Not only is Cornish an accomplished actress on both the big and small screen, but she raps as well. Who knew this gal was so entertaining? Fans adored her work in films including RoboCop, The Girl, Lavender, Sucker Punch, 6 Days, and A Good Year, to name a few of Cornish’s fine films. With superb talent like hers, be sure to see this Aussie amazement in many more films to come.

12. Liam Hemsworth – The Hunger Games God


Chris’ little brother, Liam Hemsworth, is another awesome Aussie hottie that fans go completely crazy over. He is 27-years-old and just like his big bro, he stands at an impressive 6’3”. Fans simply adore him, especially the ladies, but this Aussie hunk is taken, as he is hooked to singer and performer, Miley Cyrus. Some of Hemsworth’s notable film credits include The Hunger Games, The Last Song, The Dressmaker, Love and Honor, Empire State, Paranoia, The Expendables 2, Arabian Nights, Isn’t it Romantic, and The Duel. Just like his talented older brother, this Hemsworth always gives it his all while performing on screen, and his audiences adore his charisma and character. Impossibly good looks and plenty of raw talent run in the Hemsworth clan! Miley is surely one lucky lady!


11. Isla Fisher – Red-Hot Hot Rod Star


Isla Fisher is a sexy and sweet actress from far across the globe. She has a smile that lights up the screen and she seems like she is down-to-earth and lovable. While Fisher was actually born in Muscat, Oman, she was raised in Australia. Fisher is married to actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and they have three children together. You may have seen the fantastic Fisher in films including Keeping Up with the Joneses, Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Great Gatsby, Scooby-Do, or Hot Rod, to name a few. No matter the genre, Fisher is a true pro on film and her on-screen presence is powerful and hard to turn away from. Fans love her ravishing red hair, bright smile, and perky personality. She is one to watch and we will always tune into her performances.

10. Ruby Rose – Orange is the New Black Bombshell


Actress, model, DJ, VJ and more, Ruby Rose is not only a genuinely gorgeous gal, but is multi-talented as well. The 31-year-old woman is highly-sought after thanks to her oozing sex appeal, go-getter attitude, mesmerizing presence, and overall fierce fabulousness. Many fans love the ravishing Rose on the TV hit, Orange is the New Black, and her raw talent shines through the small screen as the natural beauty Rose beholds never gets old. Rose’s short and sassy dark brown hairdo is her signature look and her glowing bright eyes are a sight to be seen. This awesome Aussie may be from “down under,” but she is certainly heads above the rest. With a name like Ruby, this babe proves she is a real gem! Expect to see lots more from this lovely lass in the years to come.

9. Jesse Spencer – The Hot Guy from The Girl is in Trouble


The adorable Jessie Spencer is an Australian hottie who is an actor as well as a musician. In Australia, Spencer was best known for his role in soaps, but he has an impressive movie career as well. The 38-year-old strapping stud has appeared in films including Uptown Girls, Swimming Upstream, Winning London, The Girl is in Trouble, Lorna Doone, Tell-Tale, Stranded, and Flourish. He has a charismatic smile and a great body, making his hunky looks part of his overall appeal. But Spencer’s evident talent is no small thing, as he is well-loved for his acting by fans from all over the globe. Spencer has rugged good looks and an easygoing way about him, making fans always come back for more. Keep your eyes peeled for more great work from this Aussie fella!

8. Isabel Lucas – That Sugar Film Fox


Actress Isabel Lucas is another Aussie hottie with looks that are only rivaled by her talent. At 32-years-old, this glamorous gal is not only a talented actress, but a sought-after model as well. And with looks like hers, it is easy to see why. The Australian babe is a TV and film actress who is captivating and exciting, making fans follow her every move. If you are a fan of Lucas’, then you have surely adored her in films like Careful What You Wish For, The Loft, Red Dawn, Knight of Cups, Electric Slide, That Sugar Film, and others. She is a chameleon who can change her look for any role, but no matter how Lucas disguises herself, she is always a stunner. Lucas is surely one of Australia’s finest!

7. Ryan Kwanten – The Right Kind of Wrong’s “Mr. Right”


40-year-old Ryan Kwanten is an Aussie hunk with a super-fit figure and an equally-handsome face to match. He is not only an accomplished actor, but a comedian as well, proving that foxiness and funniness go hand-in-hand. Kwanten has appeared in a number of movies including Dead Silence, The Right Kind of Wrong, Griff the Invisible, Flight 7500, Not Suitable for Children, Who Gets the Dog?, Blunt Force Trauma, and more. Along with his roles in films, the attractive Aussie has starred in the Aussie soap opera, Home and Away. Lots of big stars got their start on soaps, so it is no wonder this diamond in the rough was discovered and has made his way to the big time. Stay tuned for more to love from the awesome Aussie babe.

