Gigi And Bella: 11 Times They Were Twinning And Winning, And 10 Times Their Styles Were Polar Opposites

While Gigi and Bella Hadid are both internationally known supermodels, they are also sisters and, when together, practically attached at the hip. The two Hadid girls live very busy lives, jetting around the world to work with famous photographers and stylists, but both have developed very distinct personal styles of their own.

Gigi, the older sister, usually accentuates her statuesque figure and blonde goddess waves with fun, lighthearted styles. She wears a lot of white, nude colors, and denim. Bella, who is a year and a half younger, prefers to accentuate her shiny brown locks with statement colors and retro styles. She is more prone to experimenting with her hair and frequently dresses in a vintage style.

While both girls have their own looks and contrasting honey blonde and dark brunette hair, they also love to coordinate and match.

The thing we love the most about fashion's favorite sister duo is how much they support one another, and how happy they always look together! Gigi is quite protective of her beautiful younger sister, telling British Vogue "All I do my entire life – the purpose – is just to watch over Bella... She makes me so proud and I would do anything for her." Best friends, sisters, and top models, the Hadid girls live incredible lives, and they do it all while dressing fabulously. Here are 21 of their best looks, including times that they matched and times that they totally did their own thing!

21 Baby Bella And Gigi Are Sweet And Stylish!


How cute are baby Gigi and Bella!? With how close they are now, it seems natural that they were also close growing up, and this photo definitely suggests so. They seem to already have the unbreakable bond that can only exist between sisters. Gigi has taken Bella under her arm, just like she did when the girls began their careers as models. This photo is a precious reminder of the love that will always be there.

Older sis Gigi, born in 1995, is a year and a half older than little sis Bella, who was born in '96.

It's easy to tell in this photo of them as children that Gigi is older, but nowadays it's nearly impossible! They both grew to be statuesque, stunning models.

We love how their mom Yolanda dressed them in these coordinated outfits—pink tutus and blue and pink flower crowns always make for a sweet shot when worn by little girls. However, the sweetest part of this has to be the sisters' hug!

20 G And B's First Photoshoot - And Of Course They're Twinning

V Magazine/Stephen Klein

Gigi and Bella look stunning in this spread for V Magazine. Although the girls already were making headway in their modeling careers individually, this was the first shoot they did together. They shot with photographer Stephen Klein for the 76th issue of V Magazine, which the sisters graced the cover of. Both girls are rocking some incredible fringe bangs, and the look is very glam and sultry. Mom Yolanda Foster was surely proud of her two girls, sharing this photo on her Instagram page with the caption:

"Sugar and Spice, naughty but always NICE. #DoubleTrouble #SuperModelSisters #ProudMommy."

We love how this family supports each other. And speaking of support, Gigi used the accompanying interview to talk about Girl Power, saying that she loves how young women in the Fashion Industry tend to support one another nowadays rather than being competitive and mean. Bella spoke about how important it is to her to be kind to everyone she meets. While it's great that the girls have an industry of other women's support and are kind to others, they also always have each other's backs!

19 The Duo Keep It Chic At Coachella


The Hadid sisters took on Coachella this year in matching looks. They look comfortable and laid back as they stroll through the festival holding hands.

Interestingly, neither sister took to Instagram to share their matching looks, but of course, they were camera ready as ever for photos taken by bystanders.

Although both sisters are sporting denim, Bella's jeans have a grid patch texture throughout and flare slightly at the bottom, while Gigi opted for a simple mom jean rolled up at the ankle. Gigi also added a thick snakeskin belt to make sure her pants stayed in place throughout all of the day's dancing. Both sisters went for nude crop tops, Bella's having a bit more volume and Gigi's sticking skintight. Comfortable shoes were another similarity, G sporting black sneakers and B choosing timberland boots. While Gigi accessorized with arm stacks on both sides, Bella wore only a scrunchie and some silver rings. Finally, both sisters topped their twinning look off with a subtle thin gold body chain, a Coachella classic. They kept makeup pretty minimal, wearing a shimmer of gold across the lids and nothing else.

18 Double Trouble On British Vogue Cover

Photo by: Steven Meisel

Bella and Gigi both look beyond gorgeous on their twin British Vogue covers! The shoot was in Manhattan, with world-famous photographer Stephen Meisel behind the lens, and celeb stylist Joe McKenna as fashion editor. Rather than having them share the same frame for a cover, the magazine went with nearly mirrored images of each sister individually, releasing two covers for March 2018.

