'Fuller House' Season 2: Get Ready For 90s Nostalgic Overload

Millennials everywhere know that when it comes to family, corny jokes, laughter, and a super clean house, there's only one show that fits the bill and it's Full House. Thanks to our beloved Netflix, we got a revival called Fuller House and the first season aired last February. Season two started airing on Friday, December 9th and we are here to say that when it comes to 90s nostalgia, these new episodes are exactly what we need.

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In terms of nostalgic episodes, there's the super nostalgic Thanksgiving episode called (of course) "Fuller Thanksgiving" which has every single family member under one roof. It's a super sweet and special episode that features Danny going through a mid-life crisis, Becky and Jesse at a crossroads in their life and marriage, and Joey dealing with his crazy and hilarious family. It's hard not to cry, laugh, and do both at the same time when watching this episode.

In "Glazed and Confused," Uncle Joey returns with donuts... and, well, a dose of something else. Watching this episode makes it easy to see why we love the original sitcom so much and why we missed it so much that we just had to have a revival. The show is at its best when it delivers inspiring messages about life and growing up... and, yes, there may be some cheesiness involved, but in this season, it really works.

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If you haven't binged the latest 13 episodes yet, well, what are you waiting for? We totally recommend them. Get in touch with the 90s kid that is still somewhere inside of you, waiting to come out, and remember the good old days when Stephanie, DJ, Michelle, Jesse, Joey, and Danny were on your TV screen every single week. After all, as the popular theme song goes, "When you're lost out there and you're all alone, a light is waiting to carry you home."

And now it's sung by Carly Rae Jepsen, so you love it even more.

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