Gina Rodriguez Reveals How She Stays In Amazing Shape

Gina Rodriguez is sharing her secrets to staying in shape!

The Jane The Virgin star has always been killing the game with her beauty, both inside and out! However, the actress has been getting her fitness on for her most recent role in upcoming film Annihilation.

Not only is Rodriguez getting in her workouts, but she is also doing it by making it look way too easy. According to PopSugar, Gina absolutely loves boxing and Muay Thai, which is a combat sport originating from Thailand. And as mentioned in Delish, Gina not only partakes in the sport but also spent a month in Thailand mastering it from the professionals.

The 33-year-old, whose father was a boxing referee, showed her the ropes from an early age and engages in various high-intensity training that allows the star to keep in as good a shape as possible. Along with her incredibly difficult exercise routines, Gina is currently battling Hashimoto’s disease, which attacks the body’s thyroid glands. Although the disease can be very draining on one's energy levels, Gina keeps them going by eating healthy food.

The actress mentioned how she eats a strict diet that includes loads of “fiber and vegetable protein”, which helps fight off any fatigue. She also claims that she lives a very balanced life when it comes to her health, and stated how “I eat healthily and work out, so I don’t worry about having a red velvet cupcake”. In addition, the star has never been shy to discuss aspects of health and fitness, including her own journey of living her best life and accepting her shape.

Gina took to her Instagram last Fall to past a smiling selfie with a heartfelt caption that stated the star loves her shape because “this was the one I was born with and damn it feels good when you get to that point”. She is a huge advocate for body positivity and has stated she feels less time and energy should be spent on an ideal body shape, as all it does is create stress. Preach Gina!

We are more in love with her than ever. If anyone is setting the way to achieving optimal health the best way, it's her! Catch Gina on the big-screen for her upcoming release of Annihilation this February 23, 2018.

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