Both girls are posed identically, with a three-quarter body pose and head straight forward. They each have on silver one-shoulder dresses that resemble chain mail, paired with metallic eyeshadow and tousled, nearly wet-looking hair.

This twin cover spread with British Vogue also contained a risqué image of both sisters. When asked about that "[extraordinary] image" by Giles Hattersley for the accompanying interview, Gigi said: "I think for me personally when I choose to [do such a shoot], I do it when I feel like it’s for the art and for something that is meaningful and for someone who I really respect. And Steven is that person for me. To do it with my sister kind of to me resembles pictures of us as little kids – but the Meisel version! [lol]. It felt like a moment." And they certainly captured the moment! All of the images from this sister shoot are absolutely gorgeous!

17 G And B Vacation At Disney


G & B love going to Disney: just like us! As professional models, Gigi and Bella certainly know how to strike a pose— but they usually don't get to be this silly. The girls look thrilled to be hanging out with Mickey Mouse himself, and this fun shot perfectly captures the moment.

Since both girls have amazing careers, they probably don't get a ton of downtime, so it makes it all the more special that they got to spend the day at Disney together.

To make things even better, they coordinated outfits again. Both sisters wore light-wash high waisted denim and matching baseball caps with a graphic font. While Bella went light with a white tank top and sweater, Gigi went dark with a black cropped jacket and matching shoulder bag. One detail Bella missed was the giant Mickey gloves that Gigi accessorized with. Although we always love to see results of the two girls' hard work from their modeling careers, it's also great to see them hanging out, happy and having fun. It's almost like they get to be kids again. Hey, Disneyland is "the Happiest Place on Earth!"

16 The Sisters Twin With Their #AllBlackEverything Style

Splash News

How fun are these nearly-matching black on black ensembles? The sisters had another twin style moment in Milan for fashion week, attending an event hosted by Italian designer Missoni. Bella and Gigi also both walked in the Missoni fashion show, with Gigi having the honor of opening the show. Both girls wore full black to this event, from the ground up with their chunky-soled black lace-up boots.

Gigi's boots are a little higher cut, while Bella's leave some ankle exposed and feature a hint of blue embellishment. Gigi went for see-through plastic pants, with a geometric print and black shorts underneath, and Bella chose what look to be black satin trousers with a center seam. Gigi covered up on top with a black turtleneck layered underneath a denim jacket, but Bella instead showed some skin with a black button-down worn folded over and off the shoulder. Both sisters also wore some throwback accessories, Bella choosing to add a cheetah-print beret and a fanny pack slung over the shoulder, and Gigi choosing graphic dark shades with a neon yellow top frame. Regardless of whichever sister's look you like better, you have to admit that they look pretty great together!

15 Pretty In Pastel


Gigi and Bella look so young in this shot of the girls from 2014! Bella was only 17, and Gigi was then 19. This is actually the evening before Bella's 18th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than attending a swanky dinner twinning with her favorite sister! Gigi seems to have channeled Cher Horowitz from Clueless, wearing a pale pink slip dress and matching poofy fur coat. Bella's look is similarly monochromatic and pastel, but a light powder blue. Young Bella chose a more conservative turtleneck neckline, layering over a coordinating short knit skirt and under a very minimal thigh-length coat. The girls also chose nearly-matching sandals with a low heel and an ankle strap, showing off their twinning end of summer tans.

According to W Magazine, the sisters were attending "an intimate dinner celebrating the launch of New Inc... hosted by the New Museum and Calvin Klein Collection."

As evidenced by the sleek minimalism of the clothing and the classic silhouettes, the girls were wearing Calvin to celebrate. We love that they were already such a dynamic duo, even when first starting their careers!

14 Coordinating In Chanel Coats


Bella and Gigi look sophisticated and elegant in these coordinating Chanel looks. Gigi proudly smiles at her sister, who is giving her best sultry pout and side eye. Bella has gone for a total bombshell look, wearing the same sleek pony as Gigi but doing a winged eye, red lip, pointy black pumps and flashing some glowing skin. She wears a black patent leather evening coat with a contrasting tan collar and hem, and a subtle but wild accessory in the form of black fingerless bondage cage gloves.

Gigi, alternatively, dressed a little cozier, pairing a grey smoky shadow and dangling black earrings over a grey turtleneck sweater, which peeks out from her own Chanel number. The older sister's coat is a little more eclectic, featuring a standout black and white allover patchwork print, a longer ankle length, and a billowing sleeve that tapers into a fitted cuff at the wrist.

While both sisters are wearing Chanel, it's amazing how different these looks translate in terms of attitude and vibe, but also how well they pair together. Of course, they both could pull off either look, and they always look their best when they're together!

