Friends Fashion: 11 Rachel And Monica Outfits We'd Still Wear (+ 11 That Should Stay In The '90s)

Fun, nostalgic prints; mismatched articles of clothing paired together to make a statement; big, bright neon colors guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go — if any of these descriptions reminded you of fashion from the 1990s, you're not alone! The fashion of the 1990s is definitely coming back with a bang and it's totally understandable; 1990s fashion was often extremely appealing because it seemed to break any and all fashion rules. The decade of Beanie Babies, Boy bands, and Britney Spears brought us many memorable moments in fashion and any conversation about the 1990s wouldn't be complete without mentioning two fashion icons of the time period; the leading ladies of Friends, Rachel Green, and Monica Geller!

Rachel, played by America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, and Monica, played by Courteney Cox, became cultural icons not only because their lives were so relatable for many of us, but also due to the fact the characters became fashion icons. For those of us who thought of ourselves to be fashion mavens, we loved to tune into Friends to see what Monica and Rachel had in their closets week after week.

Through the decade, Friends was on the air, Rachel and Monica wore many unforgettable and stylish outfits, but of course, fashion evolves with time, and some of their outfits may not fly off the fashion rack in the modern day of 2018.

No one told us fashion would be this way (in 2018), but there are so many Monica and Rachel looks to celebrate!

22 Rachel Slays: Pretty Plaid

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There's no secret that Rachel Green is a long-lasting style icon because she often rocked different pieces which transcend the test of time.

Plaid patterns and flannel jackets were very popular fashion trends back in Friends' original heyday; no matter if you were an aspiring rock star or if you loved cozy colors, plaid fashion pieces have always had a long-lasting appeal; Rachel's plaid shirt could be paired with countless pieces of clothing no matter what era you're living in.

Rachel Green is a style icon because Friends fans can totally tell where Rachel is in her legendary style evolution.

21 Rachel Stays: Denim Doesn't

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Denim definitely takes on different forms and '90s fashionistas took advantage of its endless ability to be used as a mix-and-match accessory!

Sometimes, an accessory goes through its own form of style evolution and we realize the accessory might work better in the background of our outfits. In the '90s, trendsetters loved to rock accessories loud and proud. Denim was often used as the main focus of an outfit, and Rachel definitely rocked her fair share of denim, like this small denim vest paired with a brighter colored T-shirt!

The '90s smaller vest trend slayed better back in the day.

20 Monica Slays: The Rad Red Sweater

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Nowadays, the turtleneck is such a celebrated symbol of the holiday season; they are comfortable and cozy, and you could find turtlenecks in many different colors.

In the '90s, it seemed as if you could find anyone wearing a turtleneck at any time, including Monica Geller.

One of our favorite Monica-approved looks was her red turtleneck from an early episode of the series. Monica enhanced her look with a matching shade of lipstick. When we're able to pair a matching shade of lipstick together with our outfit, we create a long-lasting fashion trend.

19 Monica Stays: The Beige Babe

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Not all fashion trends from the '90s were on the wild side! Sometimes, we had to tone down a few trendsetting looks for work or school, but we could still find ways to make sure our looks were stylish, and Rachel Green approved.

The Friends gals wore some outfits which were solely a sign of the times, such as this matching outfit where Monica chose colors on the subtler side. She paired the very '90s trend of wearing your sweater around your waist, with a beige jumper and an additional sweater.

With some color, Monica could slay this look eternally!

18 Rachel Slays: Subtle Colors

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Friends fanatics remember the legendary episode of the series where "it" couple Ross and Rachel end their relationship over the legendary "We were on a break" debate, but Rachel's outfit from that particular episode remained on point, and never "on a break!"

When Ross and Rachel have a serious conversation, she wears a black shirt paired with a green jacket. She completes the look with a belt, giving trendsetting fashionistas a look they can work with for decades.

Nothing in this outfit seems dated, which is why Rachel slays it! The subtle color pairing makes the look suitable for any occasion.

17 Rachel Stays: Roll It Up

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Nineties girls remember when Britney Spears famously rolled up her shirt in the "Baby One More Time" music video but did you know Rachel Green tried this look out a few years earlier?

In the earlier seasons of Friends, Rachel embraced one of the most popular trends of the decade, but we're not sure if this look would fly in 2018!

