Gaga And Glenn Close (+19 Other Unconventional Celeb Friendships)

A solid friendship can make the world go round and a support group of BFFs can be such an important and tender addition to our lives. Hey, there's even a legendary television show modeled on the gifts that friendship can bring!

You've heard about the theory that opposites attract in relationships, right? Well, differences within relationships can keep them fresh and create the tightest of bonds. When a friendship is made up of totally different people, its potential for eternal longevity can be endless! Who hasn't wished they had a social group with as diverse personalities in it as that of Friends? Sometimes, some friendship pairings can be a bit confusing, but that's what makes them enviable and interesting.

The world of celebrity can be a difficult one to navigate, especially on your own. When you have an entourage of people close to you, those crazy moments fame brings can feel much more tolerable, and easier to move through. Those friendships in Tinsel Town we love to follow are interesting to us in a variety of ways, from making us contemplate how these famous friends met, to wondering what a dinner party between entertainment moguls like the Kardashian-Jenner clan and a beloved television host like Jimmy Fallon would be like.

So, from actors and actresses to rappers and cooks, here are 20 unconventional celebrity friendships that prove opposites really do attract!

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20 Lady Gaga And Glenn Close

via Trend Primo

Lady Gaga recently made a noteworthy appearance at the Golden Globes for A Star Is Born, but if your focus was on her backstage hugs with veteran actress Glenn Close, you're not alone!

You might be more familiar with Glenn than you think: her credits include Fatal Attraction and The Big Chill, among others. Her theatrical acting performance is akin to Gaga's stage presence, so by the logic of theatrics, this friendship makes sense!

As it turns out, Glenn has been "gaga" over the Germanotta family for a long time. She and Gaga's mother have been friends forever, according to W.

19 Bette Midler And 50 Cent

via Elle

A woman who is known for her legendary crooning Broadway voice and a man who is remembered for his rapping and way with words. It might not sound like the definition of ebb-and-flow friendships, but for 50 Cent and Broadway singer and actress Bette Midler, the two are challenging the definition of friendship!

50 and Bette's friendship began as a working one, but the duo's friendship quickly blossomed outside of the work day. When 50 Cent was on board for a collaboration project, he was inspired to work musically with Bette, as reported in an article by New York Daily News. We love it!

18 Travis Barker And Kourtney Kardashian

via Pinterest

While you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians for your weekly dose of "Kardashian Kontent," you're clued into the daily lives of the Kardashian and Jenner families. So it's a total mind-bend when you suddenly see the drummer for Blink-182 hanging out at the dinner table with Kourtney, but it's reality, friends!

Travis Barker and Kourtney are a really unlikely pair of best pals! Their families have been spotted together in public multiple times. Regular viewers of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will know Travis and Kourtney aren't very far away; the two are neighbours, as E! News reports! Will Blink-182 play at birthday parties?

17 Winona Ryder And Keanu Reeves

via Twitter

This friendship will make fans of '80s movies and pop culture swoon! You might know Winona Ryder these days as the mother from Stranger Things, but back in the day, she was known for movies like Beetlejuice and Heathers. Keanu Reeves was your mother's favourite heartthrob, and he's stood the test of time in Hollywood over the years. Keanu and Winona's friendship is truly the definition of "Winona forever!"

The pals recently starred in the film Destination Wedding, and Winona likes to tell the press the duo may have had a real wedding, according to Vanity Fair. Viva platonic love!

16 Drake And Millie Bobby Brown

via Consequence Of Sound

Talk about a friendship between two extremely popular people! In terms of the most popular figures of popular culture in recent years, Drake and Millie Bobby Brown take the cake. Drake has been riding high over the last year with his latest album, and Millie has been starring in the hit series, Stranger Things.

Millie and Drake first became friends through IG when he commented on a Stranger Things picture. Would this unconventional friendship be "God's Plan?" It certainly seems like they're having fun and encouraging each other. Millie was seen wearing Drake's merchandise at the airport recently. Friends support each other!

15 Mariah Carey And Will Ferrell

via Pinterest

If you have a friendship with one of the greatest divas of our time, Mariah Carey, you know it will be a vision of love, if you will! Mariah has had several noticeable celebrity friendships over the years (Beyonce, anyone?), but a certain friendship of Mariah's may leave some fans scratching their heads.