13 Sister Solidarity For Gigi's Golden Birthday

Gigi turned 23 this April, and her birthday bash was every bit as glam as you'd expect from the supermodel! The fête was held at Brooklyn Heights Social Club, and of course, the whole Hadid family turned out for the event. While notably missing Gigi's very recently ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik, the event would not have been complete without a completely show-stopping sister moment, and G & B delivered! Gigi wore a skin-tight gold embellished strapless mini-dress made by Atelier Versace. Although she paired the dress with a matching dramatic golden eyeshadow look, the brightest part of her outfit was her pearly white smile!

Gigi looked beyond happy to be celebrating with all of her friends and family. Bella also did not disappoint, wearing a Versace look to compliment her big sis'.

Bella went with a retro pony, showcasing her bold gold-and-diamond hoop earrings. B's dress could have been painted on, showcasing her model figure and bronzed skin. Her dress featured a wild cheetah print and gold patches of embroidery. While Gigi was the birthday girl, she seems happy to share the spotlight with her gorgeous little sister! Gigi's look is fit for a birthday Queen, but it looks even better with a supportive sister!

12 Black, White And Baby Blue

Getty Images

Another stunning Milan fashion week street style moment for the Hadid girls! Bella and Gigi are seen leaving the Versace Spring Summer 2017 show in which they both walked. Gigi also opened this show, wearing a navy blue beaded skirt and matching sheer top with an enormous blue puffer coat that flowed behind her as she walked.

Bella and Gigi both wore Versace, however, Bella's powder blue number showed decidedly more skin than Gigi's more business-chic look. Bella went with a cropped long sleeve top, paired with a powder blue leather mini and matching leather jacket, tucked under her arm.

Gigi showed a different way to wear the delicate baby blue color, in the stripes and pattern on her collared patchwork button-down. The older Hadid sister paired her top with a pair of dark trousers. Both girls wore large statement sunglasses, Gigi's a clear-framed black lensed cat eye pair, and Bella's an angular all-black pair with a heavy frame. The sisters also both wore their hair sleek and straight, as it had been styled in the show.

11 G And B Make History As The First Sisters To Walk The VS Fashion Show Together


Gigi and Bella both looked absolutely stunning at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! 2016 was the first year that two sisters ever walked in the same Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and Gigi and Bella were honored to make history as that pair. Bella later revealed to Paper Magazine that she had auditioned for the VS Show in 2015, but was rejected from the casting. She seems to have taken the blow in stride, although big sis Gigi did get to walk that year, telling Paper, "everything happens for a reason." Bella persisted and did get a coveted spot in the show the following year. The Hadid girls joined in the cast of what was the largest Victoria's Secret fashion show ever, set in Paris. Gigi was very proud of her little sister, telling ET about the show:

"I am so proud of [Bella] for getting this show because she worked so hard. [And] for us to be able to do it together, and be the first sisters in the show, we’re really, really honored."

Bella then gushed in turn about Gigi in her own post-show Instagram post, captioning a photo of she and Gigi, “I cried when I saw my sister put her wings on for the first time.”

We couldn't think of a better duo to crush the VS runway as a sister act!

10 Brunette Bella And Blonde Gigi


This photo of young Bella and Gigi shows that their contrasting beauty looks have always complimented each other. Since this pic is a total throwback, the sisters are both young teenagers, and their facial features haven't yet developed. Even with the babyfaces, the girls are each already developing their signature style! Bella keeps things sultry with a black dress with an embellished bustier and a thin gold necklace. Gigi keeps things in her usual color palette, wearing a pale pink satin dress with billowing long sleeves.

Gigi is already dressing in light golds and pinks, whereas Bella is already keeping things dark and shimmery, and we can totally see the roots of where their styles came from. Gigi's blonde hair is grown to Rapunzel lengths, and Bella's sleek brunette style has a heavy side part and is much longer than she wears her hair now.

Both girls have much thinner eyebrows in this early photo, proving just how much eyebrows can change the way your face looks. While they both grow their eyebrows out, they also continue growing to their towering model heights, with Gigi growing to 5'10" and Bella growing close behind to reach 5'9". It's fun to see photos of the sisters so young, and to see how much has changed and how much remains the same!

