Friends: 5 of Phoebe Buffay’s Most Ridiculous Outfits (and 5 We’d Totally Wear Today)

Friends is a classic sitcom that is known for many things. Its iconic characters, for one. Its memorable romantic relationships, for another. One of the most memorable things about the TV series is the iconic 90s style rocked by each character. Over two decades since the premiere of Friends, we still ask our hairstylists to give us a haircut that's just like Rachel Green's. We still attempt to rock a crop top in the way that Monica Geller so effortlessly does. But what about Ms. Phoebe Buffay? What about her style?

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Buffay's outfits over the course of the series are often a bit hit or miss. Sometimes her looks are absolutely ridiculous and we wouldn't be caught dead in these outfits, while other times she proves herself to be the biggest fashion icon in the entire series. Let's take a look at some of her best and worst looks.

10 Ridiculous: Magician Casual

Phoebe Buffay, aka Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, is arguably the most endearing character on Friends. Her willingness to put herself out there and stand out from the crowd is what makes us adore her so much, yet sometimes her eccentric spirit can backfire.

While it is always good to be bold and brave with your outfits by occasionally putting pieces together that wouldn't conventionally match, this always runs the risk of turning into a fashion disaster. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with our girl Phoebe's outfit, who looks as though she is about to perform a magic show for pre-schoolers. Hey, at least she seems comfortable in her clothing, which is always a good sign.

9 We'd Wear Today: Elegant Black And White

You can never go wrong with an elegant floor-length dress, and Phoebe totally rocks the look here. Her outfit is timeless and lovely, accentuating how graceful of a person she is. The outfit makes her look beautiful, while at the same time friendly and approachable. Plus, it seems like an outfit we would totally wear today.

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It's easy to picture this dress being displayed at an Urban Outfitters, and its mixture of comfortability and chicness makes it seem like the perfect outfit for any occasion. We rarely see Phoebe in black and gray clothing because she usually likes to wear clothes as colorful as her personality, yet we can't help but love her ability to diversify her clothing and rock this more mature look as well.

8 Ridiculous: A Bit Too Festive

There's nothing wrong with getting festive for the holidays. In fact, the more festive you get with your outfits, the better. Wear a light-up dress with a giant star on top of your head, for all we care. Do whatever you need to do in order to show your holiday spirit, but just make sure it looks halfway decent.

In this episode, Phoebe gets hummus all over her dress, so she puts Rachel's Christmas ribbon over it to hide the stain. We appreciate her creativity when it comes to hiding stains, but she could just... you know, pick a different outfit? As ridiculous as the outfit looks, we can't help but love how Phoebe's mind works when it comes to ending hummus disasters once and for all.

7 We'd Wear Today: Classic Old-Fashioned

Phoebe Buffay has lived an incredibly interesting life. She has worked as a sombrero-maker, has spent her days reading people's auras, and has lived inside of a box in Prague. She is known for being the oddball of the group, the one who stands out the most; the fruit loop in a bowl full of cheerios. Her sense of fashion is no exception to this rule, and she often wears clothing that is totally outside of the norm of what everyone else wears.

We love this about Phoebe, and we can see just how unique she is by her outfit above. Notice how everyone else in the room is either in black, gray, or white, while Phoebe alone looks as though she is dressed like an extra on the set of Game of Thrones. The fact that her outfit is so old-fashioned only makes the look seem more lovely, because she never dresses for the sake of what's "trendy" or "in style." She only dresses in outfits that she personally enjoys the most. We should all take note.

6 Ridiculous: How To Look Like You've Robbed A Claire's

If you spent any time in Claire's when you were younger, you'll remember being surrounded by all kinds of cheap jewelry; from butterfly rings to rhinestone chokers to plastic tiaras. Back in the day, being inside Claire's felt just like how Holly Golightly feels whenever she's at Tiffany's. We were dazzled by all the shiny jewelry as kids, but then we turned twelve, and we realized how childish and cheap all of the merchandise seemed.

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Unfortunately, Princess CBH looks as though she robbed the nearest Claire's, despite the fact that she's a full grown adult. In the words of fashion designer Coco Chanel, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory". This is so you don't over-accessorize, and perhaps it would do Phoebe some good to hear these words of fashion wisdom.

5 We'd Wear Today: Iconic Quirk

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This is certainly the case with Phoebe, who always wears interesting clothing to match her distinctive characteristics. We would totally purchase this outfit today, as a nice change of pace from the usual solid shirts most of us tend to sport. Rock it, Phoebe!

4 Ridiculous: Santa Claus Chic

Ho ho ho! Maternity pants for all the good boys and girls! In this episode, Phoebe mistakenly assumes that the Santa pants she buys at the store are maternity pants. When Chandler and Joey try to convince her otherwise, she challenges them by insisting that they have to be maternity pants, because why else would there be a list of good and bad baby names in the pocket?

Then she realizes this list is actually Santa's list for the boys and girls who have been naughty or nice. The outfit is pretty silly, but if we were pregnant, these pants would probably seem like an incredible option TBH. We give Phoebe an A + for comfort!

3 We'd Wear Today: Color-Popping Queen

Okay, where can we get our hands on this outfit, because it is incredible! Seriously, Phoebe looks like a fashion icon in this outfit and the colors are out of this world. The look is playful and fun, while exuding sophistication at the same time.

It is the perfect summer outfit and everything from the skirt to her hairstyle to the necklace is a 10/10 without a doubt. Phoebe Buffay, where have you been hiding all this time? We tend to put so much focus on Rachel and Monica's style because they dress in more conventionally adorable outfits, but every so often Phoebe will take us by full surprise with her brilliant style choices. We love it!

2 Ridiculous: If Bert And Ernie Dressed You

So, once again, we appreciate Phoebe's ability to dress boldly and for herself, but this outfit just doesn't work. Maybe it would be an acceptable outfit to rock with pride on Sesame Street, but on the streets of Manhattan, not so much.

With this color scheme, it looks as though Bert and Ernie dressed her for the day, and perhaps that's the look that she's going for, but it doesn't really work for us. Hey, at least her hair looks fabulous, and she is without a doubt the most interesting person in the room regardless of her style choice for the day. Her outfit mishap only makes her more intriguing!

1 We'd Wear Today: You "Go-Go" Girl!

Yes, Phoebe! You "Go-Go" girl! Phoebe looks like a total 60s queen here, and although her outfit seems more suitable for Mad Men instead of Friends, we still totally admire her ability to dress for her own personal sake (rather than wearing what everyone else is wearing just for the sake of fitting in). This Go-Go Girl look is timeless and Phoebe effortlessly pulls it off.

Regardless of what Phoebe wears, she always manages to grab everyone's attention with her creative persona. The important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin and to stay true to yourself, which is what Phoebe does best. What Phoebe Buffay outfit would you wear today? Let us know!

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