Luckily Rachel's look can easily be modernized; toning down the various combinations of colors to match with each other makes the look totally modern. For an added Nineties bonus, add a scrunchie to wear around your wrist for fun!

16 Monica Slays: Comfortable Coordination

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You know that outfit you love to wear because it is so comfortable, but it is still very stylish, and you are able to rock your outfit at any time and anywhere? The Friends costume designers knew a comfort outfit is a staple and Monica rocked a lot of them!

One of Monica's signature staples was her ability to pair a comfortable and simple black T-shirt with a stylish pair of parachute pants. You could rock this look for a night in or a night out with friends!

Monica's watch is the perfect accessory, too. It works for any decade!

15 Monica Stays: The Short Hair

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A hairstyle is one of the defining ways you can tell which decade a look is from. Some hairstyles stand the test of time, like Jennifer Aniston's famous and decade-defining "The Rachel", and some lock looks are easier to leave in the past!

When you think of hairstyles associated with Friends, it's common to think of Rachel's iconic hairstyle, but Monica also went through her own hairstyle transformation! In the earlier seasons of Friends, Monica rocked a shorter haircut which was a common style, but the look works better with the right outfit for a "short hair don't care" vibe!

14 Rachel Slays: Sweet Sweater and Skirt Combo

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The season one episode "The One Where The Monkey Got Away" is memorably filled with a lot of action-packed moments where Rachel loses Ross' pet monkey after a night of babysitting, but one of the most memorable moments of the episodes featured a legendary Rachel outfit, which can be slayed during any decade!

Rachel rocked a white sweater paired with a plaid skirt, giving us 90's vibes. Her hair is pulled back, making the hairstyle very easy to replicate!

Rachel also pairs the look with kneesocks and everyday loafer shoes. All of these accessories can be found in your closet!

13 Rachel Stays: The Dark Dress

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If we could narrow down a single outfit from the Friends ladies that screams "Nineties!" Rachel's black dress would qualify!

This outfit is appealing because it could be worn as the perfect date outfit, and could also be seen as an appropriate outfit for work. Unfortunately, there isn't quite a modern day equivalent to Rachel's black dress!

For Rachel to slay this outfit in 2018, she could pair it with colorful shoes or brighten the outfit though some bright nail art, since the majority of the outfit is on the darker side. With a splash of color, it'll be bolder!

12 Monica Slays: The Coordinated Overalls

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An incredibly popular trend in 2018 happens to be a comeback of an outfit featured many times throughout early episodes of Friends because the outfit was a major fashion staple in the 90's: Overalls!

Monica Geller wore some overalls and paired them with a red T-shirt and jeans, which made for an aesthetically appealing color combination. A simplistic color combination works for any decade! Accessories of any kind will work for this classic fashion combination.

To continue incorporating Nineties vibes, wear some bangle bracelets along with your overalls. If you go with Monica's color combination, gold or white bangles work!

11 Monica Stays: Those Beach Braids

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In a funnier Friends fashion moment in the later seasons, the gang takes a trip to the beach because Pheobe's wedding day is fast approaching! Of course, when there's a trip involved, Friends fans know at least one member of the gang will be up to some hijinks!

Monica embraces the relaxed beach culture when she decides to swap out her brunette locks for some beach appropriate braids. While her style choice is intended to go along with the episode's plot, it "stays" more than "slays." Monica could incorporate some accessory-shells into her daily looks!

10 Rachel Slays: Checkered Print

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"Picnic table print" is a fashion staple from decades past, and it easily could be incorporated into the present! Rachel rocked a modest checkered dress in an early episode of Friends, and it's definitely a dress for every mood.

It's fun for a date because it's sophisticated but not too sophisticated if you would rather rock the dress for a fun casual hang with your friends. Pairing a watch as Rachel did is always a good accessory fit, or you can add a few bracelets into your checkered outfit to make it slay for an awesome every decade approved outfit!

9 Rachel Stays: Office Chic

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If Chandler Bing were writing this, he would probably say "could this picture BE anymore 90's?" Out of the six outfits, Rachel's office chic ensemble screams "90's look" the most. With her grey V-neck vest paired with a simple white t-shirt, her outfit makes us want to go to work in order to modernize the slightly dated look!

For a more updated addition, Rachel could pair a black blazer in the mix, keeping the slightly vintage chic-ness in tow, but the blazer adds an addition of color to keep the outfit from being classified to a specific era of fashion.

