'Game of Thrones' Star Maisie Williams Just Showed Off Her Pretty Pink Locks (And We're Loving It)

With the HBO phenomenon Game of Thrones drawing to a close (eight seasons after it all began), its actors and actresses are preparing to leave a show that made them a household name. The ninth and last season is set to come out next year, meaning that some stars are doing different things in the name of a colorful goodbye. Case in point: Maisie Williams (who plays Arya Stark in GoT).

As revealed by Allure, Williams- a young actress who typically rocks long brunette hair- has made a dramatic change when it came to its shade. She traded the rather ordinary color for an extremely light pink. She showed off her new look on her Instagram in the form of a Story. She also cut her locks to shoulder-length, yet kept her signature bangs.

via Instagram

For some, Williams' sudden hair color change may seem for surprising. But others who have followed the actress for a few years know that she's been known for changing up her hair before. Williams once dyed her hair a more subtle shade of chocolate brown back in 2017. The year before that, she went the other way by coloring her tresses teal. Yep- teal. The latter color was definitely far bolder, that's for sure. But it only serves as more proof that Williams is unafraid of changing up her hair color to the wild side every now and again.

Pink hair is definitely a cute look, although it's definitely not something you can rock for every occasion. Most of us either can't do it at all or are relegated to some kind of temporary hair coloring product that comes out after just one wash. That's because most jobs and schools frown upset having a hair color that doesn't come from nature. If you're feeling brave enough to do it, then go for it. But if you're lucky enough to dye your hair pink in a more permanent fashion, then you should do that instead. Having said that, getting it done by a hair colorist- a professional who knows what they're doing- will ensure that the color comes out correctly in your hair. Besides, the last thing anyone wants is pink hair that's anything but pretty.


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