When you think of Will Ferrell, chances are you don't think of him as Mariah Carey's pal, but the two actors are for-real friends! According to PopSugar, Will has seen one of Mariah's spectacular live shows. The duo has also been photographed together at public events.

14 Kendall Jenner And Jimmy Fallon

via ET Canada

Hiya, neighbour! Imagine how high the rate of activity in the neighbourhood would skyrocket upon learning a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family was moving in on your block! The neighbourhood potlucks would be more entertaining for sure.

For talkshow host Jimmy Fallon, his neighbourhood was in for a treat when Kendall Jenner moved to the 'hood in 2016! When she appeared on his show, Jimmy joked, "our neighbours were up in arms when you moved into the block," according to Elle. Kendall was a good sport about the neighbourhood chitchat and said she was satisfied with "more space and a pool."

13 Tyra Banks And Clay Aiken

via Twitter

In the faraway land of forgotten celebrity duos live Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, the runner-up and winner of the second season of American Idol back in the early '00s. When you throw one of the most well-known fashion models of the century into the mix, you have a winning recipe for a celebrity friendship!

Clay and Tyra, (pictured here with Ruben), are not only reality TV veterans, but they're friends in reality! Of his friend, Clay told People, "she's a real person." When you're both familiar with the reality TV world, it's good to have real friends around.

12 Lorde And Jack Antonoff

via The Blast

Some friendships are so close, to the point where we're not sure if they're just friends! Regardless of friendship status, close bonds are cool.

Jack Antonoff may be most well-known for his relationship with a famous ex, but he's done lots of work in his own bands and as a music producer. In 2017, Jack produced Lorde's sophomore album and the two struck up a close friendship, to the point of media speculation they're more than best buds!

A friendship made in quirky heaven was born when Jack presented Lorde "a can of pineapple juice," via The New York Times! Um, okay.

11 Rihanna And Jim Parsons

via Kiss 92.5

Jim Parsons stars in one of the most successful shows of all time which explores science and questions the meaning of life. His friendship with Rihanna sounds like a friendship straight out of space. It's not every day you think of a beloved pop star and the guy behind Sheldon Cooper being friends, but stranger things have happened!

RiRi and Jim met and got to know one another when they worked together on set of the film Home. They'd spend long hours in the recording studio for the animated project. Jim would sing Ri's songs to her for funsies, as E! News reports. We would've loved to see that.

10 Courteney Cox And Ed Sheeran

via Pinterest

He's in love with the shape of... Monica? That's right, Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox, who you'll remember as Monica from Friends, have a close-knit friendship!

At first glance, Courteney may just look like a mom who enjoys hanging out with her daughter at Ed's concerts, as The Sun reports, but the friendship between these two stars extends backstage.

PopSugar revealed Courteney let Ed use her house while he was making a record. Talk about a memorable anecdote!

You know the friendship is real when you set your friend up for eternal love. Ed will be part of Courteney's wedding to her fiancé, whom Ed introduced Courteney to, as Entertainment reports.

9 Beyonce And Blake Lively

via Just Jared Jr.

If you had to map out the perfect version of a Hollywood girl squad, legendary diva Beyonce and Gossip Girl Blake Lively would both be high on your list! The parties with these two would be off the hook from the start because Blake and Bey are buds.

Like many of us, Blake is in awe of Bey. Their friendship began over jewels! According to Pop Sugar, the duo met at a star-studded jewelery launch. The ultimate definition of glitz and glamour!

Blake may have set the ultimate friendship goal when she made Bey a birthday cake, as Us magazine reports.

8 Martha Stewart And Snoop Dog

via Pinterest

When two creative entrepreneurs of completely different art forms come together, the results can produce an unlikely TV show pairing, a delicious brownie recipe and one of the most unique friendships of all time!

Martha Stewart may look familiar from your mom's seemingly endless collection of cookbooks, and Snoop Dogg was the artistic mastermind behind the music she repeatedly tried to keep you from hearing. But when the celebrated pair came together, your mom totally approved.

