Need A Gift For The Friend Who Has Everything? Try This $25,000 Makeup Brush

Artis is launching three new makeup brushes that retail at $25,000, just in time for the holidays and the perfect gift for that friend who already has everything. Artis will be releasing three brushes, as in there will literally only be three available in total, one that will have the brand name encrusted in black diamonds, one in white diamonds, and the third one in rubies. These three-of-a-kinds brushes are called Artis Bespoke, and for those able and willing to spend $25,000, this drop comes in perfect timing for the holidays. For those who do not have that kind of money to casually spend on a makeup brush, perhaps Santa will put one under the tree?

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For those unfamiliar with the brand, Artis is known for their award-winning makeup brushes that are massively popular among makeup artists and celebrities around the world. The brushes look a bit like big toothbrushes, with ergonomically designed brush handles and super soft hairs made from Cosmefibres that work equally brilliantly with powders as it does with liquids. The brushes are decorated with two plates made from white gold, with one of them being covered in a mosaic of precious stones, and the other being open for engraving any message the owner wants.

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As reported by Allure, the $25,000 will not only cover the Artis Bespoke but also give the lucky customer a luxurious, customized case for the brush, a specially made care kit, and insurance. Furthermore, the price tag also includes makeup brush servicing and a seasonal makeup training course with Artis' brush-pro Lindsey Jackson, which can be carried out either in person or via FaceTime.

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Now, with a price tag as hefty as 25,000, most people managing to get their hands on the luxurious makeup brushes will not actually use them for, well applying makeup. Artis themselves are saying that they imagine the Artis Bespoke brushes to be considered more like a piece of art; something to lay atop a vanity to feel really extra.

For those who are collectors of customized, limited edition items, the Artis Bespoke is the perfect item to add to the collection or to get as a Christmas gift for themselves. For everyone else, at least Artis' 'normal' brushes suddenly seem a lot more affordable!

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