Full House Franchise: 20 Things Wrong (That We Choose To Ignore)

It's trendy for classic TV shows to be brought back to life. One of the main series that inspired the networks to believe in the potential of bringing old shows back, Fuller House has been an immense success for Netflix. In fact, the series has done so well that the streaming service has made four seasons available so far and it is likely to return in the near future.

Now that the Full House franchise has made a comeback, many long-term fans have begun binge-watching the original series. When revisiting that now decades-old show, some of its flaws are a lot more noticeable, especially if you are an adult who originally experienced this franchise as a kid.

With that in mind, let's dive in and take a look at this list of 20 things that don't really make sense with the Full House franchise. These are all things we chose to ignore back in the day.

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20 Both Shows Got Some Bad Reviews

Via time.com

A pair of shows that have become beloved by a sizable group of people, Full House and Fuller House have both been nominated for and won some awards over their run. However, that in no way means that the majority of professional critics have embraced this franchise. It's quite the opposite actually.

For instance, Vulture wrote the following:“The first four minutes of ‘Fuller House’ are four of the most excruciating TV minutes ever broadcast.”


19 It's Unrealistic How So Many Characters In The Fuller House Have Achieved Fame

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Evidently, in the world of this franchise, it's incredibly easy to attain worldwide fame. Either that or the Tanner family and many of the people they associate with just so happen to have the Midas touch. After all, Rebecca and Danny host a national TV show, Joey is a famous comedian, Stephanie is a world famous D.J. and Jesse is General Hospital’s music supervisor.

Of course, in real-life, there are families made up of celebrities, like the Smiths or Kardashians. However, despite everything Full House’s main characters have accomplished, they walk around in the world without people approaching them for autographs, which makes no sense.

18 Fuller House Is Too Focused on D.J.

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By the time Full House came to an end, that show’s main cast had ballooned to include 11 different characters and that is to say nothing about the guest stars who appeared. As a result of that fact, each episode of Full House could focus on a different character which allowed the series to feel a little less repetitive. If only Fuller House followed in those footsteps a little bit more and focused on D.J.’s character a lot less.

Don’t get us wrong, we realize that a lot of Fuller House fans love D.J. but it would make us very happy to see her share the spotlight with her many co-stars.

17 The Shows Rely On Catchphrases

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The kind of thing that a lot of sitcom writers can only dream of stumbling across, when a show’s audience fully embraces a character’s catchphrases it can be a marvelous thing. After all, it allows them to get a huge reaction from their audiences without having to come up with something new. However, when you rely on this crutch too much it can really take away from a show’s overall quality. That is why it is so alarming that Full House created so many catchphrases and Fuller House has brought many of them back.

For example, we could only hear “how rude,” “you got it, dude,” “have mercy,” and “cut it out” so many times before those words started to make us roll our eyes.

16 Fuller House Can Be Confusing

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Probably the biggest factor in the immense success of Full House during its initial run, the fact that the show was made for the whole family allowed it to attract a huge audience. Also known to be a big hit for Netflix, Fuller House clearly has amassed a sizable audience but at times it seems like the people behind the show don’t know who they are trying to appeal to.

An example is how the same episode can feature a downright goofy storyline that clearly is designed to appeal to kids yet show a female star wearing a rather revealing gown. If that weren’t enough, at times the show has featured innuendo that was bound to surprise anyone that picked up on it.

15 Joey’s Relationship With His Own Family Is Surprising

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Despite the fact that Joey Gladstone isn’t blood-related to the Tanner clan, it always was abundantly clear how deeply he cared about the family he spent so much of his time with. However, when an episode of Fuller House revealed that not only was he married but he had four children, it seemed like he must not like them all that much! After all, up until then, he hadn’t brought his family up.

Considering being a professional comedian is a job that involves being on the road a lot, you’d think he’d spend his time off with his own kids.

14 The OTT Laugh Track Is Corny

Via Tiwtter.com

Thankfully for any fan of serialized television, we currently are in the midst of that medium’s golden age as there is more high-quality content available to be watched today than ever before. As a part of that trend, many modern sitcoms have reinvented the genre, including things like leaving behind laugh tracks. That is why it is all the more egregious that not only does Full House feature an extremely over the top laugh track but Fuller House does too.

Thankfully, for everyone involved, fans of this franchise seem to barely notice the canned laughter that can be heard when watching either show.

13 The Acting Can Be Bad

Via telegraph.co.uk

Right off the hop, we want to make it abundantly clear that we don’t want to insult any of the actors that have appeared in either Full House or Fuller House. After all, when everyone that appears in a show lacks any subtlety in their performance you have to come to the conclusion that they have been directed to act that way. On top of that, we really enjoy several of this franchise’s main actors, especially John Stamos.

No matter who is at fault for the often mediocre acting that this franchise has featured, however, the fact remains that performances are truly bad a lot of the time.

12 Mocking Danny’s OCD Behaviour Is Not Cool

Via Imgur.com

At the end of the day, the vast majority of sitcoms are concerned with one thing above all else: the next opportunity to make their audience laugh. As a result, the writing teams behind this kind of show see every aspect of their main characters as fodder for laughter. However, that doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to make fun of a character who is dealing with issues that real-life people have to cope with and have no control over.

For instance, Danny Tanner has been extensively mocked for his obsessive need for everything to be extremely clean, which is setting a bad example for the show’s largely young audience.