9 Keeping It Casual Off The Catwalk


If only we could all look this cute on a sister date! The Hadid girls hit the streets of New York in summer 2016 in cute but not matching casual looks. The sisters went to dinner at the popular Japanese restaurant Nobu, catching up on bonding time. Bella had clearly been enjoying the summer weather, as her deep tan glowed next to her white Bardot top. The younger Hadid wore the classic blouse tucked into some not-quite-classic camouflage combat pants. Finishing the look with black sneakers and a black studded belt, Bella was definitely channeling an early 2000s pop icon like Christina Aguilera.

She even carried a shoulder bag and thin gold hoops, and had her hair slicked back into a tight bun— Gwen Stefani would be proud!

Gigi also paid homage to her childhood time period, wearing a cropped 'Nickelodeon Studios' sweatshirt. She paired the nostalgic style with a light wash denim cigarette-style pant, and pointy white heeled boots. She also carried a handbag that was popular in early 2000s street style: the miniaudière. Could the Hadid sister duo be ushering in the return of the early 2000s? Signs point to maybe.

8 Hand In Hand On A Sister Soirée


Bella and Gigi could not have dressed more differently to spend a night out with their mom. The sisters were out on the town to celebrate the launch of their mother Yolanda's new Lifetime show and birthday.

They exited their New York apartment holding hands and both looking fabulous, but the similarities end there.

Bella once again went with her signature retro appeal, doing an extreme high pony that curled around her neck and a sultry shimmer of nude shadow. She wore a berry colored leather mini trench dress, cinched at the middle in a coordinating leather belt. Also coordinating was the leather collared top that peeked out from underneath, featuring a sporty white zipper, resembling the neckline of a sporty windbreaker jacket. Playing off of this white trim detail, Bella wore knee-high white leather Go-Go boots, proving her talent at mixing styles from different time periods.

According to PopSugar, Gigi had been working with celeb stylist Mimi Cuttrell, revamping her street style game. She wore black high-waisted trousers and black lace-up heeled boots that came to a pointed silver toe. The real star of her ensemble is the half-striped, half butterfly print blouse, adding some color and character to her look. We love how this look is businesslike but also casual and fun.

7 G And B In Contrasting Colors


While at first glance these outfits couldn't be more different, both sisters are actually channeling monochromatic head-to-toe colorways for these looks. Bella's is perhaps more obvious, opting for a completely fire-engine red look. Her red jeans fall to the ankle, just covering the tops of her red strappy sandals. She also wears a fitted red hoodie, but ups the glam factor with matching red nails.

This totally fearless style is one that Bella has channeled more than once, choosing to wear full bright red to everything from fashion shows to red-carpet events, but this is a more casual iteration of the trend.

Gigi has gotten in on this style before as well, once wearing a full bright red suit for the red carpet.

However, for this New York sister day, Gigi went dark instead, sporting a green and black plaid colorway. She broke up the print a bit by leaving her blazer unbuttoned, showing her midsection and black sports top through a black sheer mesh turtleneck top. She also accessorized with a black belt and boots. Both sisters finished their looks with pulled back hairstyles, a bun for Gigi and a pony for Bella, and sunglasses; black and silver for G, bright red for B. With looks like these, the sunglasses are just the cherry on top!

6 They Wear Their Sunglasses At Night


Gigi looks absolutely smashing in this full white marble patterned 'fit. She seems relaxed and chic in the slouchy collared top and matching trousers, rolling up the shirt cuffs and buttoning it almost all the way up. The elder Hadid sister keeps things ladylike in this casual but fabulous outfit, carrying a small white lady bag and sporting Gucci slip-on loafers. Keeping the jewelry refined and minimal, she also wears a pair of iconic black cat-eye sunglasses and a tight chignon.

Alternatively, Bella skips the monochromatic matching sets for this evening out, opting for a cute polka dotted navy wrap dress. Her outfit seems businesslike up top, with a blazer-like lapel, but really fun and casual at the bottom with slits going up each thigh. She cinches the dress with a black and silver belt and keeps things grounded with a pair of black thick-soled boots. Just like her big sis, Bella carries a very ladylike handbag, although hers is in a deep blue leather. She also wears some gold hoop earrings and a barely-there navy headband, keeping things youthful. Bella also wears her sunglasses at night, but her best feature here is that gorgeous smile!

5 Opposites Attract

B & G look like total opposites here, and we're so into it! Attending the 2016 annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards, hosted by The Daily Front Row, the entire Hadid family turned out to support Bella who was awarded Model of the Year. Gigi was also in the spotlight for the evening, crying as she presented Carine Roitfeld with the award for Magazine of the Year for CR Fashion Book, thanking Roitfeld for being a wonderful mentor and friend.

Bella, the woman of the evening, matched with her then-boyfriend The Weeknd, both wearing head to toe black.