6. Emily Browning – The Beauty from Sleeping Beauty


Actress Emily Browning is only 5’1”, but her talent is off-the-charts. This Melbourne-born babe is 28-years-old and is a show-stopping stunner. Her gorgeous facial features are delicate and unique, and her pillow-like lips are puckered-up perfection. When the beautiful Browning is on-screen, she delights her audiences with her natural talent and presence. Perhaps you have enjoyed one of her many movies including Sucker Punch, Sleeping Beauty, Ghost Ship, Plush, Legend, Summer in February, or God Help the Girl, to name some of the actress’ feature films. Browning’s knack for acting and her undeniable beauty make her not only one to watch, but one to admire. Stay tuned for more incredible work from this attractive Aussie! Fans just cannot get enough of her and it is so easy to see why.

5. Ben Lee – We “Ache for You”


Ben Lee is a 39-year-old Aussie who is an actor as well as a musician. He is married to actress Ione Skye. Fans love Lee’s music and unique sense of style. He breaks the mold with his talent and personality. Some of Lee’s best-known songs include “Catch My Disease,” “Gamble Everything for Love,” “I Love Pop Music,” “Ache for You,” “Apple Candy,” “No Right Angles,” “Birthday Song,” “Pop Queen,” and “Close I’ve Come.” Lee got his start in music as a teenager and was in a band called Noise Addict. When it comes to acting, perhaps you’ve seen Lee in films like Spider, The Square, Bear, or The Rage in Placid Lake. With so much talent coming from one man, it is no surprise that fans adore the Aussie for all his charm and passion.

4. Rose Byrne – Get Him to the Greek Goddess


This Rose surely smells sweet to us! Rose Byrne is a 38-year-old Aussie actress who is happily married to popular actor Bobby Cannavale. She is a brilliant brunette stunner with doll-like features and a fantastic fit figure. She has one adorable son who is sure to become a talent like his amazing showbiz parents. Byrne is a super-talented woman who has appeared in a range of films covering many genres. Some of her superb standouts include Bridesmaids, Neighbors, Spy, Troy, Get Him to the Greek, Annie, I Give it a Year, X-Men: First Class, The Internship, and 28 Weeks Later. No matter the subject matter or plot, Byrne truly gives her all to her craft and fans sit up and take notice. If you are not already a Byrne fan, see one of her films and you’ll be amazed by the incredible Aussie.

3. Sam Worthington – Amazing Avatar Aussie


Sam Worthington is a 41-year-old Aussie with great looks and notable talent on screen. He is a married father of one who is a force on both the small and big screen. Worthington’s on-screen presence is noteworthy and his numerous roles cover the gamut of genres and styles. You may have seen the Aussie actor in Avatar, The Shack, Hacksaw Ridge, Man on a Ledge, The Debt, Sabotage, Texas Killing Fields, Wrath of the Titans, or one of his other fantastic films. When it comes to raw talent, this awesome Aussie is not only incredibly impressive, but a real thrill to watch as well. He is well-loved by fans from all over the globe and his star appeal is only getting better year by year. Worthington is certainly worthy of a round of applause.

2. Alex O’Loughlin – The Back-Up Plan Perfect Man


Actor Alex O’Loughlin is a 41-year-old Aussie who is a tall drink of water, standing at over six feet. He has appeared in a number of movies and television shows and his fan-base is large and devoted. The actor has been married since 2014 and has two children. If you follow O’Loughlin, you have surely enjoyed his work in films such as The Back-Up Plan, Whiteout, August Rush, The Holiday, Feed, Man-Thing, and The Invisible, to name a bunch. These days, fans adore the star for his role on television in the series Hawaii Five-O where he plays the role of Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett. O’Loughlin’s smoking good looks, fit body, and overall sex appeal make him well-loved by his throngs of fans from all over the globe. Sexiness and a sense of swag make this Aussie an A+ celeb.

1. Keith Urban – Kidman’s Country Cutie


Country crooner Keith Urban is an amazing Aussie talent who is happily (and luckily) married to the incredible Nicole Kidman. They have two children together and make for a swoon-worthy star-studded pair. While Urban is 50-years-old, his youthful energy and great looks make him seem far younger. Some of the singer’s most notable musical hits include, “The Fighter,” “Making Memories of Us,” “Somewhere in My Car,” “You’ll Think of Me,” “Tonight I Wanna Cry,” “Sweet Thing,” “You Look Good in My Shirt,” “Long Hot Summer,” and “Little Bit of Everything.” Hit after hit, Urban keeps cranking out great music that has his thousands of fans singing right along. He sells out stadium-size concerts and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Fans will agree, Urban is, indeed, a legend!


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