Gigi Hadid Finally Walked Her Very First Burberry Fashion Show

Gigi Hadid is one model that everyone can't stop looking at. It's not just because of her looks, even though the blonde-haired woman is drop-dead gorgeous in appearance. But when you look into her lengthy modeling career, it's hard to deny that she's been incredibly successful in her own right. But there are certain fashion designers that even someone of her caliber has yet to work with. Recently, however, there was one that Hadid can now cross off her list.

According to ELLE this past Monday, Hadid finally got the chance to walk in her first ever Burberry fashion show. The show in question was to showcase their Fall 2019 collection. A fashion show from a fashion house as famous and historical as Burberry requires a certain amount of star power to help make it talked about long after the last model has left the runway. With Hadid there, it's evident that they've greatly achieved this goal.

via Evening Standard


Hadid was the sixth model to appear during the Burberry fashion show. Upon first glance, you may not have realized that it was really her. Between the intricate bangs plastered on her forehead, bleached eyebrows, and elf-like skin, Hadid looked like just another model on the runway. That's the good thing, though- her integration into Burberry's fashion show was so seamless that she blended in perfectly. It was as if she'd already been modeling for Burberry for years. Once it was clear that Hadid had indeed walked this particular show, it left her fans and fashion critics buzzing for quite a while.

Now that she has a fashion show done with Burberry under her belt, Hadid's profile as a model is only going to grow from here. Add to her pre-existing experience with other hugely popular fashion brands such as Versace and Victoria's Secret, and it's clear that her modeling will only continue to blossom from here. What happens next in her career is really anyone's guess at this point. But it's quite clear that Hadid will be walking the runway for more fashion shows- be it for Burberry or more new clients- for quite a long time to come.

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