11 The Tanners Putting Up With Kimmy Is Odd

Via parody.wikia.com

Another time-honoured tradition in the sitcom world, Kimmy Gibbler is an example of the zany neighbour or friend that introduces a degree of wackiness to a show’s storylines. Unlike other versions of that kind of character, however, many of the Tanners seem to dislike having Kimmy around a lot of the time.

In fact, many of Full House’s other main characters, especially the adults, seem to regularly roll their eyes at her odd behaviour. Yet, for some reason, they are okay with Kimmy visiting regularly.

10 D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy Living In The Tanner Home Is Weird

Via rollingstone.com

If there is one thing that should be abundantly clear about Danny Tanner, it is that he adores his children and would do anything for them. However, that doesn’t mean that it makes any sense for two of his now adult daughters and one of their best friends to move into his home.

Stephanie, who should be well off due to her music career, could live in a place of her own while still helping her sister.

9 Kimmy’s Treatment Of Her Own Daughter Raises Eyebrows

Via YouTube.com

Unfortunately for fans of Kimmy Gibbler, it seems like she's a bad parent. When Fuller House began, Kimmy’s daughter was already recovering from her parent’s separation. Despite that, Kimmy uprooted her completely and moved in with her friend’s family on a whim.

It sure was nice of Kimmy to support her friend D.J., but she really should have been more concerned with her daughter's feelings instead.

8 Loughlin, Coulier, Saget and Stamos Are Only Guest Stars in Fuller House

Via ctpost.com

When fans of Full House found out that the show was going to be reborn by the folks at Netflix, they were hugely excited to see the latest antics of their favourite characters from the original show. However, if you couldn’t wait to see characters like Danny, Rebecca, Joey, Jesse and the twins return, then the news was a bit of a mixed bag. Not chosen to star in Fuller House, those characters ended up in recurring roles instead.

While we are happy to see them back, it still feels disappointing that none of them were show staples.

7 Joey’s Peter Pan Syndrome

Via Tumblr.com

Seemingly a character that was designed to appeal to Full House’s younger fan base, when you are a kid and you see Joey pull out one of his voices or do something silly it is pretty hilarious. Now that we’re all grown up and see his character through adult eyes, however, it seems like we have to ignore a lot of things about him in order to enjoy his antics.

In fact, it would be worrisome if we had a friend in real life who got fired for hugging his boss, wore children's pajamas, regularly did terrible impressions and walked around with a puppet a lot of the time.

6 How Can Jesse And Becky Live With The Tanners For So Long, Even After They Had Twins?

Via tvguide.com

Let’s face facts, if Jesse wanted to continue to live with the Tanners, it was very fortunate that he got involved with a very understanding woman like Rebecca. After all, no matter how admirable it was that he had been so helpful to his brother-in-law and nieces, most partners would insist that he move out so they could get a place of their own.

When Rebecca gave birth to twins, it became nearly impossible to believe that she and her husband would continue to live in the Tanner's attic.

5 Fuller House Is An Uncreative Rip-Off Of The Original Series

Via ew.com

On the face of things, a show like Fuller House has a huge advantage since Full House fans are bound to tune in and watch the show. But they also have to deal with the difficult task of living up to the original series.

Fuller House seems to do the same things over and over again. After a while, we began to wish that the people behind the making of Fuller House had been a little bit more creative when putting the show together.

4 The Franchise Is Casually Anti-LGBTQ

Via Imgur.com

Back in 1987 when Full House made its television debut, the world was a very different place in a lot of ways. In fact, even though Full House did its best to tackle a lot of subjects as tactfully as they could, whenever anything to do with LGBTQ people came up it was handled very poorly. For example, Joey and Danny both dressed up in drag during one episode and the jokes that were made at their expense would offend a lot of people today.

If you assumed that Fuller House would not make similar mistakes, you're surprisingly incorrect!

3 Joey Living With the Tanners For So Long Seemed Strange

Via nypost.com

At first blush, Joey could be considered one of the best friends in the history of television. After all, when his friend’s wife passed away and he was left to bring up three grief-stricken daughters alone, Joey moved in with the young family and helped his pal raise his kids. However, as time went on and it became increasingly clear that Danny would be perfectly fine watching over his kids alone, his best friend continued to live in his basement.

If you ask us, once a few years went by, Joey continuing to live with the Tanners went from awesome of him to downright weird.

2 Full House’s Pop Culture References

Via majorten.com

Often, an indication that a show has begun to go downhill in terms of quality is when it starts to rely on stunt casting to bring in an audience. The Full House franchise has featured appearances by a long list of celebrities over the years. For instance, The Beach Boys, Kirk Cameron, Phyllis Diller, Scott Baio, Wayne Newton, Suzanne Somers, Little Richard, the New Kids on the Block and Alan Thicke have all cameoed in one of these shows. On top of that, the fictional character Steve Urkel entered the Tanner house once and an episode of Full House also revolved around Star Search.

Although guest appearances in shows is not always a sign of a show's ratings beginning to decline, we definitely think the thought-process behind it is to reel more people in.

1 The Overly Saccharine Endings Are Too Much

Via complex.com

As of the time of this writing, in between Full House and Fuller House, a total of 249 episodes have aired. Throughout all of those years, these two shows have told many stories but there is one thing that every episode has in common: they all end with a sticky-sweet moment. When it comes to fans of this series, it likely puts a smile on their faces to know that in the end, every episode of this show will end with love and happiness.

However, in order to feel that way you have to ignore that sometimes it's really hard to believe that a storyline would end on such a saccharine note.

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