Martha and Snoop have appeared in commercials together, they've cooked delicacies on Martha's cooking show, as People reports, and they've provided us with plenty of laughs! Fo-shizzle.

7 Jay-Z And Nick Jonas

via Upscale Hype

What do you get when you put a Jonas brother and Beyonce's husband together? Why, a friendship, of course! The youngest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick, has come a long way from his days as a boyband heartthrob. Nick has since become one of the most popular R&B crooners of the last decade! Who better than a well-established veteran of R&B and hip-hop than Sean 'Jay-Z' Carter to be a friend and mentor to the former Jo-bro?

Nick told Complex in an interview how much he looks up to Jay-Z. He said, "It's amazing to have someone like him around." We bet!

6 Katy Perry And Neil deGrasse Tyson

via StarTalk Radio

"Hot and Cold" isn't only the title of a throwback Katy Perry tune! When Katy sat down with the legendary astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson for a joint interview, the singer had the opportunity to dive into the cosmic world of stars and space.

The interview on deGrasse Tyson's talkshow revealed many interesting tidbits about their out-of-this-world friendship! The pals took a selfie together, contemplated a relationship between math and science and took over Katy's Twitter account.

DeGrasse Tyson thought the pop star was a great addition to his show's lineup in order to gain greater audience exposure, as News reports.

5 Kanye West And The Olsen Twins

via Pinterest

How cosmopolitan is this friendship? The unlikely friendship between Kanye West and the Olsen sisters has such a New York City stamp of approval. Kanye lived in NYC with his wife, Kim, and Mary-Kate and Ashley attended New York University for college. They've made a name for themselves in the fashion industry.

The Olsen twins have been photographed a number of times over the years with 'Ye, and the twins have also left a strong impression on Kanye. He name-checked the twins in one of his most popular tunes. Talk about immortalised friendship goals!

4 Emilia Clarke And Matt LeBlanc

via Pinterest

Emilia Clarke and Matt LeBlanc's friendship started like all fantasies of huge Friends fans: Emilia and Matt appeared together on the English talkshow The Graham Norton Show and he let his inner Joey come out, as BBC America reports.

The Game of Thrones leading lady has a longtime love for the classic 90's sitcom. When the actors appeared on the Graham Norton Show together, Matt delivered one of Joey Tribbiani's most beloved lines: "How you doin'?" Emilia's girl-crush dreams sweetly came alive for a brief moment on screen!

Emilia burst out laughing, and her smile remained when she snapped a picture with Matt backstage, as Elle reports.

3 Selena Gomez And Jennifer Aniston

via Simplemost

Jennifer Aniston's beloved Friends character Rachel Green had five other notable friends, and Jennifer also has some notably famous friends in RL, particularly Selena Gomez!

From one generation of teen idols to another, Jennifer and Selena have come together to form one of the most girl-crush worthy friendships in Hollywood. E! News revealed the actresses have met a number of times over the years, much to a young Selena's delight! Selena professed her love for Jen in an IG post, writing, "I have not only been following her career as a fan since I was 8..."

She's so lucky to meet her inspiration!

2 Miley Cyrus And Wayne Coyne

via Pinterest

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to blessing fans with memorable moments within the various eras in her career, from her wig-wearing days as Hannah Montana to her club-friendly tunes on her hit album "Bangers." Another gem given to us in the era of "Bangers" is Miley's unlikely friendship with the frontman of the psychedelic rock band The Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne!

Miley and Wayne are the total definition of a creative duo. The two musicians have been in the studio, where Wayne was on hand for the recording of Miley's album, "Dead Petz"! Did you know they have matching dog tattoos, as NME reports?

1 Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning

via Just Jared

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning's friendship started out with a bang in the most rock and roll way possible! The two actresses were cast in the biopic of 70's punk band The Runaways as Joan Jett and Cherie Currie. Playing two legendary rock and rollers who were constantly together brought them close in RL!

As E! News reports, Dakota revealed in an interview with Glamour that the actresses really enjoy having sleepovers and hanging out to escape the spotlight. She said, "[Kristen's] just my really good friend, you know? We go out. We stay in a lot, too..."

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