Gigi Shoots Solo Selfie For Valentine’s Day

Brit supermodel Gigi Hadid obviously turns a lot of heads every time she struts down the runway. And it's no problem for her to get the attention of some 51.2 million gawkers on social media. So how is it that one of the most videogenic figures on the planet spent Valentine's Day alone?

She certainly didn't keep the fact that she was flying solo under wraps. Nope, instead, while Cupid's arrows were raining down on everyone else, Hadid commemorated the moment with an Instagram selfie while propped up against a pair of pillows, wearing a white robe and clutching a pair of heart-shaped lollipops.

"Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!!" wrote Hadid on the image caption. "But especially my baby @zayn!"

via dailymail.co.uk

To the uninitiated, or for those who'd jump at the chance to keep the 22-year-old hottie occupied during the most romantic day of the year, Zayn is Zayn Malik, the Pakistani-Brit warbler from the recently dissolved boy band One Direction. He has been Hadid's boyfriend for more than two years. Lately the 25-year-old singer has been in the studio, reportedly laying down tracks for a romantic ballad sung in Hindi, slated to be part of a soundtrack for a forthcoming Bollywood flick. Meanwhile, Hadid's been doing the catwalk circuit as part of New York Fashion Week, donning designs by the likes of Prabal Gurung, Brandon Maxwell, and Anna Sui.

Hadid, who previously dated Joe Jonas and Aussie recording artist Cody Simpson, apparently has a thing for male singers.  That infatuation continued when her amorous trajectory collided with Malik's back in 2014 at a mutual friend's birthday party. Malik was so taken by the Jordanian-Dutch beauty, he kept her in mind for a role in a video for his hit "Pillowtalk" two years later. They've been inseparable ever since.


Describing Malik as her "favorite human," Hadid hasn't been shy about admitting she's head over heels with her main man. Despite busy schedules, the two manage to share as much time as possible together, even while jetting to their residences in London, Los Angeles, and New York.

Still, a much-publicized solo pic of Hadid should be incentive for Malik to maybe double the size of the rose bouquet on Feb. 14, 2019.


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