Friends: 20 Pictures Of Chandler Bing's Transformation Through The Years

One of the most successful sitcoms of all time, Friends is still making waves more than two decades after its first air date. No matter how much time passes, the story of six 20-somethings trying to navigate their way through life in New York City will always be relevant and will always be hilarious.

Each character has their quirks, but many people find Chandler Bing to be one of the funniest characters (if not the funniest character) on the show. Though he remains sarcastic for the duration of the series, Chandler changes a lot both physically and in terms of his character.

Seriously, could this guy be any more different between Seasons 1 and 10? Keep reading to see 20 pictures of Chandler’s transformation through the years.

20 Chandler Bing: Season 1

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You don’t realize just how much Chandler changes through the 10 seasons of Friends until you compare pictures from Season 1 and Season 10. We do tend to remember that he is an immature commitment-phobe in the first season, but it’s easy to forget that he is also incredibly baby-faced during this era.

19 Young And Baby-Faced

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It’s hard to believe that Friends first aired in 1995, was more than 20 years ago. Born in 1969, Matthew Perry was only 26 years old when the show first aired and he became a household name across the world. And that youthfulness definitely shows in this picture from Season 1!

18 Chandler Bing: Season 2

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There’s not a lot of change between Chandler in Season 1 and Chandler in Season 2 (other than the hair, of course). The only way that you can tell the difference between them is by the fact that Chandler has a traditional ‘90s long hairstyle in the first season, but he’s chopped most of it off by the second.

17 Still Young, Still Baby-Faced

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Although Matthew Perry would have been closer to his late 20s by the time the second season aired, he is still young and baby-faced during this stage. His character is still insecure, immature, and hilariously sarcastic as ever. Arguably, the real character arc for Chandler doesn’t take place until later in Season 5.

16 Chandler Bing: Season 3

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Chandler’s look overall doesn’t change too drastically for most of Season 3, except for the fact that he seems to lose a lot of weight. It has since been revealed that Matthew Perry was dealing with issues outside of filming that led him to become so thin and it wasn’t an intentional part of the show.

15 The Temporary Facial Hair

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In Season 3, Chandler undergoes a considerable change to his look when he decides to grow a mustache and a goatee. Although this doesn’t last, he decides to try out the facial hair trend at least once, and he just can’t quite manage to grow a mustache that can show up Richard’s!

14 Chandler Bing: Season 4

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Chandler has some great moments in Season 4, including the saga with Joey’s girlfriend Katy, who he falls for. One of them is when he chooses to spend Thanksgiving in a box to show how much his friendship with Joey means to him. Now he starts to look a little less baby-faced!

13 First Getting With Monica

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Season 4 is pretty monumental for Chandler because it’s when he first becomes romantically involved with Monica, who ends up being his soulmate. As we all know, their relationship begins as some fun in London at the end of the season, but then transforms into something that will last a lifetime.

12 Chandler Bing: Season 5

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A lot of Chandler’s funnier moments in Season 5 revolve around Monica, since much of the season sees the couple trying to hide their growing attraction from the other friends. While in the beginning of the season, they’re just sleeping together, they evolve until they really start to care for one another.

11 Falling In Love With Monica

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You could say that Chandler undergoes the greatest changes to his character in Season 5, as this is when he first really falls in love and begins a meaningful relationship with Monica. As for his appearance, he is slowly but surely losing the youthful look and his style almost reflects the fact that he’s maturing in his personality as well.

10 Chandler Bing: Season 6

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By Season 6, Chandler looks much more distinguished and mature. He also grows his hair a little so that it almost resembles the long waves he had back in Season 1 (but it’s still not quite the same hairstyle!) This is a pretty important season for him, as he moves deeper into his relationship with Monica.

9 Conquering His Fear Of Commitment

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Having always been a commitment-phobe, Chandler has to take incredibly slow steps in his relationship with Monica. In Season 6, they move in together (which memorably causes a few issues with the other friends!) And as they grow closer over the season, Chandler gets ready to pop the big question in the finale.

8 Chandler Bing: Season 7

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We all remember Season 7! Chandler has a few classic moments here, including when he sits on Jack Geller’s lap in the steam room, can’t manage to smile properly for the engagement picture, and reveals to the rest of the friends (much to their horror) that he secretly doesn’t like dogs.

7 Heading Toward Marriage

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This is the era when Monica and Chandler are engaged and plan their upcoming wedding. Chandler has a few setbacks where he’s not sure that he’s quite ready to become a husband, but ultimately, he goes through a complete transformation and ends up waiting for Monica at the end of the aisle.

6 Chandler Bing: Season 8

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By Season 8, Chandler is happily married to Monica, the love of his life. In terms of looks, he officially looks like an adult with no trace of his former boyish vibe. Although his overall personality doesn’t change and he remains sarcastic right until the end, he also becomes more mature as he steps up to the role of newlywed.

5 Chandler The Newlywed

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Chandler the newlywed is something that you never expected to see back in the first couple of seasons. And surprisingly, he actually makes a very supportive husband! This is the season where Chandler discovers that he loves taking baths, falls asleep during Joey’s movie premiere, and accidentally watches a horrifying birthing video.

4 Chandler Bing: Season 9

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Season 9 was criticized by some as the worst season of Friends, but it definitely had a lot of funny moments in it— many of them involving Chandler. And by this stage, Chandler has continued in his transformation from baby-faced to official adult. He and Monica first realize they are infertile in this season, which is one of Chandler’s saddest storylines.

3 Officially An Adult

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There’s a pivotal moment in Season 9 when Chandler officially breaks away from his immature persona. When he finds out that Rachel and Ross wouldn’t leave Emma to him if Monica weren’t there, he rises to the occasion and stops a fight between Rachel and Amy. At last, Chandler is finally the father-figure he never thought he would be.

2 Chandler Bing: Season 10

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As we said, Chandler looks completely different in Season 10 from how he looks in Season 1. But there is a 10-year gap between them, so that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise! You don’t notice the transformation so much when you’re watching the show. It happens very slowly!

1 The Last One

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By the last episode, Chandler has transformed both in looks and in personality. Beginning as an insecure, immature, and sarcastic guy in his 20s who has terrible luck in love, Chandler becomes a married father of twins by the end (although he maintains the sarcasm up until the very last line).

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