Bella's black satin trench dress was formal and fitted through the torso but distressed at the sleeves and hemline, featuring a burned-look of holes and grey patches. She kept things simple with a sleek low chignon, opting for a natural beauty look with peach eyeshadow and light pink lips. She also wore exclusively silver jewelry, choosing a thick silver chain necklace and some large diamond earrings. Gigi, alternatively, kept things bare and brazen, wearing a sheer white tulle dress that showcased her gorgeous figure. Her dress had white embroidery overtop, but most of her coverage came from a white-hot bodysuit worn underneath. She looked angelic with a nearly bare face and loose blonde curls.

4 Just Like Us - They Have To Flag A Cab


With all of the time that the Hadid girls spend in New York, you'd better believe that they know how to hail a cab like a pro. And with looks like these, what cab driver wouldn't pull over immediately!? Bella and Gigi keep things comfortable and casual in these twin athleisure looks. Both girls wear black leggings, although G's have a little sparkle coming up from the ankle and are cropped a touch higher. Bella keeps it extra sporty with beige Nikes, while Gigi goes a little more punk with painted Converse all-stars. Gigi wears a subtly sheer turtleneck, with the loosely woven fabric exposing a hint of her torso underneath, coupled with a bright orange cropped bomber jacket. Bella wears a cropped Tommy Hilfiger grey sweater and carries a large black leather handbag. Both girls also wear oversized sunnies and are carrying Starbucks. Although this isn't exactly what we look like when we go to the gym, they definitely look fantastic!

3 Bold Colors, Big Benefits


One thing we love about Gigi and Bella is how fearless they are with their fashion choices. Obviously, as supermodels, it's their job to be able to pull anything off, but they both choose to wear such awesome clothing off-duty as well! Here's another look where this sister act supports each other and both come out looking fab.

Both girls wear dark pants and shoes, retro sunnies, black turtlenecks and pushed-back hairstyles, but the stand out pieces are their colorful blazers.

Bella goes with a Barbie Doll hot pink, in a solid color and patent leather. She accessorizes with big gold hoops and a coordinating gold belt, plus delicate black leather gloves. Gigi alternatively chooses a bright orange blazer, decked out with blue polka dotted shoulders and comic book panels, plus rainbow sequined pockets. Gigi's pants have a bit more flair, as they feature a subtle black plaid, and her combat boots lace up the sides, whereas Bella's black boots hit mid-shin and a high heel. Gigi wears her hair slicked back a bit tighter than her little sister and sports small black cat-eye sunnies whereas Bella wears a sharp rectangular style. This is one time when the sisters are matching but also contrasting, complimentary but individual. We love it!

2 Opposites And We're Loving It


Bella and Gigi both looked stunning at the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards in 2017. Bella was showing off a major makeover, revealing her retro bangs to the public for the first time. Gigi kept her signature hair look, lengthy blonde waves. Bella made a serious statement in her tuxedo-esque hot pink mini dress. The style featured a broad belt across the midsection and a wide shoulder, making this style subtly reminiscent of the 80s, with some 50s nostalgia in the hair. Gigi alternatively kept things very modern, wearing a floor-length white gown and similarly floor-dusting satin jacket. Bella wore very light eye makeup but accentuated her sharp cheekbones with blush and highlighter, finishing her beauty look with a rosy pink lip. Gigi looked fresh and chic with a touch of eyeliner on her top lids and a nude lip, paired with glowing skin. While Bella did not add any statement jewelry, Gigi wore a large diamond choker necklace. The girls were dressed very differently, but they certainly showed that there is more than one way to make a statement!

1 Dressed In Fur, Plaid And Denim


Gigi and Bella once again killed the street style game at Milan fashion week in February 2018. They both went for throwback layered looks, proving their 90s style acumen was at the top of its game. The sisters were leaving the Alberta Ferretti show according to Us Magazine.

Both girls layered on the goodness and came out with quite different looks.

Bella has a nude, tight mesh top on, folded up into a crop, underneath a furry white teddy bear cropped to-die-for jacket. She paired this combo with Fendi trousers. Gigi went for multiple layers of denim instead, starting with a light blue button-down, then adding some yellow plaid, and topping it off with a ripped denim vest. Gigi also wore double denim on the bottom, sporting white jeans that tore away at the shin to reveal light blue jeans down to the ankle. Both sisters wore plain white sneakers and funky sunglasses, Gigi choosing a golden and brown tortoiseshell pair and Bella going with a deep red pair in an oval 90s style. We love to see these girls together and trying new things!

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