8 Monica Slays: Beautiful Black And White Combination

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Talk about making every accessory count! In this outfit perfect for any lover of vintage 90's clothing, Monica effortlessly pairs a white vest with a classy and sophisticated black dress and she completes the look with a 90's friendly black scrunchie and a necklace which could easily be worn in 1995 or 2025.

Incorporating accessories of both the past and present can be a great choice! Rock the mix-and-match look if you're undecided about your outfit's mood, or just to pay tribute to yesterday and today, whether you're rocking the look for a date or just a simple day out!

7 Monica Stays: Nice And Nineties

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How perfectly 90's is this outfit? From the more subtle details like Monica's multiple rings on one hand paired with a watch, down to her perfectly coordinated bag, which is a match for her yellow and white clothing combination! If you want to bring this 90's tribute into 2018, your outfit will be complete with a more modernized lip color, which is easy to change!

Women really enjoyed putting emphasis on the subtle side, which was a cool contrast to the more colorful side of the decade! This outfit works because it pays tribute to many elements of the Nineties!

6 Rachel Slays: She Got Off The Plane

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As if the Friends series finale could be more perfect! Rachel realizes Ross is her lobster and decides to be with him once and for all. After a "will-they-or-won't-they" nail-biting sequence that left us wondering if Rachel would join Ross and get off the plane taking her to a Ross-less future, fans are blessed with one of Rachel's most legendary looks!

Her finale look is a subtle sweater paired with knee-high boots. It's a look that could be rocked during any decade, and if Friends theorists want to think about it, she chose a "forever outfit" to be with Ross!

5 Rachel Stays: The Tricky Tanktop

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Thanksgiving is a time for gathering together with your friends and family, and as Rachel found out in one of Friends' famous Thanksgiving episodes, just how much Brad Pitt's character disliked her back in high school!

An underrated element to the episode was Rachel's very late 90's look. Her top sort of keeps us guessing; what exactly is going on here? Is it a halter top? Is it fancy? Where would we wear it?

Rachel's sweet beach waves hairstyle offers a hint of modernized cool in an outfit that would easily be found at clothing stores back in the 90's.

4 Monica Slays: Tees And Jeans

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This look from Monica sums up why Friends fashion is eternally appealing; the ladies wear outfits combining both 90's style staples, and articles of clothing we can rock during any decade. The comfortable jeans and t-shirt combination is paired with cool accessories, but not too many; it's important to make sure accessories don't overshadow your main outfit!

The platform shoes combined with the blue jean jacket around Monica's waist give a real 90's vibe, while her T-shirt and makeup looks could be rocked during any decade!

If you're looking for a casual look for a Nineties party, this outfit works!

3 Monica Stays: The Blue Leopard And Eyeshadow Combination

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Monica Geller was known for her fashion choices being more on the subtle side, but she also knew how to work color combinations into her wardrobe! Color combinations can be tricky; for one outfit, Monica went with a blue theme, and it may have been a little too blue.

She incorporated blue eyeshadow with a blue leopard print top, which seemed to be popular at the time. Monica's necklace adds a nice touch and seems to be the only piece in the outfit we would slay in 2018, but that's okay! Sometimes some accessories are better kept in the past!

2 Rachel Slays: The Babydoll T-Shirt

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A super cute and underrated Nineties look Rachel rocked which would totally have a place in 2018's hottest trends would be the baby doll t-shirt! The baby doll shirt was fun because the styling process seemed limitless! You could pair it with a fun skirt or rock it with some everyday pair of jeans, and make them look fresh and a new look.

Rachel wore her hair subtly pulled back with a simple hair clip. Her complete outfit slayed, and all elements for the look would work on the pages of a modern-day fashion magazine. Think of all the accessories!

1 Rachel Stays: The Wedding Dress

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This outfit is iconic because Rachel Green is wearing it when we see her in Friends' pilot episode: The extremely Nineties wedding dress!

Our first glance of Rachel happens when she runs into the gang's favorite hang out, the Central Perk coffee shop after she calls off her wedding to Barry, the dentist. While wedding dresses are beautiful and exciting, Rachel's dress just screams "1994!" with its huge hat style veil and the big bow in the back.

Rachel's dress would be a dream if it were modernized a little. A more subtle style for the veil would work best!

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