Game Of Thrones' Sophie Turner Gets Candid About Her Mental Health Issues

Sophie Turner from Game Of Thrones gets candid about mental health issues

Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner recently opened up about her mental health issues in an interview with Dr. Phil on his podcast Phil In The Blanks. The twenty-three-year-old shared how negative and hateful comments on social media triggered her mental health to decline, and that it made her doubt herself. People would call her spotty and fat, and say that she was a bad actress, and Sophie explained how she would believe it was true. The Game Of Thrones actress also revealed that she used to ask the costume department on set to tighten her corset a lot more so that she would appear slimmer on screen.

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The actress who plays Sansa Stark on the immensely popular HBO show said that these negative feelings and self-doubt later led to depression. She would isolate herself from her friends and had no motivation to go out and do anything. Just the thought of getting dressed would make her burst into tears and feel like there was no way she would manage to leave the house. Sophie has suffered from this depression for six years now, and it is still an ongoing battle for the British actress.

Sophie Turner gets candid about mental health issues
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As reported by E! News, Sophie said that her biggest challenge is to get out of bed in the morning and to get out of the house. Furthermore, the actress says that she is working on learning to love herself and that she has reached a point where she loves herself more than she ever did before. To deal with her mental health issues and her depression, Sophie got help from therapy and medication, which has made her feel so much better.

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Game Of Thrones, which made Sophie world famous at the age of sixteen, has stopped filming and the last season is currently airing on Sundays on HBO. The actress says that she is taking a break from acting now that GOT is coming to an end, and will focus her time and energy on her mental health.

Taking a break sounds like the right thing to do, and since Sophie has been engaged to Joe Jonas since 2017, it is safe to assume she will keep herself quite busy planning their upcoming wedding.

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